Louis Tomlinson Arrested for Attacking Paparazzo
Louis Tomlinson wanted a photog out of his face at LAX, and the altercation ended with the photog smashing his head on the floor and Louis ended up in…

Louis Tomlinson wanted a photog out of his face at LAX, and the altercation ended with the photog smashing his head on the floor and Louis ended up in cuffs.

It went down Friday night at LAX baggage claim.  We’re told the 25-year-old singer was with a female companion and the photog was too close for Louis’ comfort, so he allegedly pulled the photog to the floor by his legs. The photog fell backwards and struck his back and head on the floor.

It didn’t end there.  A female witness started recording Louis’ female companion as she tried to leave. The 2 women allegedly then got into a physical altercation.

The witness and the photog both made citizens’ arrests.  

Tomlinson was arrested for simple battery and booked at a nearby LAPD jail.

Unclear if his companion was also arrested.

anonymous asked:

I was just thinking... How come Louis' got such a badass lawyer working for him, that apparently eats people alive to get his clients the best deal, and yet Louis has a crappy custody arrangement with no even overnights? Wouldn't that be something he could have helped with? Wouldn't a lawyer with such important clients recommend a pat test before his client spends the next 18 years paying (a lot) for a child that could not be his? How does that work?

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Why "fuck her silence"? Maybe Louis wanted her to stay quiet on this whole thing?? Why does everybody in this fandom ruthlessly belittle this girl based on her public persona? If Louis is so great and you claim to love him so much, shouldn't you be supportive of his decisions??

Because Eleanor got a choice and Louis didn’t. 

Because she got the luxury of being able to leave, of not being arrested, of not having her name dragged through the mud in the press (falsely, I might add). 

Because the articles about her in this shit show are positive, career summaries and recaps of her time as his brave girlfriend while the Louis alternative has been to paint to him as a violent, uncontrollable asshole who punches people in the face at will. 

Because she signed up for this again.

Because she doesn’t give a fuck about Louis beyond how his name can help her further her sad “fashion” career.

Because she’s never stood up for him in any way whatsoever, and has, in fact, disparaged him to several people I know. 

I support Louis’ actions trying to help a woman who has largely done nothing to help him in 6 long years. I support his bravery and compassion in that moment. 

But he didn’t choose this closet - the first or second version of it, and I don’t have to do shit to support that or her existence in it. 

i think the best thing we can do right now is keep being vocal, keep calling out the lies in the press, and keep making sure louis knows how much we love and support him and that we will always have his back no matter how nasty this gets.

you don’t deserve any of this, louis. you’ve got such a kind heart and such a warm soul and i promise you - we know who you really are.

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New photos of lawyers entering the public house of louis. (hollandse-hoogte)


Hollywood, CA - Today, we spotted a doctor and a few lawyers arriving at Louis Tomlinson’s Hollywood home. The former One Direction singer got into a scuffle after landing in the airport with a photographer and a fan. After the fight the singer was arrested and booked for battery against the pair. Reps for Louis state he was trying to defend his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, who reportedly was being harassed.

Looking at all of this as objectively as we can right now, I think it’s clear he and Eleanor were supposed to get papped at LAX. 

  • He took a fan pic at the Charlotte airport. 
  • Harry was spotted and took a fan pic. 
  • The paps were in baggage claim, so they were called. 

All of these are normal, everyday occurrences when Elounor is in season. 

I think it went sideways when the pap provoked him over something. Obviously, at this point, we don’t know what that provocation was, so I don’t want to speculate. But right now, I think we should assume this is a real, emotional situation and wait to see what the video is like (cause I promise you there will be video).
Woman in Louis Tomlinson airport scuffle claims she could have DIED
Ana Becerra, 22, has accused Louis of attacking her after she pulled out her phone to film his altercation with a photographer taking pictures of his girlfriend Eleanor Calder at LAX.

[excerpt from towards the end of the article]

However a witness has come forward to the MailOnline disputing her recollection of events.

The bystander had flown into Los Angeles after finishing a work trip in Nebraska.

She was standing nearby when the bust up broke out.

Not wanting to be named, the witness said: ‘I heard something crash so I looked over and I saw Eleanor trying to get between three girls.

‘Two of them were holding phones up and she put her hands over her face.

‘I heard, “Could you stop f***ing filming me please.”

‘She exaggerated the please so she asked politely. One girl laughed and said: “No bitch!”

According to the witness, Calder tried to move around the three girls but tripped over.

She was unable to regain her balance and the three girls pushed her down.

The bystander added: ‘I saw Eleanor’s hands go straight to her face to stop the punches that were coming.

‘One girl punched her below the hands and hit her chin and throat.’

It was at this point Tomlinson got involved.

He allegedly said: ‘What the hell is going on! Can we get some help please?’ before running over to the fight.

The witness said: ‘Eleanor was yelping and kept her face turned way and had her knee up because one girl was punching her in the stomach

‘Louis went between one girl and put his arms around her and pulled her down and away from Eleanor.’

It was then security stepped into separate them - and he was arrested.

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I think today we reached the most obvious example of smear camapign against Louis. The best example of how his team doesnt work in his best interest. The fact that there's a video that proves Louis is 100% innocent, in fact he calls for help and goes to protect Eleanor, and yet there's an article in The Sun telling a completely different story that paints Louis in a bad light. How could anyone still believe Louis wants this for himself or that his team doesn't work against him.


and then you have years worth of proof that dan wootton and simon jones are besties in jarring contrast with all the shit that’s been published about the boys in the sun over the years and you just have to scratch your head that there’s anyone in this fandom who still thinks this is totes normal.