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Mojo, 28/12/2013.

The Play:

I went to see Mojo yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! Every actor in it was amazing, the whole story was brilliant and it as a wonderful experience. I don’t want to say much and spoiler anyone.

Seeing Colin:

Me and my two best friends went there and arrived quite early so we hung around outside for a while when we saw some movement by the small crowd by the stage door, we went to go and investigate and found one of the actors I was most hoping to see: Mr Colin Morgan! He had to go in to work and get ready so it was very brief, he signed a few people’s programmes and such but he said he had to go in quickly. He was very polite and friendly and as he left said his well-known “cheers”. I didn’t have a programme or my ticket yet so I didn’t have anything he could sign and I was at the back of the small group so I didn’t get anything signed nor did I talk to him, he wouldn’t have had time anyway. But I did get some pictures due to knowing he didn’t have enough time to say hi or sign anything for me. But it was lovely to see him in person, he’s as nice as everybody says, was very kind to the few people he talked to and the group of us he said cheers and bye to. His performance as Skinny was incredible and it was a fantastic day!!!


I may be new to this fandom, but I have a great passion for it already, and for all you lovely Rotters!

And we must get a series 3!!!

Dominic Mitchell has already said that if you want to try to help get a series 3 then contact @bbcthree or @bbcamerica on twitter or other social networking sites, just tell them how much you love the programme and how much you want a series 3, be lovely and be awesome and polite and you’ll be another voice added to the many who have already tweeted in to show their commitment.

Let us be loud and proud and show our love for this wonderful programme!

Perhaps we could even get #intheflesh or #saveintheflesh trending on twitter? That would be great to show everyone how many fans there are and how much we adore this wonderful programme!


A Study in Fandom

Featuring: thecumbercollective

Director: aroundthesunlikeateddybear

Camera and editing: infinitewanderlustlife

Hello all!

I come bearing a gift of sorts! For Uni I made a documentary about fandom, being a fan, and some of the fan culture! I really hope you enjoy watching this and please do send me any comments you have on it! I’d love another fan’s feedback!

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy!


My Christmas Follow-Forever!

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I just want to say Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for bringing my dash so much happiness and joy! Love you all!