arrested cannibalism

Help me fact check something?

So, one of my favorite fun facts to tell people is that cannibalism isn’t actually illegal in the united states. I tell tons of people this and most find it interesting or ask me to clarify and mention Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein and ask something like “well what about them what did they get arrested for?” and I’d explain that they were arrested for murder, assault, rape, desecration of a corpse… etc. but NOT arrested for cannibalism, bc it’s not EXPLICITLY outlawed. most people accept this and move on.

this guy the other day… did fucking not. He was like 60- something years old and butted into a conversation I was having with my friend while she was at work and I mentioned the fact to her and he like interrupted me and was like, “UM actually…. it is against the law” and I fought back and said no… there’s no law in any state or federal constitution (is that the right word?) that says that a person can’t consume human flesh. And he fought back with a basic argument like “but u cant murder ppl” and it went on for minutes with him throwing out fake shit and me refuting it all with the facts. eventually I gave up bc he wasnt listening and just wanted to be right and i just said, “fine whatever I guess you can’t eat people” or something. BUT ITS BEEN BUGGING ME.

I trust you guys and I just really gotta know FOR SURE that there is no law in the united states that says cannibalism is illegal. I’m pretty sure I’m right but maybe this 60 year old man child was onto something. Also if i’m gonna be telling everyone i know this lil fun fact I want it to be true.