arousal does not mean consent

  • christian grey: admits to stalking ana, pressures someone who knows almost nothing about sex into a bdsm relationship where she cannot give informed consent, says its all or nothing so shes pressured to agree to bdsm just so she can be with him, knows that he and ana want very different things, doesn't let her say no to him and literally rapes her when he thinks she refused, has sex with her when shes intoxicated, doesnt listen to the things she wants in the relationship and whenever shes nervous he just does what he wants anyways
  • 50sog fans: no guys its consensual !! they both want the sex !! ana being aroused means she automatically consents to anything christian does to her !! dubcon doesn't exist and theres no way ana is being manipulated/coerced into any of it !!
  • 5sog fans: *ignores the people who are criticizing it because theyre in an ACTUAL bdsm relationship and they recognize that christian is abusive and says anyone who criticizes it is just """kinkshaming"""*

Saying that men cannot be raped by women because they have to get an erection for sex with them to be possible…is one of the most ignorant things to come out of the feminist camp.

The argument here is basically saying that having a positive physiological response to a sexual attack means that it was not rape. 

Whether you want to have sex or not certain situations and certain stimulation results in arousal whether you are willing or not. This goes for both male and female victims of rape. 

One of the reasons many rape victims never come forward is because they feel partly responsible because they had a physiological response to the attack. Arousal does not equate to consent. 

By claiming arousal means consent you downplay the trauma that real victims face. Feminists spout these ideas which have lead to rape laws and definitions that exclude men as rape victims. And yet feminists still have the nerve to complain about victim blaming and erasure, and claim that women are the victims of a rape culture.