#AroundCambridge #AroundBoston #BeardedParadox There is no story apart from @sara_fullford and I wandering around Cambridge looking for the rental car establishment. Nestled between Harvard and MIT is Cinderella’s Pizza. When you’re dreams of getting into a prestigious university come true it only makes sense you’d come here for pizza. Although the coffee and ice cream establishment (Toscaninis) next door was considerably more busy. (at Lafayette Square)

#AroundBoston #BeardedParadox We happened down Spring Ln where you will find a plaque designating the location where a spring once existed which supplies early Bostonians with fresh water. It was this bookstore which grabbed our attention, and as fate would have it I found a book on Foucault and Feminism. @evanfullford found a book on alternate universes. As I looked through the philosophy section and gentleman was looking for a book on religion. As I left the store I heard him talking with the owner about not being able to find the desires book, and wanted to know if there was a database he could search. The owner replies the number of books is far to great to catalog, and that actually shelving them in some order was a task. The man left empty handed but in good spirits. This store truck was one in shuf you could lose yourself for hours, and walk away with something even if it wasn’t what you came for. (at Commonwealth Books)