arrested arc

Have you ever had an alcoholic beverage? [x]

Ren: I’ve had some sake before. It wasn’t bad.

Nora: From that old guy in Mistral, right? I didn’t like it. Alcohol is just… bleeeegh.

Pyrrha: I drink wine with my parents sometimes.

Jaune: …. You know, I don’t really – I mean, alcohol’s – I’ve always been a good kid, you know, a law-abiding citizen, so I’ve never really–

Nora: So, you’re not gonna tell them about your fake ID?

Jaune: … You know, I was really hoping you weren’t gonna mention that.

how would you get arrested on the arc? (tag)

i was asking myself how i would become a delinquent to get to the ground and i realized how and i realized that i want to see how you guys would get arrested too! that sounds so weird i wanted to make it a bellarke fam tag thing but honestly it’s not just for bellarke shippers like clexa friends you should do it too! same with rellamy shippers i see you ;) and all y’all that watch the show!! idk i think it would be fun and maybe a way to get to know each other a little better without being mean/hateful.

so basically how this works is you say how you think you would be arrested on the arc and then tag five-ish other people (no matter who they ship!!) so we can get to know each other more and maybe end this ship war or at least make it a little harder to hate on each other once we realize that we’re all real people with feelings

honestly, i’d be caught distributing stories to people. where’s all the paper? oh, it’s just emma, stealing the precious supply so that some kid who needs a poem for his girlfriend has a good one to give her. people would be requesting stuff like “i want a story about the ground, before the bombs. the stories they’re giving us in school suck” or “i really want to impress this girl - will you write me a song so i can serenade her?” and i would write this stuff for them on paper i stole or got from nigel or even just scraps from school supplies. and when i finally got caught they arrested me for wasting all of this paper, but joke’s on them - i continue the service in prison but instead of writing stories from requests i write my own. the kids in prison finally have something to keep them occupied because i keep writing these stories for them until we’re sent to the ground and then they need my stories about home. stories about how the machine hum was softer than a lullaby and how the arc creaked if you stepped the wrong way and when it happened, when it cried out beneath your feet, you wondered for a moment if you were going to be sucked away into the void. and no one ever hears about me because to the adults that are sent down i’m just some stupid author but to the kids i’m a little more than that. because the stories linked us all together - they were something we all read by the firelight and then tossed in as kindling the next day, something to fill our bellies when there was no food scavenged from the woods that day. stories give hope, and mine would do exactly that.

i’m tagging @bigriffin @slayyourdemons-101 @problematicbellarke @itwontsurvivemee @beautifulbellarke @sapphickillers @cupcakeblake and anyone else who wants to do it! i hope you guys think this little tag isn’t an awful idea xx