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What did you think of Tara as a character? While I understood her and Jax relationship and all etc. I couldn’t stand Tara as a character (except from like a few episodes in seasons 2-3 or whatever), I dunno why I just really don’t like her and she always got on my nerves and I definitely disliked her the most in season 6....

Tara is probably the character I sympathize with on the most consistent basis. With Jax and Gemma, how I feel about them literally changes with every rewatch I do and I rewatch SOA quite often.

I think with Tara and whether or not you understand her depends on how much you believe the Jax and Tara relationship because her character is dependent on the relationship, I’m not saying Tara isn’t a character outside of Jax, I’m just saying her arc and her decisions directly link to her relationship with Jax.

Because if you believe that these are two people whose love for each other ran so deep and was so transformative that ten years apart couldn’t erase it, if you believe their hold on each other then I think it makes it easier to understand why she stayed after coming back.

After Cohn, she says she’s going to leave because she says that while she thinks Jax is a good man, she can’t understand the life he leads and Jax freaks out

this is also after he asks her not to leave

so Tara deciding to stay is because of this love, is because of this pull, it’s because they’re essentially supposed to be soulmates.

In season 2, she’s making an active choice to go against her flight response, which Jax criticized her for in season 1.

She decides that instead of running from that and everything i.e. the violence that comes with that, she’s going to try and make the relationship work, she’s going to ask Gemma for advice, she’s going to learn to love the club because she loves Jax and you see how that choice affects her character. Kurt Sutter spoke about how the deeper Tara gets into the club, the more her clothing starts to change and then of course there are just the things she does with Gemma as a mother figure:

and how she beats up her boss 

and just starts acting like an Old Lady so the [d]evolution of Tara’s character while arguably begins when Jax kills Cohn, really starts in season 2 with Gemma at her side.

Season 3 you said you understand which I’m guessing is because she felt guilty about Abel and she was pregnant with Thomas but yet again in season 3, there is a moment she decides she’s had enough, which is when Jax sleeps with Ima and pretty much the minute she disassociates herself from Jax, she’s kidnapped. Then Jax rescues her and he knows about the pregnancy so, which Jax says in season 4 I think, it sort of wiped the slate clean again.

Then in season 4, after Jax has been in prison, after Tara has killed someone (although to survive) and also helped Gemma kill someone, she has a moment of clarity and tells Jax that this can’t continue and he proposes to her and then promises that they’re going to get out and leave Charming and have a fresh start without all of the violence and everything she hoped for will eventually happen. 

Again, if you believe how much Jax and Tara are supposed to love each other

and if you take into account that Jax hadn’t spent any real time with Thomas because he was in prison 

and the fact that Tara adopted Abel as her own then Tara deciding to wait it out for the father of her kids and for the man she’s loved since she was 16 can make some sort of sense. 

For Jax, his biggest conflict was his loyalty to the club/Gemma and his loyalty to Tara and his kids. For Tara, her biggest conflict was her inescapable love for Jax and her growing concern about what the club will do to her family. 

But again, when Tara decides that she has to leave and save the kids because of all of the cartel violence, her hand gets smashed, 

which is her livelihood. 

And 4x10 is probably my favourite SOA episode because of Tara’s breakdown when she says, “You can’t leave here. The club won’t let you. Gemma won’t let you. Charming won’t let you” so she’s basically like, my hand is smashed which means I can’t go either like fuck it, let’s all just stay in Charming and have this be our lives. By this point, Tara has become nihilistic because of everything she’s seen, everything she’s done, everything that’s been done to her and what’s remained unchanged is how much she loves Jax, she can’t not do it:

So she makes another choice, which is to be by his side and become Gemma.

Then in season 5, this is Tara at her darkest and most nihilistic, she’s sort of hollow this season and numb in the way she accepts the violence that comes with the club: 

and yet she marries Jax 

because again that love, it’s not disappearing,

she’s taken on the role of Jax Tellar’s Old Lady to the fullest, which is seen when she yells at Lyla to get her shit together and be strong for her family during Opie’s funeral and Gemma nods her head in approval and yet she gets another moment of clarity I think it’s around when Otto kills a nurse in front of her with the cross she smuggled in for him plus Abel gets into an accident because Gemma was high and driving,  she realizes they need to leave

and when she makes that decision, she’s arrested and sent to prison:

So then by season 6, which is the season a lot of people hate Tara, after everything that has happened to her she has made another decision and that is to actively go against her love for Jax and choose her family and her freedom because she tried the Life and it got her killing people, seeing people killed, clubhouses were blown up, her kid was in an accident, and she’s not going to do it anymore and will do whatever it takes to protect her and hers, which is not nearly as bad as Gemma literally pointing a gun to a baby in season 3 so the nuns can tell her where Abel is, if people can respect that, they can respect the fact that Tara is going against her loyalty and her love to save her children. 

And season 6 really shows how much she has to go against something that she feels so naturally and powerfully because she talks to the DA, Patterson, about how she doesn’t understand what Tara’s going against to secure freedom for her kids, she tells Patterson that it i.e. the bond is everything. She needs to actively disengage from Jax so she can do what she needs to

while there are moments that she can’t help but give into it

when talking to Jax, they bring up their bond again

and when he understands why she did what she did and finally makes the decision to put family before club, you see their bond in full force again, I mean this is supposed to be why she kept staying: 

But once again, she’s going to leave and then she’s murdered brutally:

So, long story short, while I get frustrated with Tara, I get her because it’s sort of like what I always say TV shows should do when they try something: tried a thing, it didn’t work so she tried to correct it, which I don’t think she should be blamed for.

And just from a narrative standpoint, Tara isn’t allowed to leave Charming, every time she does she nearly dies or she’s gravely injured, Charming is a character unto itself, which is why Wayne had that speech about how he likes to think that Charming chooses its residents, plus Tara was Jax’s tether so if she left a good chunk of his existential crisis would be gone and then there wouldn’t be any psychological conflict for Jax, there’s a reason why she dies the season before the final season because the final season we’re supposed to see Jax out of control and completely devolved. 

Just my two cents!


The Last of the Mohicans

Cora: ISFP – Cora follows her heart and expects others to do the same. She’s at first unwilling to be assertive about her refusal to marry Duncan, phrasing it very kindly, and thus causing Duncan to take it as mere “indecision” (high Fi, low Te). Later on (after taking her time to judge him and examine her own feelings) she clearly tell him no, saying “I would rather make the gravest of mistakes than surrender my own judgment.” (Fi-dom). She is at first indignant at Nathaniel seeming indifference towards the murdered colonists, but quickly changes her mind once she finds out his true motives and sincerely apologises to him (F-dom). Even though shocked, she’s quick to adapt to the situation of war and consciously joins the fighting (Se). She admits to Nathaniel about the reality of the colonies: “It is more deeply stirring to my blood than any imagining could possibly have been.” She’s furious at her father and Duncan for not allowing the colonists to return to their families, showing her strong sense of justice (“Justice? If that’s justice than the sooner French guns blow the English out of America the better it will be for the people here!”) (Fi). Like Nathaniel, she starts to think about the future only in situations of strong pressure (“You’ve done everything you can do. Save yourself! If the worst happens, and only one of us survives, something of the other does, too.”) (low Ni).

Nathaniel “Hawkeye”: ISTP – Nathaniel is a skilled tracker and scout, as well as a famous rifleman (“La Longe Carabine”). He has a strong sense of independence and isn’t afraid of speaking his mind if this is attacked (Ti) (seen when he speaks to the soldier trying to persuade the colonists to fight in the militia and later on when he defends the colonists’ right to return to their families in front of Colonel Munro.). Most of the time he doesn’t speak much though and is reluctant to give long explanations (Ti). He’s more likely to give a quick, sarcastic remark with a completely straight face (Ti-Se). Of all characters he’s the quickest to act and find solutions to the problems of their situation (Ti-Se). When facing the decision of leaving the ford or staying while knowing that he committed a crime by helping the colonists escape, he chooses to stay because “What I’m interested in is here”, showing his strong connection to the present rather than future consequences (high Se, low Ni). However, when put into a situation of pressure he trusts completely in the future – he urges Cora to survive and wait for him, promising her to come for her (“I will find you.”) (Ni). He’s outwardly very unemotional, causing Cora to mistake his practicality with indifference at first (Ti-dom, inferior Fe). However, as he opens up to her, he reveals a strong bond and loyalty to his family and friends (Fe).

Duncan: ISFJ – Duncan is deeply loyal to his authorities and puts duty first (Si). He’s shocked to find General Webb negotiating terms with the colonists and he’s so strictly against them leaving the ford that he lies about what he has witnessed in the wilderness. He’s shocked at Colonel Munro accepting the terms of surrender from the French, seeing the only honourable option in fighting till the end (Si-Fe). Taking Cora’s first marriage refusal more literal than she meant it, he takes her vagueness for indecision and advises her to listen to and trust in the opinions of her friends and father (Si-Fe). He continues to hope that he may change her mind, as Cora says “You’ve complimented me with your persistence and patience…” (high Si, low Ne). He’s unemotional in his role as a soldier, calmly observing and classifying the situation (seen best when he arrives at the ford and asks Colonel Munro about the circumstances (“Might I inquire after the situation sir, given that I’ve seen the French engineering from the ridge above.”). He also immediately calculates how many days they have left till the French will be able to take the ford.). At the end he chooses to sacrifice himself for Cora, still loving her, by seizing the possibility of wrongly translating Nathaniel own claim for sacrifice (Fe/low Ne).

Alice: INFP – Alice doesn’t speak much and is mostly a passive observer (Fi-dom/inferior Te). She is visibly more traumatised by the witnessed horrors of war than her sister and is clearly more deeply affected by them (Ne-Si vs Se-Ni). A short moment at the beginning shows her in her natural habit, when she welcomes Duncan – she’s bubbly and excited about being in the “wilderness” and immediately asks him about “the red men” (Ne). Her expression is usually that of “wide-eyed wonder” and surprise (Ne). She longs for the comforts of home (which, as Duncan assures her, she will all find at the ford) and is desperate to get to their father (Fi-Si). She notices her father’s suppressed reaction to the news of General Webb not having received his call for aid, prompting her to ask him if everything’s all right (Ne-Si). She is aware of being out of place and shows a glimpse of her inner hardness on herself when she tells Cora “Talk to Duncan, Cora. I must manage. I cannot be an invalid schoolgirl.” (inferior Te). Unlike her sister’s, her infatuation (to Uncas) is almost invisible (Fi-Si), it’s true scope only being revealed at the end when his death causes her to choose death likewise. Like Cora, she ultimately prefers to choose her own terms and to remove herself from other people’s control (Fi-dom).

Uncas: INTJ – Uncas is arguably the most silent and introverted of the characters. He barely speaks, but when he does it’s usually factual, unemotional, and to the point (Ni-Te). His interactions with the Camerons show a close bond and he is most visibly shaken by their deaths (Fi). Most of the time he is shown as silent and expressionless, but sharp observer (Ni-dom, Te-aux), be it when he scrutinises Alice, listens to the argument between Nathaniel and Colonel Munro, or between his father and Nathaniel in the cave. Nevertheless some of his more flexible, playful nature is shown at the beginning when he plays and teases the son of the Camerons, or when he tries to suppress a laugh at Nathaniel’s sarcasm towards the British soldier (Ni-Se). He seems to take closer watch of Alice than Cora, twice quickly acting to protect her, once when they are hiding from the Huron and French war party on the burial ground, and when they are in the cave and she steps too close to the waterfall (Te-Se). Unlike Nathaniel he stays mostly calm, but acts impulsively under stress, making his brother hold him back when Colonel Munro first refuses to let the colonists go, and when the soldiers come to arrest Nathaniel. His decision to split from the others and go to Alice’s rescue on his own is likewise an impulse of the moment caused by his last function (inferior Se).


Lucille 2: Lucille? Lucille! Aren’t you something? Showing up here without your husband. Shame be damned. Caution to the wind.

Lucille: That’s so sweet, darling. I’m here to support you. You’re the one who’s all alone and likely to stay that way. My husband’s just a phone call away.

Lucille 2: That’s one call per day, isn’t it? Gee, I should think he’d want to save that for his lawyer.

Lucille: At least he’s in prison, not an urn.  

Lucille 2: You are so deliciously witty.

-Arrested Development “Key Decisions”

Is it still Masami week?

Houston cop who violently arrested Black social worker cleared after investigation.

Dreka White was pulled over by Metro PD Officer Gentian Luca back in March for swerving over the solid white line.  The officer’s attitude made her uncomfortable, so she called 911 to request additional officers.

Let.  That.  Marinate.

A 28-year-old Black woman was so uncomfortable that she requested additional police backup.  If a Black person is calling the cops, they are really at the end of their rope, OK?

Officer Luca allowed White to relay the situation to 911 dispatch, but once she was transferred to Metro PD to request an officer, he brought out the handcuffs and proceeded to wrestle her arms into arresting position with no provocation.  I’m not even exaggerating.  Watch the video.  At 3:50, White starts explaining her request to Metro PD and she’s not even facing the officer.  At 4:00 he’s decided he’s tired of waiting and pulls out his handcuffs to arrest her.

And the investigation says that after his testimony, all of his actions were within reason.  What can you possibly say to explain going from calm to violent arrest in 10 seconds when the “suspect” is on the phone, without a weapon, and not even talking to you?

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Hi. Don't you think that Catelyn started the 5 kings war by imprisioning Tyrion?

Hi there! I’m not the best person for political analysis, but in my opinion, while Catelyn definitely had a huge hand in precipitating things, it’s inaccurate to blame her for starting the war without looking at the overall context. Like many historical events irl, the war of the 5 kings as we know it was determined by a combination of several concurrent factors, and Cat’s actions were essentially a trigger in a political climate sizzling with tension and begging for a war to begin. 

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latest news (i will keep updating)

-there was an attempt of a coup d'état
-41 policemen, 2 soldiers and 47 civilians were killed
-104 soldiers were found dead
-1440 people injured
-over 10000 are arrested
-more than 60000 were laid off from their jobs
-turkish parliament was bombed
-chief of staff was found alive but the commanders of the land forces, naval forces, air forces and gendarmerie forces are still missing
-arrest decision was issued about 140 supreme court members and 38 state council judges (credits to @hepsimanyak)

edit: number of arrested soldiers
edit 2: number of injured people