imagine your OTP
  • person 1: you know what?
  • person 2: what?
  • person 1: we're like Beauty and the Beast
  • person 2: aw, but you're not ugly!
  • person 1: i didn't say i was the Beast

acapellabreeze  asked:

do you have any monster au prompts? (I think they're cool)

•persons A and B have been dating for a while. Both of them are secretly different types of monsters but haven’t told the other yet in fear of ending the relationship. Coincidentally, both decide to tell the other on the same night.
Bonus: the two types of monsters are known to be enemies with each other
•a neighborhood where only monster families live, but one day a human family moves into a house there thinking it’s just a normal neighborhood
•person A (human) goes on a first date with person B (werewolf). B drops off A at their house not realizing it’s a full moon that night and turns werewolf. B feels really embarrassed by their appearance but A invites them in to comfort them and reassures them that it’s okay to be a werewolf by painting their claws with pretty nail polish colors.
•person A is a vampire but uses their speed and flying for good instead of evil, pretending to be a super hero and drinking the blood of animals in private to hide their true nature. Person B (human) dresses as a vampire for Halloween one year and is dared by friends to go into a supposedly haunted forest alone, but stumbles upon A in the woods looking for dinner.
•Person A (human) is on a miserable vacation with their family. They all go to the beach for a day but A is able to slip away while the rest of the family is bickering without anyone noticing. A decides to take a swim, but ends up being pulled out too far and almost drowning. Luckily person B, a mermaid, is in the water and rescues A just in time.
Bonus: B brings A back to shore and A’s little cousin is standing there, having witnessed the entire thing.
•person A (human) meets person B (zombie) and tries to flirt with them. B is able to function as a normal human for the most part but doesn’t communicate as well, so A thinks they have effectively “picked up” B and they start dating, at least in A’s eyes. A is oblivious to all of the obvious signs that B is a zombie (occasional groaning noises, really hungry all the time, etc.) but then one day A finds out the truth.
•person A is part of a group of mannequins in a department store who send out one of their own per month to live as a human. During A’s time as a human they fall in love with person B (human). What happens when A must return to their department store life?

I hope you like these! This account is still fairly new meaning I didn’t already have any so I wrote some! I did come up with them all within the past few hours so they aren’t the best but here ya go!

-30 day OTP challenge.

DAY 16 - Morning ritual

First I was going to draw them watching anime and eating cereal but I thought this would be cuter, and it is; since they moved i didn’t know what to use as a background, so I created this kitchen haha


Awkward First Meeting
1. You just offered to crack my back even though I barely know you.

2. I’m sorry I just climbed into the back of your car, but the store manager is looking for me so let me hide, please?

3. You were asleep on one of the beds in the mattress section and I’m supposed to close the store, but I let you sleep first.

4. I saw you looking into a dumpster for something, and oh my god you just fell in.

5. I’m pretty sure you’re drunk since you’re trying to recite Romeo and Juliet, and this is my apartment, not yours.