Mexican poet Javier Sicilia asks Sheriff Arpaio "Why do you treat my people as if they are not human?"

Sicilia called for better treatment of undocumented people during a meeting with Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. 


Mexican activist and poet Javier Sicilia met Thursday with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to request an end to what he says is the inhumane treatment of undocumented people arrested by the sheriff’s department.

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Court smacks down Joe Arpaio: Turning point for ‘America’s toughest sheriff?’
May 25, 2013

A federal court on Friday found that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio systematically violated the constitutional rights of immigrants through “saturation” sweeps that ended up targeting people based on their appearance or perceived ancestry.

The destructively racist Arpaio has over the past decade come to define American anger over illegal immigration as he’s aggressively pursued immigration lawbreakers in Arizona’s most populous county, corralling a staggering 25 percent of all US immigration arrests per year.

Arpaio remains popular among many conservatives for stunts like his racist investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate and issuing pink underwear to inmates, a choice which both perpetuates ridiculous shaming of varied gender expressions and shamefully celebrates systemic dehumanization. The court ruling can be seen as part of a broader pushback against aggressive immigration enforcement and growing momentum for a bipartisan solution to the difficult and often traumatic lifestyles that many of America’s undocumented people are subjected to.

The decision, which in essence agreed with an earlier lower court ruling, should be seen as “a warning to any agency trying to enforce 'show me your papers’ [state laws] – there is no exception in the Constitution for immigration enforcement,” said Cecilia Wang, director f the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, in a statement. In the ruling, US District Court Judge Murray Snow told Arpaio and his deputies to stop using race and ancestry as reasons to stop or detain drivers in a tactic widely known as “saturation patrols.”

But if the court ruling represents a victory for immigration advocates and a legal reversal for Arpaio, it’s also clear that, even before the ruling, Arpaio had been losing support among more educated white voters even as opposition against him had galvanized among ascendant Hispanic voters, the Arizona Capital Times newspaper reported recently. Arpaio won reelection with only 50.7 percent of the vote last November, his lowest total. “He was the most popular guy in the state, but he’s been on a long slow ride down,” Arizona political analyst Michael O’Neil told the newspaper.

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Why is the media reporting Arpaio has won?‏

Major news outlets are reporting that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been re-elected to his sixth term a sheriff in Arizona, but the county recorder hasn’t even called the race yet. Arpaio is leading by 90,000 votes but there are over 300,000 ballots that haven’t been counted yet—likely most are from Latino neighborhoods! 

Tell the Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, that you want every vote to be counted.  

The Message

To Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder:

There were far too many irregularities in the Maricopa County election this year and we expect you to fully and transparently monitor the hundreds of thousands of provisional and early ballots that have yet to be counted.
What will be the outcome of this lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

by national museum of american history
Question by Taylor: What will be the outcome of this lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio?
PHOENIX (CN) - Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been sued again, by people who say they were arrested for applauding critics of Arpaio at a county Board of Supervisors meeting, or for “trespassing” in a public building where they had gone to make an appointment with a county supervisor.


i get endless pleasure out of how many Mexican-hating Joe Arpaio fans mistake my parody Twitter account of today’s Bull Connor, aka “Sheriff Joe,” for the real thing. 

Wanna know my secret?

I built the account banking on the idea that most people have no idea how to spell “sheriff.” Yup. I siphon his fans simply because they can’t spell. They mistweet their hate and it magnetically zooms into my #mansions.

I know, I know. That’s wrong of me. Mexicano cats ought not be so cunning.  

No habla tha ingles, yo. 

Sarah lost her mother and both grandparents in Arpaio’s work-raid at Sport-x in Tempe a few weeks ago. Her sister is deaf but signs really well. Sarah is 9 years old. in the 4th grade and got to see her mother for the first time today-in Arpaio’s stripes and chains. The crime? Working.

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Justice Department: Sheriff Arpaio Engaged in Systemic Racism Against Latin@s [PDF]

After three years of investigation, the Justice Department has finished it’s investigation of Joe “America’s Sheriff” Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO for short). It’s conclusion?

[The MCSO], through the actions of its deputies, supervisory staff, and command staff, engages in racial profiling of Latinos; unlawfully stops, detains, and arrests Latinos; and unlawfully retaliates against individuals who complain about or criticize MCSO’s policies or practices, all in violation of [The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994]

Arpaio also personally “forwarded racially charged and derogatory emails about Latinos to his senior staff”. No one familiar with Joe Arpaio is surprised at this. He detains Latin@s until they produce their social security cards, while letting white drivers pass with just their driver’s license. He was found to be violating the constitutional rights of inmates (disproportionately latin@ of course) by “feeding them moldy bread, rotten fruit and other contaminated food, housing them in cells so hot as to endanger their health, denying them care for serious medical and mental health needs and keeping them packed as tightly as sardines in holding cells for days at a time”, and misused over $80 Million of taxpayer dollars on things like investigations into his political opponents. 

The Justice Department details how MCSO can come back into compliance with the law (a list of specific policy grievances to be addressed as well proactive measures, such as an internal affairs department- we’ll have to see how Sheriff Joe reacts. It’s unprecedented that someone in his position would refuse to comply, but then again it would not be the first time he broke precedent with his lack of cooperation with federal authorities.

(via Arizona sheriff’s office profiles Latinos, federal judge rules | Fox News)

A federal judge ruled Friday that the office of America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff systematically singled out Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols, marking the first finding by a court that the agency racially profiles people.

The 142-page decision by U.S. District Judge Murray Snow in Phoenix backs up allegations that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s critics have made for years that his officers violate the constitutional rights of Latinos in relying on race in their immigration enforcement.

Snow, whose ruling came more than eight months after a seven-day, non-jury trial, also ruled Arpaio’s deputies unreasonably prolonged the detentions of people who were pulled over.

The ruling represents a victory for those who pushed the lawsuit. They weren’t seeking money damages but rather a declaration that Arpaio’s office engages in racial profiling and an order that requires it to make policy changes.

“For too long the sheriff has been victimizing the people he’s meant to serve with his discriminatory policy,” said Cecillia D. Wang, director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Right Project. “Today we’re seeing justice for everyone in the county…”

Sheriff Arpaio's office will pay $200,000 to two Hispanic men unlawfully detained during an anti-illegal migrant raid on a landscaping firm in 2009 - Arizona


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Arizonans know Trump can win because we've elected him
People who don't know any better are saying Donald Trump can't win the presidential election. In Arizona, we know that he can, because Arizonans

People who don’t know any better are saying Donald Trump can’t win the presidential election.

In Arizona, we know that he can get elected, because Arizonans already have elected Donald Trump – many times.

For example, former Gov. Jan Brewer was a less wealthy a version of Donald Trump - with better hair. She yammered on about border security issues over which she had no control, trashed President Obama and other politicians and used fear and anger to convince people to vote for her.

And they did.

Arizona’s current governor, Doug Ducey, utilized the same Trump-like game plan when he was trying to get elected.

And Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio invented the master plan that Trump follows, and it has worked to get the sheriff elected. Six times.

Former state Sen. Russell Pearce and many of Arizona’s current Republican majority lawmakers are nothing more than mini-Donalds.

Several members of our congressional delegation are Donald Trumps in disguise, including one of Trump’s favorite targets, U.S. Sen. John McCain.

When former Rep. J.D. Hayworth challenged McCain in a Republican primary a few years back McCain went into full-blown Trump-mode, traveling the state with border hawk and Pinal County Sheriff Paul “Underpants” Babeu, railing against failed immigration policy and President Obama, and demanding in TV ads that we “build the dang fence.”

It worked. He won.

(via Legalization for all)

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his racist supporters think immigrants should be deported because they are not “part of this country”.

But as soon as he arrests and jails immigrants, he forces them to enlist in the Selective Service System. So readily, he is willing to put immigrants on the front-lines for a country that won’t even consider them as PEOPLE! 

Legalization for all!

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On Friday, Puente Movement in Arizona launched “Arrest Arpaio Not the People,” a campaign which seeks to get Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested and charged with criminal offenses for the abuse of immigrant detainees. The group protested in front of the Sheriff’s office and said today’s protest Is the first of what will become bi-monthly rallies until the Arpaio is brought to justice,
AZ County Lists Wrong Date for Election Day on Ballot...

Here’s the kicker: It’s only on the Spanish translation.

Arizona has a history of being full of shit.  Arizona’s immigration law has been repeatedly called racist, and one of the state’s sheriffs, Joe Arpaio, has consistently been under the microscope for his own crazy bullshit, such as: 

  • Perpetuating the ‘birther’ bullshit.
  • Forcing female Latino prisoners to sleep in their own menstrual blood
  • Assaulting Pregnant Latino women 
  • Stalking Latino women 
  • Criminalizing being a Latino by seizing all Latinos present in a raid, regardless of whether they’re listed on the warrant or not
  • Criminalizing living next to the wrong people, by entering adjacent houses during raids without a warrant and without the (Latino) residents’ knowing consent
  • Ignoring rape because of his obsessive focus on 'low level immigration offenses’
  • Widespread use of racial slurs including calling Latino prisoners “paisas,” “wetbacks,” “Mexican bitches,” “fucking Mexicans,” and “stupid Mexicans.”
  • Widespread racial profiling
  • Random, unlawful detention of Latinos, and
  • Group punishments for latinos

My hatred for Arizona aside, the document with the mistake has been sent to fewer than 50 people, and should be fixed by now.  But I can’t help but notice this as just a part of the trend of news-grabbing events that seem to come out of Arizona. Especially since the news of the incorrect ballot comes straight out of Maricopa County - the same one where Sheriff Arpaio is.

All I have to say is shame on whoever made this “honest mistake,” and just in general, shame on Maricopa County, AZ.
10 Worst Things Arizona's Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has Done

1. Forcing Women To Sleep In Their Own Menstrual Blood

2. Assaulting Pregnant Women

3. Stalking Latino Women

4. Criminalizing Being A Latino

5. Criminalizing Living Next To The Wrong People

6. Ignoring Rape

7. Widespread Use Of Racial Slurs

8. Widespread Racial Profiling

9. Random, Unlawful Detention Of Latinos

 The MCSO officers ordered the men out of the car, zip-tied them, and made them sit on the curb for an hour before releasing all of them. The only reason given for the stop was that the men’s car ‘was a little low,’ which is not a criminal or traffic violation.”

10. Group Punishments For Latinos
arpaio's days are numbered
  1. Forcing Women To Sleep In Their Own Menstrual Blood: In Arpaio’s jails, “female Latina LEP prisoners have been denied basic sanitary items. In some instances, female Latina LEP prisoners have been forced to remain with sheets or pants soiled from menstruation because of MCSO’s [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office] failure to ensure that detention officers provide language assistance in such circumstances.”

  2. Criminalizing Being A Latino: “During raids, [Arpaio’s Criminal Enforcement Squad] typically seizes all Latinos present, whether they are listed on the warrant or not. For example, in one raid CES had a search warrant for 67 people, yet 109 people were detained. Fifty-nine people were arrested and 50 held for several hours before they were released. Those detained, but not on the warrant, were seized because they were Latino and present at the time of the raid. No legal justification existed for their detention.”

  3. Ignoring Rape: Because of Arpaio’s obsessive focus on “low-level immigration offenses” his officers failed “to adequately respond to reports of sexual violence, including allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of girls.”

  4. Widespread Use Of Racial Slurs: “MCSO personnel responsible for prisoners held in MCSO jails routinely direct racial slurs toward Latino prisoners, including calling Latino prisoners ‘paisas,’ ‘wetbacks,’ ‘Mexican bitches,’ ‘fucking Mexicans,’ and ‘stupid Mexicans.’”

  5. Widespread Racial Profiling: “[I]n the southwest portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are almost four times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct… . In the northwest portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are over seven times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct… . Most strikingly, in the northeast portion of the County, the study found that Latino drivers are nearly nine times more likely to be stopped by MCSO officers than non-Latino drivers engaged in similar conduct.”