arpakasso for sale


Alpacasso and Woolies for sale! Reason for selling is that college is expensive. All were bought either from reputable sellers like @derpola or straight from Japan. Most are new with tags.
Please message me or email with your offers!
These are rare alpacas so no lowballing please. I will make deals but I also know what they’re worth


✨🎉Let’s Parties for Trade/Sale!!!🎉✨

No tags; condition is used/loved. For closer pictures and more angles, please pm me here!

Trading for: 16cm: Blue and Orange Macarons, Purple and Yellow Cotton Candies, Yellow Eden. Feel free to offer up any 16cms! I’m interested in the Olympics series, Monotone, Regional, Lovely, etc. etc. try me!
*16CMs will be partial trades unless we make a deal for more than one.

Selling for:
White Large: $120 Including Shipping
Beige Large: Offers + $15 Shipping
*Feel free to negotiate on any price; Shipping price is for USA; Outside of USA please ask.
Signal boosts would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Some more plushies for sale! Thought I would post here for friends and the alpacasso community and stuff first before I list on my mercari…
Eevee Build a Bear (has my name on tag)- $28 SOLD
Hello Kitty Kimono plush- $8 SOLD
Hello Kitty Red Panda plush- $9 SOLD
Mameshiba bean dog plushies (edamame + black bean)- $8 each or $14 for both
12cm light blue festival alpacasso (derpy face!! Hehe and the handle of the fan on the tag is ripped off) - $15 SOLD
16cm White goodnight alpacasso- $12 SOLD
16cm beige phone stand alpacasso, has white tag no series tag. I’ve never seen anyone else with him before, he is super cute. His phone pouch is on his back and is lined in polka so fabric- $15
White Walky Walky Alpacasso (I CANNOT get him to work, sadly. Please know this before buying- I’m not sure if he in unsavable, but I am selling him as a plush not a walking toy!! He is a unique size and would look great in a costume made by you!) - $20

Prices do not include shipping! Small plush will be $3 and the larger plush will be determined by zip code.


🎉 Alpacasso sale! 🎉

16 cms:
Yellow Cotton Candy: $35
Dark Blue Vest Festival: $35
Pink Kindergarten Kid: $20
Blue Hatter: $20
Beige Vacation: $25
Blue AoT: $18
Beige AoT: $18

All 12 cms are $15 shipped each.

If you’d like to buy all the 12 cm cotton candies, I’ll sell them together for $40 shipped. SOLD

US only. All of these prices include shipping. :) I do have cats; so please be aware if you have any allergies. 💕


16 cm Cotton Candy girl on the right: SOLD
12 cm red Gifu: SOLD
12 cm beige Let’s Party: SOLD

The rest are still available!

Alpacasso Sale

Wanting to buy some different figures and I have no room for my hundreds of Alpacasso, so I’ve made the decision to part with some more. Message me for pictures, though my last sale post has most of them on there, but maybe not the new ones. All prices are not including shipping. List is after the read more.

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Giant Alpacasso Sale ❤️

*Shipping included to US/Canada with tracking
*International buyers add $25 for shipping
*All prices in USD
*Only take PAYPAL
*Deal on multiples
*contact list:
PM on tumblr (fastest response) (slowest response)
Facebook Page “Alpaca Galore”

First picture:
White/Beige Attack On Titan NWT $65 each
Pink Attack on Titan NWT $55
Green Neon (colour faded, without tags) $55
Orange Neon (good condition, without tags) $60

Second picture:
Reindeer NWT $65
Purple Macaroon (good condition, beat up tags) $80
Yellow Neon NWT $68
Pink Candy Kid NWT $65
Snowman NWT $65

Third picture:
Original Pink Baby NWT $60
Original Pink Baby without tags, good condition $55
Ace Pirate Baby NWT $80
Superhero Anpanman Great condition, with tags $85
Closed eye tissue holder (without tags, good condition) $45

Fourth picture:
Butler NWT $75
Earmuff yellow llama NWT $70
Pink Earmuff great condition, without tags $55
White Beri Beri Baby good condition without tags $65
Pink Beri Beri NWT $65

Fifth picture:
Pink Lovely Baby NWT (muzzle has pink fabric stuck under it so slightly pink tone) $65
White Lovely Baby great condition, with tags $70
Pink Original Baby NWT $60
White Gorgeous good condition, slightly faded no tags $55
White Girly NWT $55
Pink Bonbon NWT $65

Sixth picture:
Brown Valentine good condition, without tags $55
White Macaroon NWT pink scallop, $70
Funwaka closed eye NWT $75
Yellow Bonbon great condition without tags $55
White painter hat (good condition, missing glasses without tags) $55

Seventh picture:
White Macaroon without tags, great condition $60
White Funwari (faded, slightly stained) $30
White Funwari great condition with tags $55
White Oshare without tags, good condition $55
Pink Natural? Without tags, great condition $45

No holds, first come first serve. A reblog muchly appreciated 😳😍 Would love to have some walking space in my house soon 😂😂😂


Chocolate sweet delights up for sale! I just bought a 12cm version so I decided to find this guy a home where he will truly be appreciated. His name is Wobbles, because his wobbly cake and wobbly nature haha. He has his series tag still attached and he is incredibly soft, perfect condition.

I’m not sure which release he is. He was sold to me as the 40cm but he is rather smol so I don’t think he is the larger one after all.. Super SUPER cute with a perfect face.

I had 5 or 6 people message me about him, so I’m gonna leave this to a highest offer :x bidding will start at $45 (shipping not included). I’ll message everyone who asked about him now!

Please send inquiries/offers to me here through direct messaging! :)

Please give him a very loving home!! 🍫❤️ (1/3/16)


Hi tumblr. I haven’t been active in the alpacasso community for awhile due to school and work, and I’m moving out of my parents house and need to downsize my collection, so I’m selling these alpacasso. All of them are authentic, and I’ve done business with others in the past, such as @creeepytea and @derpola so you can feel confident in doing business with me!

Adult Alpacasso for sale (all NWT)
White Hatter
Blue Rainbow
Megane Nerdy Boy

School Kid White (NWT)
School Kid Yellow (New, no tags)
Chocolate Sweet Delights (NWT)
Animal Hat Kid (used, good condition)
Year of the Sheep (NWT)

Deluxe Babies (NWT)
Strawberry Baby (NWT)
Unknown series purchased from derpola (used, good condition)
Pink Marine Baby (NWT, pic on request)

Please message me or email if you’re interested. I’m open to all serious offers and I never bite :)
Email is
I accept PayPal only

- white marine baby boy $90 including shipping - white let’s party girl $65
- beige natural $55
- orange popn ribbon $35
- beige snk $40
- blue standing wooly $30

• shipping not included on all except the marine baby! ($11 anywhere within the us!)
• all come in good conditions with tags!
• each paca is packaged with some yummy sweets, and extra goodies (crystal!) ! ☺️💞
• please email me at, send me a message, or an ask if you have any questions, would like to see any photos or would like to purchase!
• special deals if you buy more than one!


Spring Downsizing SALE!

Most are doubles from my collection, all in mint condition w/ tags unless otherwise stated!

Message me on tumblr or, shipping starts at $16.5/ 500g tracked to US/Canada. International is $8/ 250g, not tracked (will only send to people I trust if no tracking is chosen, or require friend and family payment method). You can check my credibility and reviews on the tag “Soreyal” on tumblr or on my Facebook page “Alpaca Galore”.

16cm Heartful $30 each or both for $50
16cm Reindeer/Snowman $28 each or both for $50
16cm Princess Ballerina $35 each or both for $60
16cm Prince $45 each or both for $80
16cm pink glasses on hold
16cm painter hat $28
16cm white Kuri Kuri $45
16cm scarf $28

If buying multiples, I will give a small discount ovo Also all orders come with freebies *^*

Chocolate Pens by Amuse $7.5 each or 2/$12, blind pick $5.5 each.

Amuse Macaron Keychain Storage Box $$8.5 each or blind pick $6 each



Well…I feel a bit silly since a couple of these are ones I got recently, but when I was going through and thinning my collection they just didn’t make the cut -_-; Hopefully someone else can give them better homes than I did!

I prefer to ship within the US and shipping is not included in prices, and will be calculated by weight/zip code. ALSO! I straight up ran out of boxes with my most recent sales, so I might not be able to get the large guys out until the end of the week or possibly early next week, when I can get some more shipping supplies (small orders will be shipped ASAP in envelopes, however).

Everything’s in great condition with tags except the pink bon bon (no tag) and purple macaron (bent tag, attached). Feel free to ask for more photos if necessary! You can send me an ask here or email me at if you’re interested in anything or might like to negotiate prices.


  • Large Purple Macaron: $85
  • Large Beige Original Baby: $45
  • Large Mint Pop’N Ribbon: $30
  • 16cm Pink Bon Bon, Pink Makiba Girl, Hot Pink Love Berry: $10
  • 16cm Coral Pop’N Ribbon, Blue Rainbow: $16
  • 12cm Pink Goodnight: $8
  • 8cm Purple Princess Ballerina, Fresh Soda, Powa Powan: $10
  • 16cm Pote Usa Loppy: $9
  •  12cm Black and White Pote Usa: $5

I’m also looking to swap my Large Oshare Lace Llama for a 16cm version. If anyone who has the 16cm would be interested in doing a partial payment/partial trade for the large one, please let me know!

Updated Sales Post

Updated my list! Added plenty of more alpacasso & still more to come!

If interested, please email and don’t send a tumblr ask because tumblr eats messages ^^ Be sure to include an offer! Thank you!

The only Arpakasso I am looking for is the large Yubarisso  

Thank you for looking! It would mean a lot to me if you could share this with others!  ♥

50 cm:
-White, Beige Vacation Sailor
-Tokyo Tower, Takoyaki, Yellow Okinawa
-Mint Pop N’ Ribbon
-Pink Earmuff, Yellow Llama Earmuff, Red Earmuff
-Pink Natural
-Black UK
-Festival Set (White Kitsune, Pink Bunny, Light Blue and Dark Blue Vests)
-Arpakaman (Super Hero)
-Brown Sweet Valentine
-White Bon Bon
-Black Monotone
-White, Pink, Green Cotton Candy

35 cm:
-White Boy, Beige Boy, Pink Girl, White Girl Marine Sailor
-Original Pink Girl
-Sweets Delights Brown
-Purple Lovely Baby
-White Boy, Beige AKB 
-White Girl Let’s Party

16 cm:
-Pink Kuri Kuri
-White Marine Baby Girl
-Pink I <3 U, White Love
-Coral, Mint Pop N’ Ribbon
-Pink Xmas Santa Girl
-White Boy, White Girl, Beige Beri Beri
-Pink, Beige Vacation Sailor
-Pink Eden
-Attack on Titan Set (Pink, White, Beige, Blue)
-White Rainbow with Kuriko’s Custom Floral Bonnet & Pink Ribbon
-Beige Heartful
-Blue Powa Powan
-Pink, Beige Bon Bon
-Ribbon Full Set (Pink, White, White, Beige)
-Ace Pirate
-Green Cotton Candy
-Original White Arpakasso

12 cm:
-Beige Macaron
-Pink Closed Eye, Black with Pink Stitched Mouth Montone
-Pink Let’s Party
-Beige Vacation Sailor
-Orange Sherbet Kids
-Pink Closed Eye, White, White Closed Eye Pastel
-White w/ Red + Pink Striped Scarf Nuku Nuku
-Brown Love Me
-Deluxe Baby Boy, Deluxe Baby Girl
-White Boy, Beige Boy, Purple Beri Beri
-Yellow, Blue, Pink Powa Powan
-White, Pink, Yellow Gorgeous
-Pink, White Cotton Candy
-Deluxe Adult Girl
-Yellow Llama Earmuff
-Xmas Reindeer, Party Hat, Star Head, Red Beret

8 cm:
-White, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink Macarons
-Mint Gorgeous
-Pink Earmuff, Red Earmuff, Yellow Llama, White Earmuff
-Beige, White Boy Let’s Party
-White Flower Crown (Pink and blue roses)
-Purple Prince
-Pink Oshare Lace
-Yellow Welcome, White Open Alpacaffe Kids
-Regional: Red, Yellow, Devil Mask, Takoyaki
-Xmas: Bell, Santa Girl, Snowman

-White Clover Bag
-White Kuri Kuri Pouch
-Beige Notebook Cover with Blue Flowers
-Pink Hot Water Bottle Pouch
-Purple Cotton Candy Lipgloss Pouch
-Purple Cotton Candy Pencil Case
-Blue Baby Pouch
-Beige Kuri Kuri Tiny Dangly thing???
-White Cellphone Holder
-White Earmuffs


Um. this baby is coming to me around November and I might sell it after my birthday on Dec 19 because I don’t like babies but I want to have a photoshoot with him hahaH. 

I also have a rabbit hood and 2 beige beri boys up for pre-order if those who lost the bid or someone else is interested. I’m trying to save up for something so I have to let go of those I have because of impulse buying :’( 


16cm pacas for sale :D All in great condition with tags *^*

16cm Green Macaroon, blue scallop tag $50 SOLD
16cm Beige Wedding $24
16cm Adult Cafe Welcome $35 SOLD
16cm Brown Heartful $28
16cm White Kuri Kuri $45
16cm Pink Makiba $20
16cm Snowman 2013 $30
16cm White Painter Hat $30
16cm Pink Glasses $26
16cm Orange Neon $30 SOLD
16cm White w/ Red scarf $30
16cm Blue Heartful $28
16cm Reindeer 2013 $30

If you buy 3, you’ll get a free 8cm
If you buy 5, you’ll get a free 8cm + free 12cm

ALSO selling…
45cm Dark Blue Festival Vest w/ tags $140
45cm Light Blue Festival Vest w/ tags
each comes with a gift of a 16cm Alpacasso

I also have another sales post if you wanna dig that up :D I’m always willing to discount when purchasing multiples ovo All orders do come with freebies!

Shipping within Canada and to the US starts at 16.5 shipped for 500g including airmail + tracking. International members will have to double check with me.