arrancar orihime

The ship that started it all for me. The first ship I ever wrote a fanfic about. 

So @friendshipaboveromance, or their alternate name, @ichigorukiagreatfriends, has been requesting copious amounts of new Ulquihime, Ichiruki, and ishihime fanarts. Apparently Ulquihime is their favorite ship of all time. So much so that they harass some users near constantly about it. (Sarcasm)

Who am I to refuse drawing such a gorgeous ship? So here is a wip. 

I promise… there will be more. 

reapergraves666  asked:

Relationship hcs for Hollow orihime with a human S/O who isn't afraid of her?


-Orihime has endless, delighted questions about everything human. Your entire species fascinates her, and she’s extremely interested in learning everything you can tell her. Unfortunately, she tends to get things mixed up, and can’t always keep up with the answers she demands. If you’re patient with her, though, you’ll have a very happy Hollow. 

-She takes to affection fairly well, and is more than ready to accept a non-violent relationship. She’s sick and tired of being nothing but cruel and defensive, and the human way of doing things really seems like the better option. It’s not hard at all to coax her into being sweet with you, and she takes to kindness quickly and well. 

What if the arrancar only spoke Spanish?

As (half) requested by anon. :)

(The actual request was for the arrancar speaking only Spanish *and* the Quincy speaking only German but, well, that turned out to be way too much for a single list. So I’m just doing the arrancar - forgive me! )

The arrancar may be based in Spanish motifs and the Quincy in German, but in actual practice everybody in Bleach speaks the same language. It’s simpler that way. But what if the arrancar actually spoke nothing but Spanish? How would Bleach be different then?

And a BIG, BIG THANK-YOU to quierosernauha, who helped this non-Spanish speaking blogger craft some actual Spanish for this list! Forgive me if there are still errors - I tried to incorporate all of her advice, but as a layman myself, I probably still managed to mess it up!

1. Ichigo would be way more confused when the espada first showed up.

The espada first showed up during a - difficult time in Ichigo’s life. He’d just come back from Soul Society. He was having inner hollow problems. He was turning super emo. And then Ulquiorra and Yammy showed up and Ichigo did not know how to deal with giant monsters who were hollow but carried zanpakuto. This confusion and despair would only be multiplied if they also spoke some strange language he did not understand.

Ulquiorra: Hola, yo soy Ulquiorra y este es Yammy.

Ichigo: S-since when do the bad guys speak French??

 (weakly, from the ground): Actually, Ichigo…

Ulquiorra: Basura.

2. Chad would be the only one who could communicate.

Chad went to Mexico at a young age, and was partially raised by his grandfather. It seems highly likely that Chad at least can speak Spanish. 

Chad: Ichigo! I can help fight!

Ichigo: Chad, no! You’re still injured from the last time! You should go home and -

Ichigo: Actually wait can you come and tell me what the hell these arrancar guys are saying?

Chad: You want me to be your…translator?

Ichigo: Have I made it weird?

3. Ulquiorra’s ultimatum speech would fall flat.

Because it’s hard to threaten and intimidate the woman you’re trying to kidnap if she cannot, in fact, understand that you are giving her an ultimatum.

Ulquiorra: No haga ninguna pregunta, no tiene ningún derecho. Lo que tiene en sus manos es la cuerda que sostiene guillotina sobre el cuello de sus amigos, nada más. Comprenda mujer. Esta no es una negociación, es una orden.

Orihime: Um….can you use pictures or gestures or something?

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: Definitivamente le voy a enseñar español.

4. Ulquiorra would teach Orihime Spanish.

Because not being able to ask her all of his nagging heart questions and/or psychologically torment her would just drive him nuts.

Ulquiorra (points at his head): La cabeza.

Orihime: La cabeza.

Ulquiorra (holds up his hand): La mano.

Orihime: La mano.

Ulquiorra (throws up hands in existential despair): El corazón?????

Orihime: Um… lost me there.

Ulquiorra: Ya sé, ¿no?

5. Aizen would speak Spanish; Tosen and Gin less so.

Aizen, of course, would want to communicate with his employees. So he would speak perfect Spanish. Gin would learn only as much Spanish as it took to speak brokenly with Luppi. Tosen, on the third (?) hand…

Tosen: I believe that justice is the universal language.

Tosen: Watch as I use justice to communicate.

Tosen: [cuts off Grimmjow’s arm and burns it in front of him]

Grimmjow: ¡Te destruiré!

Tosen: I believe he understands.

6. Nel and Ichigo would still travel together.

I like to think that, despite Nel and Ichigo not being able to communicate very well, that she would still decide that he’s awesome and travel with him. And he, although confused, would naturally choose to protect the tiny hollow child that has fallen into his life.

Ichigo: Guys! Guys! The tiny French-speaking hollow kid is following us!

Chad: …

Chad: Ichigo, seriously.

7. Ulquiorra’s final speech.

Would, at the very least, be understood by Orihime, who has since learned at least some Spanish. Ichigo and Ishida, though, would remain confused.

Ulquiorra: Entiendo.

Ulquiorra: El corazón está aquí, en mi mano.

Orihime: …

Ichigo: Why was he looking at his hand? Did he lose a contact lens?

Ichigo: I just never know what’s going on here!

8. Nobody would understand what the espada represent.

A lot of the fake Karakura Town fight was taken up with shinigam and espada chatting - at least in canon Bleach. The espada made threats, introduced themselves, and of course explained the aspects of death they represented. That would all be lost due to translation difficulties.

Barragan: No entiendes, cada uno de Los Esapda representa un aspecto de la muerte.

Omaeda: What is he saying, Captain?? Is he threatening us????

Soi Fon: What does it matter? We are here to kill him, no matter what he says.

Aizen: …

Aizen: All my hard work assigning each espada an aspect of death. Wasted.

9. Except for Kyoraku.

I don’t exactly know why, but I like to think Kyoraku would be the one guy in the Gotei-13 who knows Spanish. Mainly because he’s surprising that way.

Starrk: Es solitario pelear con alguien que no habla español.

Kyoraku: ¿Ah, si? ¿Prefieres hablar que pelear?

Starrk: …

Starrk: Usted es un hombre sorprendente.

10. Fights would involve a lot of body language.

Sure nobody but Chad and Kyoraku (and Orihime, post lessons) would be able to actually understand what the arrancar were saying, so Ichigo and the others would have to go solely by body language. Which, for the most case, would not make fights all that different.

Grimmjow: [is shirtless and holding a sword]

Ichigo: FINALLY! Something I understand!