I met one of my followers this weekend (or I think she follows me, lol, way to assume Leah.) But! I forgot to say! I took this before meeting up with you! Go here! It was super easy to win and it’s in Ikebukuro across from Tokyu Hands outside the walking street to Sunshine City!!

Also, candy is a legit payment.


A new brother joins our ranks today!

I got this Play!Color! Neon Yellow from an eBay seller and he’s in really really excellent condition. He even retained some of his blush!

I think Banana and Ichigo are gonna be great brothers.
Some how, I imagine Ichigo would be the older brother.

(Not sure if he’s authentic or not? But it seems like it)


~Alpacasso/Amuse plush for sale ~


Like in my previous sales, if you are interested in buying anything; please contact me via email : because I find it more convient to communicate quicker; otherwise you may also send me ask on Tumblr. All plush are Amuse and authentic in this sale. 

Again, for pricing and shipping details, email me at and if you would like to see more photos of a certain alpacasso; all you have to do is ask ^^

Please reblog for your followers that might be looking for these adorable plush! Limited stock, this is a first come for serve sale :D I will provide better deals for those who want to buy more than one plush.

—- Meduim Sized Plush: 16cm —-

Party Series White boy (New w/ tags) 

Pirate Series White Yuki (New w/ tags) 

Pink BonBon Series (New w/ tags) 

Neck Tie Series White Boy w/ red hat & tie (New w/ tags) 

Powa Powan Series Blue Boy w/ Yellow Bowtie (New w/ tags) 

Pink Macaroon Series (New w/ no paper tags)

—- Alpacasso/Arpakasso Winter Earmuffs —-

White alpacasso Earmuffs are only there for DISPLAY and NOT for sale. The Pink and brown earmuffs have never been opened :)

- Pink Alpacasso Earmuffs (New w/ tags)

- Brown Alpacasso Earmuffs (New w/ tags)

—- Small plush: 12cm Kid Alpacasso/Arpakasso —- 

Kids Alpacasso Candy Series Beige boy (New w/ tags) 

Kids Alpacasso Candy Series White girl (New w/ tags) 

Kids Alpacasso Candy Series Pink Girl (New w/ tags) 

Kids Alpacasso Candy Series White boy (New w/ tags) 

Kids Alpacasso Sailor Series Beige boy (New w/ tags) 

Pirate Series White Yuki w/ Blue Hat x2 (New w/ tags) 

Pirate Series White Ace w/ Black Hat x3 (New w/ tags) 

Alpacafe Series Beige boy w/ welcome sign x2 (New w/o tags)

Ribbon Series Pink Girl w/ Blue ribbon (New w/ tags)

Olympics Series Pink America (New w/o paper tags)

Neck Tie Series Pink Girl w/ purple ribbon & tie (New w/ tags)

Neck Tie Series Yellow Girl w/ pink ribbon & tie (New w/ tags)

Ballerina/Princess Series Pink Girl (New w/ tags) 

Ballerina/Princess Series Blue Girl (New w/ tags)

—- Mini Plush/Cellphone strap: 5cm - 8cm —-

Macaroon Series Yellow Alpaca Cube x2 

Macaroon Series Green Alpaca Cube (New w/ tags) 

Macaroon Series Purple Alpaca Cube (New w/ tags) 

Bon Bon Series Beige boy w/ purple bowtie (New w/ tags) 

Glasses Series White Girl with Star Glasses (New w/ tags)

7cm Puchi-Neko Series Green Cat x3 (New w/ tags) 

7cm Puchi-Neko Series Pink Cat x2 (New w/ tags) 

7cm Puchi-Neko Series Black Cat x2 (New w/ tags)

**Shipping will vary with your location**


Large sale of 8cm Alpacasso/Arpakasso cellphone straps.

Please send an ask if you would like to know any details of a specific Alpacasso. The majority have their original paper tags, other than that; I will let buyers know if the tag is not there.

Due to people already making offers and I want to be fair with everyone, I will not take any holds; once payment is sent via paypal, the plush is yours!

For a more convenient way to communicate, please email me at

Please feel free to ask any questions at all, I would be happy to answer them !
Thanks and happy collecting :)

And if possible, I’d appreciate it very much if you could reblog for your followers that might be interested, thanks!!
Here is the update on what is left in stock ^-^ Buy now, everything is first come first serve.

Came home from moving out of the school hostel to meet a cranky looking dad holding a box and saying don’t buy anymore.

My shipment from rosy61987 came in!
They came in a box, nicely packed and all the alpacas in their own plastic bags.

Eh but before that, I’m a little confused. I’m missing a Pink 16cm Powa Powan. :/
But at the same time I got a Tan 8cm Heartful.

Mmmmmmmraaaaaahh I dunno.
Maybe my email was a bit confusing :/

And I’m thinking that the post people might have taken out the Alpacassos for checking cos the blue one is slightly damaged. *rage*
There were threads on it and the crown is kind of coming off.

Other than that, I’m really really happy with Rosy’s service. She created a custom listing for me on her storenvy, packed them alpacas nicely, and even gave some freebies! All this while she has been feeling unwell! ( Get well soon Rosy! )

I totally recommend Rosy for genuine Alpacassos. She’s nice, she’s fast and efficient and she’s a reliable seller that most Alpacasso collectors trust.

Edit! Rosy contacted me to say that she sent an email that the pink powa powan was out of stock but apparently it disappeared in cyber-meh and I never received it.