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Top 5 Jade cosplayers and top 5 John cosplayers! (And Rose, if you wish)

oooh cosplay let’s see

um I’ll start with John cos I know more of those

In no particular order…

1. Ashysaurous

2. Katydidsandkitkats

3. Arrayedscience

4. Crownkind

5. Obviously-Luna

(I don’t know many people just by their cosplays, so I’m generally putting cosplayers that I have actually met c:)

Jade cosplayers… 

1. Needforathneed, obviously

Let’s see now, I don’t actually know a lot of Jade cosplayers…

2. Somethingnuclear

… wow I wish I knew the names of some I had seen at Fanime, I’m checking my photos…

Ohhh yeah 

3. Ultragal! (Keep thinking of you as Kar/Tz, whoops)

4. OH who was that Jade from the drawstuck party… (Okay I searched for fifteen minutes and couldn’t find them SORRY!!)

5. And who was that Jadesprite??? Oh~ Becklel33hedg33

I really don’t know enough Roses to do a list for that but my headcanon is the lovely Lalonding

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