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Hi Everyone!

The reason I’ve been having minor breakdowns and not being around as much is because this Friday, March 31st, 7:30pm eastern time, I am having my senior flute recital!!!!! 

It will just be me and my pianist!
And one piece I’ve arranged with 3 flutes (including me) and a piccolo of a certain song by a certain seiyuu, lol. 

If you’ll have time to watch/want to watch, please let me know so I can give you the livestream link!! Please send me a message/reply to this post if you’d like to watch! (Sorry I’m always so bad at getting back to people, after this weekend for sure, I’ll be more on top of it!! ((There have been a few people who have messaged me good wishes, thank you so much, sorry for not getting back to you, I’ve read your messages and super really appreciate)))

@tsukinokakera and @aishiteruitsumo6~ I’ll give them to you soon!! And @jennshaiel, please let me know if you’ll be free? I hope you can watch~ 

zombimanos replied to your post : a lot of folks are talking about that video with…

ok but i do do that, i have OCD and i am constantly arranging things around me obessively. idk maybe it isn’t but i definitely do what he does and have for almost 30 years

i’m not an expert in OCD so i couldn’t speak to that! i’m just saying that a person rearranging things constantly is not a sign of OCD especially when they also have so many earmarks for other larger personality problems

plus it drives me nuts, as i’m sure it must you, when people just go “OCD!”!!!!!!”!”! because they see someone doing something a bit fussy. it’s so much more complex, she preaches to the choir


do you ever just get hit with a truckload of inspiration from reading a fic because????? i have

this is a gift for @adreamingsongbird!! THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING FIC!! and for answering my questions about their clothes lmaoo  

(you could read this beautiful fic here!! that’s right read it >>here<< and you should definitely read it right now at this moment because it’s great and i’m in love and did i mention that it’s beautiful???

Imperfect Pair (01)

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Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Word Count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst, (Future) Smut, ArrangedMarriage!AU (Kinda?)

Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | Epilogue

Description: The government is in charge of matching everyone up with a partner, the person they believe you are the most compatible with. You get assigned Jungkook, who looks perfect on his profile and even more perfect in person. You are later reminded however, that perfection does not exist, and not everything in life goes as planned.

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askdjf im doing a request for Cosette’s wedding bouquet and I was like “hm fleur de lys is ‘flame or burning’ that could work” but then I remembered it’s a symbol of the French monarchy and I just pictured Enjolras’ ghost knocking the bouquet from Cosette’s hands cause “GODDAMMIT MARIUS WE TALKED ABOUT THIS”

The New Sugar List: 47 Songs to Inspire You

I created the sugar list out of need. I needed to songs to get ready to, to boost my confidence to, to remember why I had decided to go pro in the first place. Once I started the list, I found myself listening to and discovering new songs to add to the list. It’s an ever growing monster that I hope you enjoy. There are some songs that would be perfect on this playlist that I avoided because I had exhausted their appeal to me and others because I didn’t like the artist or the message they were providing. This list is just a jumping off point. Tweak it to your hearts content. 

  1. Whatever You Like- T.I.- Perhaps one of the first songs I ever heard that talked about sugaring. It’s still a dream. A man that will look me in the eye and say I can have whatever I like? Please, sugar gods, please. 
  2. 6 Inch- Beyonce- Walk in the club like nobody’s business….
  3. Pay Me- Miguel- …and tell them to pay you. 
  4. Normally I Get It-Lola Wolf- This song is SO me as a newbie. Improvising, taking advice I should have ignored, wondering how it all went wrong. It’s an excellent reminder of how far I’ve come and an opportunity to laugh at the past. 
  5. Lemme Get That- Rihanna- Her Excellency appears on this list five or six times. There’s a reason for that. This song in particular has always warmed my heart. There was a time when I was breaking up and making up over furniture.
  6. Bandz a Make Her Dance- Juicy J- Because, yes, bandz will make me do things that I wouldn’t do otherwise. Like pay attention to you. 
  7. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- Kanye West- This is my reminder that I’m not sugaring for accessories. I’m trying to better myself. To get certain things that will advance me towards my goal. To build a business that will get my money so right, I’ll only have men around for giggles. 
  8. Money Make Her Smile- Bruno Mars- Well, this isn’t a lie. 
  9. Work B**ch- Britney Spears- It’s my alarm to get up in the morning. It’s my reminder that this life isn’t easy
  10. Pour It Up- Rihanna- A reminder not to be afraid to get what I want. He could leave me tomorrow but I’ve still got these gifts and I know I can find someone to get me more.
  11. Glamorous- Fergie- If you aint got no money take your broke ass home. Thanks
  12. Maneater- Nelly Furtado- Because after some time spent fumbling, I’ve figured out what type of seducer I am. Men beware. 
  13. Raining Men- Rihanna- I could dwell on my failures or I could recognize that there’s more than one rich man out there and get another.
  14. Murder- Justin Timberlake- The self esteem boost I need when I can’t get my eyebrows right.
  15. Luxurious- Gwen Stefani- You worked so hard to get an SD and now you have. You worked so hard on your profile and gathered the courage to go on a POT date. Celebrate
  16. Love ‘Em All- K. Michelle- When my vanilla friends ask how I can go from man to man so quickly, this is the song that starts playing in my head
  17. Faithful- Drake- This song doesn’t really belong on this list but when I heard Amber Rose saying that she just liked really expensive shit, well I had to add it. 
  18. She Knows- Ne-Yo- I didn’t quite understand the concept of owning your sex appeal, of never apologizing for it. I get it now. 
  19. Throw Sum Mo- Rae Sremmurd- If you’ve got cash who or what should you be spending it on besides me? Throw some mo.
  20. Shawty is Da Sh*!- The- Dream- Yes, actually, I am. 
  21. All N My Grill- Missy Elliott- To the men who want to text and email and date the women they met on SD sites but don’t want to do the one thing that the site says they should be doing. Why aren’t they paying bills?
  22. She Wants to Move- N.E.R.D. - When it’s time for me to leave you, when it’s time for me to dance, you don’t need to come with me, daddy.
  23. Paper Planes- M.I.A. - All I want to do is take your money? Sounds accurate
  24. Got It- Marian Hill- My reminder that the things I have, the things I bring to the table can’t be bought or stolen by any man. There isn’t enough money in the world
  25. My Love is Like…Wo- Mya- This is not a lie. I will change your life. You will crawl back to me over and over again because of what I provided.
  26. Feeling Myself- Nicki Minaj- Because I am, I am feeling myself. It’s hard work but I’m successfully doing what I said I was going to do. 
  27. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna- Does this honestly need an explanation? While I’ll never be posting allowance shots, I want what I was told I could have when I was told I would have it. 
  28. Plastic Bag- Drake & Future- I do deserve it, yes. 
  29. About the Money- T.I.- His second feature on this list and perhaps one of the more obvious songs. If it aint about the money, why are we speaking? What else could you possibly offer?
  30. Mascara- Jazmine Sullivan- Perhaps the song that speaks the most blatantly about life as a sugar baby on this list and the song that I think should be the sugar baby anthem, it’s a reminder to always stay well dressed, always stay ready for more. 
  31. The Boys- Nicki Minaj and Cassie- They’ll always spend money when they think there is love. 
  32. Guap- Big Sean- If you’ve ever gotten anon hate, dirty looks when you’re out in public, or patronizing conversations with friends that couldn’t begin to do what you do: I need you to blast this song. 
  33. Conceited (There’s Something About Remy)- Remy Ma- The attitude you need to have when they say you aren’t good enough and walk away, announce they don’t desire you, or try to lowball you. 
  34. Afford My Love-Dreezy-  The truth is, salty salts, you can’t afford me. This is not my problem.
  35. Money Over Love- Bilal- Money over love cause the best things in life aint free. 
  36. The Morning- The Weeknd- The money is the motive
  37. Spoiled- Wale- The song opens with Wale affectionately saying “with your spoiled ass”. I laughed. I am spoiled. Why shouldn’t I be?
  38. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj- A reminder that a man can want you for your body. Do you know what you want him for? Cause he buys you Balmain?
  39. Ex’s & Oh’s-Elle King- They always want to cum but they never want to leave (or pay).
  40. Sally-Bibi Bourelly- They don’t understand us. Hate, jealousy, and fear are better. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance. Let me see you rock little Sally.
  41. Back Up-Dej Loaf- Yeah, I made you feel good but…why are you blowing up my phone? Is there money? No? Back up off me. 
  42. Nun for Free-Zonnique- We don’t do nothing for free. Amen, amen.
  43. Nothing is Promised- Mike Will Made-It & Rihanna- You can lose it as quickly as you got it. Be smart
  44. Rich-K. Michelle- The only way to solve rich people problems? Get richer. Grind ladies
  45. Sex With Me- Rihanna- If I could play this song every time I’m asked if I’m a sexual person…the time I could save.
  46. No Scrubs-TLC- No explanation needed. They knew.
  47. Buy the World- Mike Will Made-It- What you think we out here hustling for? We’re just trying to buy the world and do the impossible.

What would you add to this list? Do you have any favorite songs that you get ready to take over the world (or a wallet) to?

Tip for any girls newer to the SB/ escort life

Do NOT let a man make you feel guilty for “acting like a prostitute”, I.e demanding compensation upfront. Ive had 3 situations in my life where the man didn’t pay me upfront, in cash. Each time he has a bogus ass reason, I.e. it makes it feel less genuine, he doesn’t like how the girls act after he pays them, etc…EACH of these 3 times (note I see men multiple times a week over the last 2 years…so, LOTS of experience)…I was cheated!!

1. I was a senior in college. This man sent an electronic bank payment while we were at the hotel. The payment WAS sent, but never went through, I.e the bank denied it the next business day. He never paid up.
2. The man (stupid me, thought I could trust him), said he’ll pay me after. Well after he suggested we go to the bar, then have another round. We go downstairs. I turn for one second, this motherfucker RUNS away.
3. The man convinced me that he’d give me $ after, which he did, but during the act, made me feel like I had to succumb to doing things I didn’t wanna do, so that I’d get paid. He ends up NOT using a condom against my demands and I had to take a plan B and actually considered filing a lawsuit for a long time. FUCK him. Really. I wish the worst on him.

I recently met with a man off SA who just refused to give it to me upfront. We legit argued for 10 minutes. He tried to kiss me as if I was there to play with his saggy azz and give in, I pushed him away and left. Honestly just typing these stories makes my blood boil so Ima stop right there.

Moral is. Of my 100s of tricks I’ve turned, never has it gone well when he refuses to compensate you upon your arrival. Stay safe ladies. Don’t let these disgusting delusional trouts finesse you. Learn from my mistakes. Xo


FUNNY STORY so I made a valentine for a friend a while ago and said friend posted it on twitter and tagged Cam, without telling me. he found it and RTed it and not even half an hour later I get a message from him and his fiancée telling me how much they love my art, and would I do a piece for them? you bet your ass I said yes - Gasson Hall at Boston College, acrylic on canvas, 12hrs total work time. they arranged to have me come down after the game at Verizon yesterday so I could give it to him. I was nervous as hell and this man who is clearly older sees me and smiles and says “oh! you must be scout! hi there, I’m Mr. Atkinson, Cam’s dad! nat [fiancée] told me you’d be here!” and he just picks up a conversation with me like it’s nothing. luckily my mom knows more New England lore than I do. Cam comes up and looks for us and the first thing he does is grin and go “hi!!” and then apologize for not being able to grab me a stick from the game before they packed them up. we talk for a while about college and the pride tape thing and the scooter gang and he’s just marveling at the painting the entire time, I was about ready to die, ok. i mentioned I didn’t own an NHL jersey yet and he’s like UM we need to fix that send us your address! it was so cute. he made sure to give me a hug and was like “we need to get a picture together!” and WOW I was exceptionally anxious but Cam Atkinson is the sweetest human being and everything worked out and now my art is going on the wall of their house!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT


hi i’m here to constantly remind the world that my wife is a gift who somehow always knows how to make me smile 💕

ben solo: @satan-in-purple
hux: @arkadycosplay


Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance


some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka

How the Sugar Bowl has Changed

A lot of the girls on here talk a lot about how web sites like Seeking Arrangement have “dried up” and full of salt, etc. 

Some of this definitely makes sense. Sugar babies have definitely been in the public eye (thanks to Vice documentaries, segments on the Tyra Banks show, etc), and a lot of blogs have a very democratic attitude toward everybody’s capacity to be successful in the sugar bowl. I’m not sure this is true, to be honest- you definitely see a lot of girls being taken advantage of. It’s also not enough to just be making more than your vanilla job, if you want this to really be beneficial, you need to make enough money to cover the time invested in finding POTs, making a profile, fielding through messages and etc. 

Personally, I think the sugar bowl has just evolved, and we need to change with it.

But here are some strategies to make yourself stand out in what is now an “oversaturated” market with a lot of men who don’t understand what a real SB arrangement is:

1. Keep your options open.

Even the most generous, ideal sugar daddies won’t always come through with promises sometimes. We live in a society that is mentally overburdened by multitasking, and flakiness or inconsistency is easy when all you have to do is send a text of “sorry babe, can’t make it tonight. xoxo”. You may not see them as often as you would like, they might suggest vacations but then end up spending time with their wives instead. You can create a safety net by dating multiple guys at once. Is this more tricky to constantly keep tabs on? Yes. But for me, I’ve found it’s necessary in order to meet my financial goals.

2. Get better at fielding POTs.

There are more men than ever on these web sites that truly enjoy wasting the time and receiving the attention of beautiful, intelligent young women. Then there are the men that don’t understand the fundamental differences between a sugar dating site and one like Seeking Arrangement. Look for profiles that have generally good spelling and grammar, take initiative in suggesting a date, and be wary of young SDs (the other sugar blogs are ten thousand percent right on this). 

One thing that I learned is that a phone call can be the best way to briefly touch base and evaluate whether a POT is normal and whether your personalities could be compatible. If you’re going to spend time, gas money, and effort into meeting them, a brief phone call is important. If they’re married or busy, they may genuinely not be able to talk though, so keep that in mind. 

Don’t be scared if they don’t have real pictures or if they have none at all. These men are wealthy and influential and privacy is important.

3. Consider ditching the concept of a monthly allowance. 

This might be the most controversial, but I think this may be the number one way sugaring has changed. There are a lot of generous men out there who are willing to spend a lot of money on you girls, but are intimidated by a multi-month commitment that the “monthly allowance” concept implies. 

Another aspect of this is psychological- they feel as though they are spending more if they grant one lump sum. I might be willing to spend $150 on bagels, croissants, and coffees at university for a month. But is it easier to spend three or four dollars at a time every time I sit down to study. 

This isn’t encouraging necessarily x amount of dollars per meet, but rather letting him know that rent is due, car payments, etc are needed, which does require a certain firmness in holding him accountable to pay you. Overall, I just think this works better. 

Hope this helps. 

love u gals


The Course of Honour - Avoliot - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he’s learned.

Looking for a long, m/m arranged marriage love story in which space princes awkwardly fail to communicate but help each other get over past trauma anyway? What a coincidence, I have one right here. Not looking for one? I have it here anyway! Please take it away, I need to stop tweaking it, I have to go outside at some point this year. Updates at least weekly, usually twice a week!

Nomura’s drawing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of KH

Look at the right corner, into the frame behind Sora

It’s blurred but those are clearly Arum Lily (or Zantedeschia) i.e.

Now, Arum lily is used across the world as a symbol of purity in bridal and funeral flower arrangements

What scares me is the second option: did Nomura purposely put them here for this specific reason? What do we have to expect? Am I right if I’m scared now??

I started an arrangement with the second SD (since Bear has been busy and only saw me 3 times last month). we met last week, settled down the arrangement and started it today. He is damn tall to me (6'6 while I’m only 5'5), healthy body and not bad looking. Let’s call him AS. He is married, which is a turn off at first.

I asked for $600/meet before I knew he is married. When I said I’m not interested in married men ( you know i’m lying lol) he said he will give $800/meet because he is obsessed with me (he is white and he said he has yellow fever lol).

anyway, seem like he is pretty generous as he gave me extra $50 for “Starbucks or anything to eat since you still have school later today”.

Guess I’m sticking with him for awhile if he continues to spoil me like this


Quick question..?
Will you know how to consistently keep your “sugar daddy” happy when you get him?
(I rather the spoiled girlfriend route, being a part of their life earns you more benefits 🤑..)

I see very few posts of tips telling girls/women on actually keeping these men happy. These are educated, and very well established men.

1)What will you talk about to keep their interest?
2)How will you learn the things they like sexually and in general? Remember you spend little bits of time with them..
3) How will you differentiate yourself from the billions of other girls trying to get him?

Just some things to think about.
Weaving through the salt is one thing, keeping them is another!

Finessing is an art.