Bumblebees differentiate flower types when arranged horizontally but not vertically     

It is well known that bumblebees and other pollinators can tell the difference between plants that will provide them with nectar and pollen and those that won’t. However, until now little has been known about how the arrangement of flowers affects their decision making.

Researchers from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, taught bumblebees to distinguish between two visually clearly different feeder types, one type containing food while the other did not. They found that bees were able to quickly learn the feeder types containing food when the feeders were arranged horizontally. However, the bees failed to distinguish these feeder types when these were distributed vertically on a wall and significantly more often chose the wrong feeder type.


Title: Sailor Moon Piano Medley


  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up! 
  • Uranus, soshite, Neptune 
  • Fukkatsu no Serenade <Moon Revenge> 
  • Ai no Senshi 
  • Moonlight Densetsu

Arrangement: Varya Semenchuk (finanwen)

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yuukei yesterday voice acted cover (in korean!) btw, this group covered and voice-acted other songs from kagepro as well you can find those in their channel ‘v’/ other than this one I recommend… ayano’s theory of happiness and children/summertime record oh, the lyrics are almost identical to the original

takane is cute;;; and haruka’s voice is cute too

VLR main theme - piano arrangement
  • VLR main theme - piano arrangement
  • redgrass

original piano arrangement of the main theme from vlr!!

i posted this a couple of months ago on fa and soundcloud, but never got around to posting it here….what better excuse than the announcement of ze3!!!

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Arranged and performed by Jonathan Carr.

Original composition by Vienna Teng, from the album Aims. Listen to it here