Some references of these little musical guys I like to call Tablatures! They’re beings made from a specific piece of sheet music, and its the piece that appears on their skin! Their names are all musical terminology, and they all have their own little music symbol :^)

Arpeggio | Dal Segno | Staccato | Acapella (Click for the links to their pieces)

( Dal Segno belongs to @myeyesseeall, Staccato to @tinkerinks, and Acapella to @peachie-momo )


Arpeggio from Sly 2: Band of Thieves of the Sly Cooper series! I had a major crush on this boy when I was, like, 12 years old. I recently replayed the series and I can totally see why I liked him so much! Just a shame he didn’t get much screen time.

Redesigned him a good bit, as can be seen. Some things include making him look more parrot-like anatomically, giving him accurate feet, a long pretty tail, a better monocle, more specified wings (and wing hands), and some misc little things like changing his suit vest and the way his beak is shaped. I designed his wings to be missing most of the primary flight feathers to work with his inability to fly in-canon. I also… removed his mustache. Because I was never a fan of it :’) I’m sorry, it’s a sin, I know.

These are the Monday Money & Abundance Crystals. They have been charged with the healing frequencies of Solfeggio Arpeggio at 432 Hz. 

Seeing this image will bring money to you, all your needs will be fulfilled, and you will be surrounded by love. Know that you are loved, and everything will fall in place. Like and/or reblog to charge them. Like and/or reblogging on a Monday adds extra magick to them. Smile & blow a kiss to add even more!

Another Crypt of the Necrodancer boss idea! This guys wasn’t used but I thought he would be fun to share. His name is a pun on Arpeggio which is a kind of broken chord. The designs didn’t really grab any of us so we moved onto other cool stuff! I always liked seeing things that didn’t quite make the cut.


Jupiter-4 w/ CHD MIDI kit 🏞 #roland #jupiter #analog #80s #keyboard #music #arpeggio #midi #diy #electronic #synth #usamo #expertsleepers (at New Haven County, Connecticut)

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What a cracking first round!

The results are in, and what fine, fine results they are. With an outstanding eighteen point five to zero, I am proud to announce the victor is, of course,

Sly Cooper!

Sly’s lounging on a comfortable rooftop in celebration. Le Paradox, in an ironic twist, was so thoroughly #rekt by his utter lack of votes that he himself has been deleted from history. By the time I finish the sentence, I’ll have no memory he ever existed.

…What was I talking about?

Oh, right! Nerds!

Let’s keep things moving and introduce our next match-up:

Right behind you, gripping a socket wrench just a touch too tightly, it’s Penelope! This brainy mechanic broke ACES records, broke several laws, and then broke all our hearts.
And sequestered in an opulent study, beak in a good book, it’s Arpeggio! This nerdy bird is an undeniable genius and an all-round classy fellow, but he’s also a horrendous judge of character.

Voting starts now! Sound off for your preferred machinist!

Arpeggio: A word of advice, my dear - accept the outcome gracefully.
Penelope: Grace doesn’t pay the bills, bub.