Thank you all for the great support!

Let me heartily thank the recent reblogs of my pics made ​​by Lensblr (Everything that flows) and Lux Lit (The walker); It’s always a joy to see how the work of so many photographers in this community is diffused thanks to the favour of these blogs!

Many thanks, also, for the recent reblogs made by Un Monde De Papier, The Original Plant, and Arqsa whose generous support is always invaluable!

But I don’t want - I can’t-  forget all theTumblr fellows that have shown their appreciation for my photos by lmeans of ikes and reblogs. Thank you very much for your support, my friends!


Belatedly, but never too late ...

Thanks for all your support during my “colourful october”! 


for your nice comments (I thank every one of you from my heart!) and

for the reblogs! You are the very best in what you do to us! :)

Hopefully I will return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible … but the current month seems to be my ‘rare time november’! ;)

See you around,

arqsa asked:

Hey, thank you so much for your words. I'm amateur photography and i have some pictures too, but i do not show so much, 'cause there are many, many, good works. I really appreciate your comment and reblogging

You put up a lot of wonderful work and your blog is one of the best for photography hands down. I am glad to know you have work yourself, and look forward to seeing more!


As ever for all the reposts, comments, messages and blue tags in the past couple of weeks and everybody else who keeps looking at my images on here.

So in no particular order (and sorry to all the ones i have forgotten here):

opticalgallery joreikick3rd grelicks beautiful-and-mysterious-world alwaysinstudio detitled alicesbp brianneuls kerensamorris i-lost-myself-in-reality  theovernightguy thechemistryset boschintegral qbnscholar itsstreetlove vampyrumspectrum thewolvesatnight amidconcreteandclay nosealviewing beautifullyframed mel-men optichron republicachaveinte telescopical un-monde-de-papier 1photo-1000pictures modempunk theebrokenpath fuckitandmovetobritain camera-raw gray-card fabforgottennobility julesfalkhunter hawkeye39 photosworthseeing luxlit arqsa self-xpression mfkopp bereen33 johnpei creatorscove inspiringbitsandpieces theoriginalplant mellygregs

Also thanks to everyone who reposted images from the collaborative edit project with rachelminshull over the past 2 weeks.


arqsa asked:

¿Estamos listos para el partido?

jaja demasiado ansioso de que empiece y no eso q no soy futbolero y aca mandandoles la mejor vibra para que lo hagan bn!! ud esta listo? jaja