Fears for Palestinian Hunger Striker Held without Charge

On November 21, 2015, Israeli soldiers entered the West Bank city of Ramallah, blew open the front door of the home of 33-year-old journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, and blindfolded and arrested him. Since then he’s been detained without charge or trial, denied even the right to know what crime he’s allegedly committed.

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Journos kicked out of Concerned Student 1950 town hall at Mizzou, threatened with arrest

Schierbecker was one of two student journalists who got into a confrontation with Professor Melissa Click during protests on campus last November when Concerned Student 1950 first garnered national attention.
Journalists covering student activism on the campus of the University of Missouri still face a hostile environment.
According to Higher Education news site The College Fix, one of their student videographers had the cops called on him after he refused to leave a Wednesday evening town hall meeting organized by Concerned Student 1950.
The Concerned Town Hall was advertised on campus as a meeting for black students and students of color and many white journalists were asked to leave before it began at a chapel located on campus.
We just want to discuss some things.The reporter complied and left the meeting, but Schierbecker politely declined to leave.


This 18-years-old guy from Germany climbed the Cheops-Pyramids and got arrested afterwards.
Nice view though!

Police who arrested Princeton professor get lunch from town leaders

Imani Perry, a professor of African American studies at Princeton University, was stopped for speeding on Mercer Road.
PRINCETON The Princeton council and mayor’s office bought lunch for the Princeton police Friday because the department had a taxing week of headlines from alleged mistreatment of a university professor’s arrest.
“The police treated me inappropriately and disproportionately,” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.
The post drew national attention and scrutiny to both Perry and the Princeton police department.
Perry announced on Facebook Wednesday that she was shutting down her Twitter account because of hackers and harassment.


6th Street Bridge Farewell - Set 2

LAPD responded to a disturbing the peace call during the 6th Street Bridge Farewell, one arrest was made before they marched everyone off the bridge with SWAT-like formations.


Cancer patients arrested at World Cancer Day protest.

@Regrann from @thehushreport - A federal #jury has awarded $15 million in damages to an #offduty #NYPD officer who was beaten up & pepper-sprayed inside his own home by fellow #cops. His lawyer said the ex-#officer was mistaken for an offender due to #racialbias.

#LarryJackson, a 45 y/o black off-duty #police officer, was holding his daughter’s birthday party outside his home in #Queens in 2010. In the middle of the party, a dispute between some of the guests broke out, forcing Jackson’s wife to call 911.
When police arrived, they mistook Jackson for one of the troublemakers. He was beaten up with batons, pepper-sprayed in his face & had his hand fractured, despite his repeated attempts to tell the police he was a member of the NYPD.
But his #protests were ignored, acc to the complaint.

Jackson was then handcuffed & taken to a police station even after officers found his NYPD shield, which had been in his front pocket the whole time.

His suit, filed in 2011, says that his #shooting hand was so severely injured that he might be forced to retire from #lawenforcement. Jackson & his attorney, Eric Sanders, believed Jackson was treated by the police with #excessiveforce because he is black.

The Queens DA investigated Jackson’s claims that his fellow officers used excessive force, but found no #wrongdoing.

The jury awarded $12.5 mil in damages for the false #arrest & use of excessive force, along with $2.6 mil in punitive damages.

The Queens DA’s Office declined to prosecute the arresting officers following an investigation. The city’s Law Dept called the verdict “excessive,” & said it may still be overturned. “Nothing is final. Indeed, the judge’s post-trial review could lead to the #verdict being set aside or a new #trial,” the city Law Department said in a statement to the newspaper.

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