My Seed Arts Wol, Darah, with faceup by @armeleia. I’m really liking the black wig on her, although I’ll probably go with different eyes. Now she just needs a body! (I’m leaning towards a Doll Chateau K-01.)

She’s a witch who works for the county library system, although no one can remember hiring her. She casts spells to make sure that people find the books they need (which are not necessarily the ones they’re looking for). She also once changed the text in every copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in the library’s system to Alice in Wonderland.

Gyaaaaaaah, I’m gonna take a chance and post this here - please be kind.

My genderbent cosplay of Yuri Katsuki’s Eros costume
Everything is made by me.

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I’m on the hunt for new partners since things have stagnated a bit on my end but hey Reblog or like this if you’re a Pokemon RP blog that wants to interact? or if you’re a Persona 5 or Fire emblem blog willing to RP with an AU? Details about those AU’s and stuff are in my verses page!

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