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Tara spends a lot - a LOT - of time alone. At some point, just practicing magic gets a little boring, even if you love doing it. Even before that, Tara had somewhat abusive parents who tried so, so hard to make sure she never realized that exact dream. What I’m trying to say is, yes, Tara has had plenty of time and reason to take up a few hobbies and other skills.

Back when she lived with her parents, upon learning that she liked stories and music, they arranged for her to be taught how to do things like act, sing, and play the piano. Tara DID enjoy it, though, so she kept it up when she tired of her studies even after leaving her parents behind. After moving in with Rezia, Tara also picked up some skills to assist herself with her magical endeavors. She learned to repair her clothes and jewelry, and took up alchemy more for fun. Also, while I wonder if I should even write this, since Tara’s character just screams bookworm, I’ll throw it in. Tara likes reading and writing. If she wanted to, she could spend hours in her room just reading novels, writing poetry or coming up with story ideas. Hell, sometimes she does it even if she doesn’t want to, because when you’re lonely and shy, you take what you can get! It’s probably her favorite of her “hobbies,” though. Sometimes, she even gets so wrapped up in it that she forgets to eat, or stays up much too late. It’s probably a good thing she doesn’t live alone just yet.

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I can’t believe I never posted this video here!

(I really should make some new ones though)

Museum and Warp Star Room
  • Museum and Warp Star Room
  • Pat the Bard, Hirokazu Ando

A few days ago in an Ask about water fights, I mentioned I was attempting to make a new Aqua Bunny game in the process. Well, here’s a nice little song for that game! It really makes you imagine Popstar and the all of the stars in the sky, doesn’t it? This game will be full of all new arrangements just like this (if it gets made. Otherwise, I’m wasting my time~ In the trash they go, hahaha)!

Oh yeah, did I mention I arrange music, too? Yeah, that’s a thing I do along with just about everything else in the world except programming.

Shrine of the Wind
  • Shrine of the Wind
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers

i’ve been working on getting music rips at the highest quality i can mange from HRtP, and i’m finally about done, almost in time for the game’s anniversary. so, i think i’ll post the whole thing then.

here’s that enigmatic unused song from the music test; this song also shows up if you try to enter an invalid stage from the stage selection screen. i really like it, honestly.


A SVTFOE Blood Moon Waltz harp cover
Enjoy! :))

sheet music arranged by ThePandaTooth and can be found on his website


I don’t know about you all, but back in middle school time, this cover was super popular. 

Now that I’m getting really into arranging, this showed up on my radar. Man so many memories. 

PR Video BGM "Cool 4"
  • PR Video BGM "Cool 4"
  • Shota Kageyama
  • Pokemon X Y Version

Pokémon X/Y Version - PR Video BGM “Cool 4” (Piano Arrangement)

Composed by Shota Kageyama
Arranged by Shadoninja
Game Freak, Nintendo, The Pokémon Company © 2013

Get the sheet music for this song and more:

Look at Me Now (Ana's song)
  • Look at Me Now (Ana's song)
  • Carl Salbacka
  • Tumblr

Another song based on @ohcorny‘s high-quality webcomic Never Satisfied!

This one was tricky, because Ana hasn’t had a lot of screen time, but I wanted to make it up to her for short-changing her on the (as-yet unrecorded) Ch1 part 2 song, in which all the main characters get a singing part except for her. I’ll admit that I took some liberties—namely having her call Lucy by their full name, “Lucien,” but it worked better for the song (I AM SO SORRY).

You’ll also notice that this is a lot more polished than most of the demos I’ve been doing, mainly because this song sounded like crap with just guitar accompaniment. This took a lot longer.

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Fluffin Puffin Babysitting (12 Hole C Ocarina)
  • Fluffin Puffin Babysitting (12 Hole C Ocarina)
  • Tomoya Tomita & Misaki Asada
  • Yoshi's Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World - Fluffin’ Puffin Babysitting (Ocarina Arrangement) [12 Hole C Ocarina Tabs+Notation]

Composed by Tomoya Tomita & Misaki Asada
Arranged by Shadoninja
Good-Feel, Nintendo © 2015

Get the sheet music for this song and more:


A piano arrangement of Nyehehe! from Undertale!

I love Papyrus’ theme and wanted to experiment a liiittle because why not? :D


 Anyways, i hope you enjoy! xD- ongakuken(Sheet music on my blog or the video description!)