Levy's reaction to Gajeel incident

So a lot of people are saying that Levy seemed super uncomfortable, shocked, embarrassed, violated, etc to the point that she started to cry because Gajeel landed on top of her and they were both naked.
Yes, she was all these things (except the violated part). The dude she probably has developed feelings for has landed ON TOP OF HER NAKED AND WET WITH PEOPLE AROUND.

Considering that Levy is a very shy, quiet and conservative girl, she was super embarrassed and shocked that she got teary eyed. I HIGHLY doubt she felt violated because her and Gajeel are VERY close and most likely have unspoken romantic feelings toward one another. We’ve seen Mashima do this with Jerza, Nalu, and Gruvia. This was bound to happen with Gajevy sooner or later. Each girl reacted differently each time its happened based on their character, this was a normal reaction for Levy. Even the tearing up part. No she wasn’t crying, she got teary eyed because of the situation. Had both Gajeel and Levy been somewhere alone, her reaction might’ve been slightly different. Plus Gajeel probably stayed on top of her for a good 15 or more seconds before Levy reacted and kicked his ass.

All in all please don’t make this situation another “Mashima shouldn’t have done this, this is bad” because its not. Don’t take this away from Gajevy shippers. It was an OTP moment and that’s how its gana stay.