The Flightless Shall Fly

Clockwerk soared through the night sky. Since the incident at Krack-Karov, he had lingered in the shadows where he could keep a watchful eye on Sly Cooper and his cohorts. 

He had left the remains of his previous body where they lay so as not to arouse suspicion. It was with great intrigue and amusement that he observed the master plan of Arpeggio unfold. And his interest in the diminutive parrot’s brilliant mind had been piqued. Clockwerk was most disappointed when he had been usurped by his traitorous protege, Neyla who had then squandered the opportunity she had taken in less than a day. He was curious to see what Arpeggio would’ve done in her place and from that curiosity had arisen a plan.

Aurelius Clockswerth’s message had spurred him into action and it was to Arpeggio’s current abode that he was now heading.

The former leader and chief inventor of the Klaww Gang was currently residing in an English country house that he had purchased for himself before he was well enough to leave hospital. Clockwerk surveyed it as he approached, evaluating which part of the house would yield the highest probability of encountering his quarry. He spotted the parrot in question in one of the rooms on the upper floor through generously sized windows. It had a balcony on which he landed as quietly as he could manage and then peered in.


As long as I’m on a Paul Gilbert kick, you kids might want to check this video out, since it’s pretty informative and demystifies arpeggios and scales a bit.