arpeggio octet

i tried to make the shittiest image ever for this, i think i got close

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pls dont feel bad if you arent on this because i am trash (you still might be cool maybe we just havent talked a lot or you dont post anymore or i somehow missed you on the list because as u can see theres a shit ton of people)

This is a list of people who I have followed at some point over the last 2 years and who have influenced my life in some positive way through visual art, music, comedy, friendship, etc. (Who I am on good terms with and are still somewhat active on this site). Also just blogs that are cool and I wanted to put on here.


here it go


3m0-cutie 3xosc 3lixar 7hrone 55galdrumoflube


addictia aightileia alllevelsatonce alycs animefricker arpeggio-octet artisticallycapricious ask-jamesheart ask-omnipony astraedm bassresonance bearfricker braeburned brainstormalex browningtons cedpipe chattersthebutt chisanaai choopasaurus cornunism crazylizzard crimewave420 crrud cuddlehorse cyberjock davhors dbpony deeraesthetic deerieres dirtytf2confessions dj-smackdown djschatzen djsckriskringle dnotive dogfricker doomy


echelonsmusic emkaymp emper0rpenguin end-of-ottergelion feisty-santa fireandshellamari foxspec gangars generalmumble goddessscylla h8seed hardestcopy iiboharz ima-giant-turtle imalexs isfallout4outyet jacktherbert knifefarty lavenderharmony lemurlicious littlecatpony livingtombstone lornemalvos lunarphoenix michaelaedm micthemicrophone mlp-extinguishers murdershitty nadaatall namelesswarning odysseyeurobeat


p1kenobi party-cloudly phillypu quadrainbow queenscylla raladorn redeh remembmer rustage rustybuckett sausagefattener scibot9000 silvahound sixpenceee skrill-cosby skrillyourself skyecandi slendidnt somasis soundgoodizer speedshare spice-and-lemonade spittfireart squicky-mcgee stormeru supersugoiautism


taxideataxus temporalwalker thatsonofamitch the-entire-furry-fandom the-guiggles thecandycal thegelid thiscontainsstuff tropius vardpup waifufricker whitetail-music wmill wooden-toaster xenix youwannaslap yungdissy yungterra

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