Fears for Palestinian Hunger Striker Held without Charge

On November 21, 2015, Israeli soldiers entered the West Bank city of Ramallah, blew open the front door of the home of 33-year-old journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, and blindfolded and arrested him. Since then he’s been detained without charge or trial, denied even the right to know what crime he’s allegedly committed.

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Nigerian Gang Arrest | Hyderabad Police arrested Matrimonial Frauds in Delhi | V6 News

2 Nigerian people were arrested by Hyderabad Police in Delhi over Cheating Women under Matrimonial Fraud projecting them to be NRI’s. V6 IOS App …


6th Street Bridge Farewell - Set 2

LAPD responded to a disturbing the peace call during the 6th Street Bridge Farewell, one arrest was made before they marched everyone off the bridge with SWAT-like formations.

@Regrann from @thehushreport - A federal #jury has awarded $15 million in damages to an #offduty #NYPD officer who was beaten up & pepper-sprayed inside his own home by fellow #cops. His lawyer said the ex-#officer was mistaken for an offender due to #racialbias.

#LarryJackson, a 45 y/o black off-duty #police officer, was holding his daughter’s birthday party outside his home in #Queens in 2010. In the middle of the party, a dispute between some of the guests broke out, forcing Jackson’s wife to call 911.
When police arrived, they mistook Jackson for one of the troublemakers. He was beaten up with batons, pepper-sprayed in his face & had his hand fractured, despite his repeated attempts to tell the police he was a member of the NYPD.
But his #protests were ignored, acc to the complaint.

Jackson was then handcuffed & taken to a police station even after officers found his NYPD shield, which had been in his front pocket the whole time.

His suit, filed in 2011, says that his #shooting hand was so severely injured that he might be forced to retire from #lawenforcement. Jackson & his attorney, Eric Sanders, believed Jackson was treated by the police with #excessiveforce because he is black.

The Queens DA investigated Jackson’s claims that his fellow officers used excessive force, but found no #wrongdoing.

The jury awarded $12.5 mil in damages for the false #arrest & use of excessive force, along with $2.6 mil in punitive damages.

The Queens DA’s Office declined to prosecute the arresting officers following an investigation. The city’s Law Dept called the verdict “excessive,” & said it may still be overturned. “Nothing is final. Indeed, the judge’s post-trial review could lead to the #verdict being set aside or a new #trial,” the city Law Department said in a statement to the newspaper.

#HushReport #copsareterrorists #blacklivesmatter #endpoliceterrorism #blukluxklan #policeterrorism #policestate #injusticesystem #SayHisName #policebrutality #racism #amerikkka #amerikkkanterrorism

praise and worship to change the atmosphere
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Praise and worship arrest the atmosphere that is constantly whispering fear, failure and regret.  Lisa Bevere

These past few weeks, God has been whispering to me to listen before I speak, even more He ever has before.

When I get that email which causes my anxiety level to soar in an instant.

When I remember something I had forgotten to do, and am unsure how to handle my disappointment with myself.

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Pakistan police arrest six over child wedding

Multan (Pakistan) (AFP) - Police have arrested six people accused of arranging the marriage of a seven-year-old boy and six-year-old girl in eastern Pakistan, officials said Saturday.
Local police chief Mehr Riaz Hussain said the accused have denied that the wedding took place, but police have it on video.
Pakistani lawmakers last month withdrew a proposal to impose harsher penalties on those who arrange child marriages after it was scuttled by a religious body which branded it “blasphemous” and against Islam.
The fathers of both children, the cleric performing the ceremony, and three witnesses were charged under the Child Marriage Restraint Act on Saturday after being arrested in Punjab province on Friday, senior police official Saifullah Khan told AFP.
The proposal, which would also have raised the legal age of marriages for females from 16 to 18, called for “rigorous” punishment of up to two years in prison for those who organise child marriages, still common in some parts of Pakistan.

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Tyga Wants Child Custody Re-Evaluated Thanks To Blac Chyna’s Arrest + Kanye West Says Rob Kardashian, Sr. Helped Him With Album…From Heaven

We kinda saw this coming. Tyga believes he’s the more responsible parent after Blac Chyna’s arrest.

Lawsuit: Woman miscarried after cops 'battered' her during 'false' arrest

She suffered “severe and permanent psychological pain” due to her loss of the fetus, the complaint alleges.
Fitzroy told cops she was pregnant, yet they still “battered” her, hitting her in the stomach, throwing her down and stepping on her, the complaint alleges.
Fitzroy miscarried “as the result of the injuries she sustained” at cops’ hands, alleges the complaint, which doesn’t say how many months she had been pregnant.
Fitzroy, a home health aide, alleges deprivation of civil rights, use of excessive force, false arrest, unlawful search and seizure, and common-law assault and battery.
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Despite telling them she was pregnant, cops “battered” her, causing her to miscarry, during an incident at her home 15 months ago, a Mariners Harbor woman alleges in an explosive lawsuit.