Some references of these little musical guys I like to call Tablatures! They’re beings made from a specific piece of sheet music, and its the piece that appears on their skin! Their names are all musical terminology, and they all have their own little music symbol :^)

Arpeggio | Dal Segno | Staccato | Acapella (Click for the links to their pieces)

( Dal Segno belongs to @myeyesseeall, Staccato to @tinkerinks, and Acapella to @peachie-momo )


Arpeggio from Sly 2: Band of Thieves of the Sly Cooper series! I had a major crush on this boy when I was, like, 12 years old. I recently replayed the series and I can totally see why I liked him so much! Just a shame he didn’t get much screen time.

Redesigned him a good bit, as can be seen. Some things include making him look more parrot-like anatomically, giving him accurate feet, a long pretty tail, a better monocle, more specified wings (and wing hands), and some misc little things like changing his suit vest and the way his beak is shaped. I designed his wings to be missing most of the primary flight feathers to work with his inability to fly in-canon. I also… removed his mustache. Because I was never a fan of it :’) I’m sorry, it’s a sin, I know.


Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann

Please don’t name your kids anything that could be shortened to Ray (and by extension, don’t name them Ray), because the number of puns I get about Ré majeur/mineur and Do Ray Mi has caused me to be unable to play my D major and D minor scales and arpeggios normally. It’s like hearing my name every time I hear the tonic.