arp 147


Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

Here are some fun and unusual galaxies from the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, a catalog produced by Halton Arp. A total of 338 galaxies are presented in the atlas, which was originally published in 1966.

1. IC 883 (Arp 193), remnant of two galaxies’ merger    
2. Arp 147, an interacting pair of ring galaxies
3. Giant elliptical galaxy NGC 1316
4. Interacting pair of galaxies: Arp 238 (UGC 8335
5. Merging galaxy pair named NGC 520 (Arp 157)



In 1966 the California Institute of Technology released the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies produced by Halton Arp. Interactions between and within galaxies can produce a wide varieties of curious configurations. There are a total of 338 nearby galaxies in his catalog. Obviously, countless more peculiar sights are littered throughout the universe. Here’s a small sample of atlas entries. Click on the images for ID and credits.

JN Ph7.5