arpakasso love

It’s a Party Baby! Just received these guys in the mail today. :) They are in mint condition, with blush and all. I hope to start doing reviews on Youtube of different series. Especially different baby series that I like. Will be posting a family photo shoot later tonight. I can’t hold in my joy, so I thought I would share.


More Hauls for Everyone! The White Macaron came out of the wash as good as new!!! From the left we have a Ruby-chan with the purple frilly collar (sorry its hard to see), Green Cotton Candy, White Square Tag Macaron and Closed Eye Tissue holder—all from Buyee.

Then the others were purchased on ebay or in person—Gorgeous Llama from @lunalpaca and the Feminine Loppy and Pink Ballerina from Japantown, SF.

Another haul again if you can believe it in a few more weeks. :DDDDD

ヽ(;▽;)ノ Look at this huge bundle of cuteness from Rosy’s Garden!!

There’s much more that she sent, but I’ll focus on what I bought~

I promised myself I wouldn’t get into collecting other plushies, but wow, Wooly are just beyond cute. I am loving all these colors looking all vibrant ! Anywho, I am sure all of you know that if you want the best prices and amazing customer service— My #1 recommendation is

Please be sure to check her store out! She is hands down, one of the top people that is genuinely nice and is willing to take the time to respond to emails as frequently as she can. Rosy is a wonderful friend of mine, but as far as customer service from the first time I purchased from her; she’s always been so delightful and fun to talk to (because we both love food LOL) plus– all she wants to make sure is that the customer is always happy (=゚ω゚)ノ Thank you Rosy for always sending the most kawaii packages and for being so kind with me. I am proud of how much your reputation has grown in the past 2-3 years ❤️ And for inspiring/motivating me to continue my own sales (^∇^)