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Back in the 80s and early 90s, fanzines and game boards got shut down for homosexual content related to SW, even just discussions. It hasn’t made a huge splash because fandom has eased up A LOT since then, but it was a legitimate thing that Bioware flat out described homosexuality as not existing in the GFFA in their game worlds. I’m sure Lucas’s position has evolved on it the same way everybody else’s has in the past thirty years.

Yeah, I suspect there’s at least some homophobia there, if nothing else the lack of it in the prequels and just the general age of the guy are things that would lean me in that direction.  And the truth is that LucasFilm did get after people for gay content in their fanzines!  And that George could have stepped in to say, hey, it’s fine, let them do what they want.

But without reliable sources to tell us the actual details of how much George was or wasn’t involved (especially knowing his tendency to not get involved with even the commercial versions of the extended universe of his series!), I’m not really willing to speculate.  (This fanlore article has a lot of the details, including the actual letters, for that whole thing!)

I feel like the problems with George Lucas are generally more in his lack of awareness on things, rather than outright hostility towards them.  A lot of the more potentially fraught issues of his movies (the complicated use of Eastern cultural elements, the lack of more people of color in primary roles, the lack of textually queer relationships, etc.) seem to be of the sort that aren’t directly awful, but may show a lack of understanding.

But also that we’re dealing with something 35 years ago by this point and, yeah, it’s not an excuse but sometimes it is an explanation.  And fandom was a different place, just as society was a different place back then.  It doesn’t mean we should forget these things, but also let’s provide actual sources when we can.  (I’d certainly be curious to know if he’s evolved over time and what his Star Wars would have looked like on a detail level!)

She was the first woman to...

…travel around the world in a damned Zeppelin.

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Lady Hay Drummond-Hay (September 12, 1895—February 12, 1946) was a star journalist who became the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, and she did it in a damned Zeppelin. She went on to report from war zones like Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) and Manchuria (now part of China), fell into a tumultuous romance with a fellow reporter, and was eventually captured by the Japanese during WWII.

…swim the English Channel.

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Gertrude Ederle (October 23, 1905 – November 30, 2003) was a competitive swimmer, Olympic champion, and at one time held five world records. If there was a world record for coolest nickname she would’ve held six, because hers was “Queen of the Waves.” When Ederle set out to become the first woman to swim the English channel, she used motorcycle goggles and sealed the edges with wax to keep the salt water out of her eyes. Due to unfavorable and violent wind conditions twelve hours into her 14 hour and 34 minute journey, her trainer shouted at her to get out of the water and into his boat. She reportedly popped her head up from the water to simply ask “what for?” 

travel around the world in less than 80 days.

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Nellie Bly (May 5, 1864—January 27, 1922) asked her editor at the New York World if she could take a stab at turning the story Around the World in 80 Days from fiction to fact. Using railways and steamships, Bly chuggah-chuggahed and toot-tooted the nearly 25,000 mile trip in just 72 days, meeting Jules Verne and buying a monkey along the way. If her name sounds familiar but these stories don’t, it’s probably because you’ve heard about how she once faked a mental illness so she could write an exposé on psychiatric asylums. Or maybe it’s because of her famed coverage of the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913. Or maybe it’s because you’re a big fan of farming and industrialist patents and heard she invented a novel milk can and a stacking garbage can. Nellie Bly did a lot in her short 57 years. 

Follow these Tumblrs for more Women’s History:

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class (@missedinhistory) is not exclusively about women, but hoo boy, it turns out most history classes aren’t great at teaching us about women’s history. You’ll learn a lot here. 
  • The New-York Historical Society (@nyhistory) has been pulling articles, artifacts, and documents deep from the Patricia D. Klingenstein Library this Women’s History Month. 

Full offence but, Damon’s hatred for Katherine is just a violent supernatural manifestation of that guy in real life who is obsessed with a girl spends AGES chasing her and when she rejects him suddenly she’s a hoe bitch tramp scum of the earth.

Like I’m sorry I know Katherine Pierce isn’t perfect but I swear ever since she uttered the words ‘I don’t love you Damon it’s always been Stefan’ there hasn’t been a single word uttered out of Damon’s mouth regarding her that wasn’t violently charged or derogatory.

Before Katherine’s rejection the sun shone out of her ass. Despite what she did to him and Stefan in the 1800s, despite playing a part in ruining their relationship, despite turning him - which he made out to be his eternal burden even though he literally begged her to do it - desperate the fact that Anna and her mom revealed to Damon that Katherine knew exactly where he was in the 80s and gave no shits; still Damon worshipped her, riiiiight up until the point where he discovered that her world didn’t revolve around him the way his did her.

That’s why I am sooooo glad Katherine’s apology was actually ‘sorry not sorry’ because she owes him literally nothing.

How to tame your hedgehog

African pygmy hedgehogs are becoming more popular as pets and with this rises the question on how to handle them. A quick glance at hedgehog fora and Facebook groups shows threads and posts titled “my hedgehog doesn’t like me” or “my hedgehog hates me”, “anti-social hedgehog”, “very angry hedgehog” and so on.

In order to understand the behaviour of our pets we have to look at the animal itself. What kind of animal is the hedgehog?

First off, hedgehogs do not “hate” people, nor are they “angry”. They are physically incapable of feeling such a human emotion. When handling hedgehogs we need to be careful not to project our own emotions and feelings onto the animal; this does not help us understand the needs of our pets. Instead, we need to go back to the root of it all: the natural instincts and behaviour of the hedgehog.

African pygmy hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris) became more widely available to the exotic pet trade around the late 80′s/early 90′s in the US (and a decade or more later to other parts of the world). This isn’t that long ago. We need to realize our pet hedgehogs are not fully domesticated yet - in fact, they’re basically still the same (behaviour-wise, at least) as their wild cousins. I have seen wild caught animals which were more “social” than captive bred ones, and the other way around. This is also why I chose the word tame for the title of this post. While they might be captive born, our pets are still quite wild.
We cannot compare hedgehogs to animals we share an extensive, sometimes thousands of years old relationship with. But besides that, hedgehogs will most likely never become like a dog or a guinea pig simply because certain behavioural treats are not in their nature.
Learning how to handle your hedgehog starts with having the right expectations of its behaviour.

Hedgehog behaviour

Hedgehogs are relatively small prey animals. They are nocturnal, spend the nights foraging for food and sleep in their burrows during the day.
They are solitary animals and only come together to mate.
They are not aggressive by nature but have a marvellous defence instead: thousands of sharp quills. When threatened, they roll into a tight ball and wait until the predator has left (or in rare cases, fight, but only if they’re forced to).

So what does this mean for someone who has a pet hedgehog? 

1. Do not expect a similar bond as with e.g. a dog. Dogs are social animals that were bred from an animal that lives in packs. Hedgehogs are solitary. They are not social by nature. They do not need you and while they might get used to you being around, you’re mainly the Food Bringer and the Warm Thing To Sleep On but little more. There will not be much interaction. Your hedgehog will not come up to you when you call its name nor will it “love” you as its owner, simply because it can’t.

2. Being defensive prey animals, you can seem threatening to them. Balling up is an automatic response to a possible threat. This is totally normal hedgehog behaviour.

3. Since they’re nocturnal all they want to do during the day is sleep, not interact with you. And they do not interact or play the way some other mammals do. Most of the time you’re spending together will consist of the hedgehog either running around and doing stuff on its own, or sleeping on your lap.

These things are all very important in helping you understand the behaviour of your hedgehog. There are reasons your hedgehog is displaying these behaviours and if you know those reasons, you can use them to make your hedgehog feel more comfortable around you.
Arguably, other than looking cute hedgehogs don’t really have much going for them when it comes to being what most people think of as a “good pet”. They are definitely not suitable for everyone, but if they’re your type of pet they can be very interesting and wonderful animals to have!

Tips on handling/taming your hedgehog

Before I start I’d like to point out that every hedgehog is different and there’s not just one right way when it comes to handling. This is how I do it, coming from my experience with captive bred and wild caught (as well as actual wild hedgehogs) and from well socialized to not socialized at all. Besides the socialization of hoglets by the breeder, character plays a major part in hedgehog behaviour. Some hedgehogs seem to be naturally social and more open towards interaction (or at least let you interact with them) while others will remain more defensive for their entire lives.
The key with hedgehogs is patience. Do not expect a hedgehog to stop huffing and balling up within a week. If you just got a hedgehog it will need to get used to its new environment and owner, which takes time. How much time varies. Some will get used to you within a few weeks, others take months.
“Used to you” is also relative, as this doesn’t necessarily mean your hedgehog will stop balling up or quit huffing at you entirely - that’s very unlikely, since this is normal hedgehog behaviour.

Hedgehogs have bad eyesight and rely mainly on their excellent noses. You can make use of this by giving your hedgehog an old, worn t-shirt which has your scent on it. Alternatively, if you don’t have an old shirt, you can sleep with a piece of fleece in your bed for a day or two and give that to your hedgehog.
By putting this in the enclosure for the hedgehog to sleep in it will get more used to your scent.

The more you handle your hedgehog, the faster it’ll get used to handling. Don’t be afraid to handle your hedgehog; use your bare hands or a piece of fleece but no (leather) gloves, because then your hedgehog won’t be able to smell you properly. Do not reward unwanted behaviour (such as biting or extensive huffing/clicking) by putting the hedgehog back into its enclosure. Instead, enforce positive behaviour, e.g. by offering treats like live insects (I always use tongs so they do not mistake my hands for food).

Some people prefer a more “manhandling” way when handling hedgehogs, I personally don’t really like this for most hedgehogs but it’s a thin line: after all, you’re always forcing your pet to be with you when you get it out. If a hedgehog clearly shows it doesn’t like to be petted on the quills, I don’t go on petting it that way. But I don’t put it back either. Instead, I try to search for a way of handling with which this particular hedgehog is more comfortable right now. And yes, sometimes you have to do something they don’t particularly like, but be sure to reward positive behaviours - you don’t always need to reward with food, but it could also be simply “releasing pressure” (like giving them some space for themselves for a bit instead of continuously petting them, for example).
Handling should be seen in a very broad sense. Some hedgehogs prefer to sleep when out while others are active explorers. Try to adjust your ways of handling accordingly.
Because hedgehogs are nocturnal, some do much better when you take them out in the evening and/or when there’s dim lightning in the room.

When I have a new hedgehog which isn’t well socialized or simply has to get used to me and its new surroundings first I like to start by having it explore the (hedgehog safe) room or play area. I sit down on the ground and let the hedgehog do its own thing. If it likes to explore it can explore, if it likes to sleep it can sleep on my lap (most hedgehogs don’t like to sleep out in the open so a fleece bonding bag works great for this).
In the following days I will start to move around more. First still in a sitting position, then walking around, so the hedgehog gets used to my movements and me simply being there without me really interacting with it directly. You can do this both when the hedgehog is exploring or in its cuddle bag on you lap. For many hedgehogs it’s a combination of the two, some explore time and then back to sleep (especially during the day).
Depending on how much time I feel the hedgehog needs I keep repeating this for the following days or even weeks. With some, the slightest movement causes them to raise their quills. Others don’t react at all and could do fine with skipping these steps.

After that I start doing more “hands on” interaction, touching them more, trying to see if they mind petting on the quills or not, or the face, belly etc. Again rewarding wanted behaviour. It’s a constant search for what they really don’t like, what they tolerate, and what I think is necessary for the process. This is something you can’t just know without experience, it’s something you will have to learn and that’s completely fine! And simply being around them, having them sleep on your lap is bonding too. You might not be really doing much but the hedgehog will get used to your presence.
Even if you bought a hedgehog with the intention of not handling it much (which should be fine, as long as it gets enough enrichment from its habitat) handling should be a part of hedgehog ownership. You need to be able to check for injuries, clip the nails, etc. These “medical checks” are part of my handling routine: I hold the feet, check the hedgehog all over including their teeth (if possible). Your vet will thank you for this as well! Even when I have no intention of clipping their nails I still hold their feet, not only to check them over but also to make them comfortable with me holding them, which makes for easier nail clipping.

So it all boils down to this: have lots of patience, take small steps, and don’t have expectations a hedgehog simply cannot live up to. Accept that some hedgehogs, even with extensive handling, will never be “cuddly” simply because that’s how they are. All those hedgehogs you see on the internet, the ones that are getting belly rubs and petted while looking extremely chill: these are not the majority. This is rare. And even if you see a hedgehog that tame, remember there’s a lot you’re not seeing: possibly many weeks, months or even years working towards that moment, and it still is just a few minutes out of the hedgehog’s life. They don’t show you the times the hedgehog is huffing and clicking and balling up. Don’t feel bad if yours is, be open and willing to learn about hedgehog behaviour and never stop asking questions. And most importantly, listen to your hedgehog by watching its body language, because that’s going to tell you more about your hedgehog than my posts about general hedgehog behaviour ever could!

I See Stars in Your Eyes (Must be Painful)

This is for the amazing @ackerchou who has graced us with Season 2 Voltron Actor!AU headcannons and I LOVED THEM ALL. I’m writing dancing Lance and kiddie Coran and Allura next. Watch me. Pls check them out because I wanna write a fic for all of them. And because she is awesome and made me feel better on a day I felt bad. There’s aren’t many spoilers for season 2 in this fic but just in case it is tagged. I hope you enjoy it!


              Keith was slightly ashamed to admit that he hadn’t watched the original Voltron before trying out for a part in the new series. In fact, he sort of, kinda, had never even heard of Voltron before until his first day on set as a Galra stunt double. That is until there was a surprise visit from the original cast from the 80’s Voltron series.

              Keith was only slightly mortified that he was the only one who didn’t know who they were.

              Especially since he had thought that Akira was an older stunt double and he had nearly flipped Akira on his shoulder when the man surprised him.

              Even after all this, Lance still wouldn’t stop laughing.

              And of course he had a video of Keith nearly flipping over the original leader of Voltron who was at least twice Keith’s age (but damn did he still look good) and very well known in the world of Voltron. The video even had Keith apologizing over and over to an amused Akira, while everyone stood around staring.

              Keith would remember this next time Lance wanted something.

              Currently he was hanging back in the background while the old cast of Voltron took a tour of the new set to see how far Voltron had come. There was awe and admiration thrown left and right from both the cast of the 80s and the cast of the 2010s. It was a strange sight to see the different cast members who played the paladins together, each very different in their own way and yet so perfect for each character they played.

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i'm feeling quiet down at the moment due to friendships dying and so, so could you tell me something happy or nice so i can take my mind off it for a bit?? xx

Of course! 

  • In Japan, there is an island called Okunoshima filled with tame bunnies.
  • Ducks shake their tails when they are happy.
  • In Liechtenstein’s last military engagement, none of the 80 soldiers sent were injured, and in fact returned with an Austrian officer friend.
  • A baby puffin is called a puffling.
  • Norway once knighted a brave little penguin because he was “in every way qualified to receive the honor and dignity of knighthood”.
  • The national animal of Scotland is an unicorn.
  • During 1914 Christmas, WW1 British and German forces had an unofficial ceasefire where soldiers from both sides walked out into ‘no man’s land’ to sit around christmas trees, sing carols, exchange stories and gifts.
  • There are more public libraries in the USA than McDonalds in the whole world, approximately with a ratio of 4:1.
  • Blind people smile, even if they haven’t seen a smile before.
  • JM Barrie donated all copywriter royalties of Peter Pan to a children’s hospital (GOSH) to fund healthcare and research for sick children.
  • Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float away from each other.
  • Humans and animals that trust each other secrete oxytocin in each other’s presences, much like how a mother and child would do so, or any other two people that love each other deeply.
  • An island covered in landmines is used as a penguin wildlife preserve, because the birds are too small to set off the mines, and has a 100% success rate in keeping poachers out.
  • Somewhere in the world, someone is having the best day of their life…
How to Read Aloud to Children

Don’t infantilize. “Talk to a child as you would a friend,” says Jim Dale, 81, an actor and Grammy Award-winning audiobook narrator of more than two dozen children’s books, including “Peter Pan,” “Around the World in 80 Days” and the Harry Potter series. If a passage contains a tricky or antiquated word, encourage your listener to figure out its meaning. Allow for questions and tangents. “A story that should only last five minutes can take an hour, which is wonderful,” Dale says. Researchers call these story-time interruptions “nonimmediate talk,” and studies have found it benefits children’s language development. Think of the interaction between reader and listener as a collaboration more than a one-way transaction.



Around The World In 80 Days: Taiwan

The Hard Path…
Photo Credit: (Hanson Mao)
Mountain Dream
Photo Credit: (Kuo Zei Yang)
Daan Park MRT Station In Taipei Taiwan
Photo Credit: (Andrzej Tokarski)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.


Back in the 80s, there was this anime called Slayers which was a Quest comedy. It’s about Lina Inverse, a sorceress and Gourry Gabriev, an idiot swordsman whom she meets along the way, traveling around on various quests to save the world from whatever magical disaster occurs along the way.

Just recently, the series Mighty Magisword popped up. It’s about a brother-sister team that collects ridiculous magical swords and are “warriors for hire”?

Based on character design alone, I am like….99.99% sure that it’s a parody and nobody knows about it. 

do you ever think about robert doing the arm snuggle and how much he does it after that first time?

coming home after a bad meeting and dropping down onto the sofa next to aaron. aaron wants to ask what’s wrong but doesn’t need to, because robert just curls up next to him, clings to his arm and burrows in. aaron lets him, rests his cheek against roberts hair, content that he’ll talk when he needs to.

or the time robert confesses to diane and vic about jack, and he can’t take it, grabs aarons arm and aaron lets him, dares vic and diane to say anything as robert presses his face into aarons arm, letting himself be weak for just that moment, lets himself seek comfort from the one person he can always count on.

when robert’s counselling is especially bad and he comes home on edge, heart pounding, running through a million different emotions. aaron pulls him down onto their bed, roberts arms immediately wrapping around aaron’s arm, head pillowed on his shoulder. they breathe and robert cries, aarons shirt wet beneath roberts face, but aaron just kisses his head, whispers nonsensical stuff on roberts ear until robert can breathe.

and when it’s the anniversary of sarah’s death and roberts whole body is tight with grief, aaron’ll find him at her grave, will pull him up into a hug. they’ll sit on the damp grass, roberts arm around aarons, cheek resting on aarons shoulder. he’ll talk till he’s hoarse, tell aaron things he knows, others he doesn’t, secrets robert and sarah shared. they’ll sit there as it grows damp and cold, until robert presses a kiss to aarons shoulder, says, “i love you,” and wonders how he got this lucky.

or that time ….

or then…

or when they’re on their fiftieth anniversary and roberts eighty, grey and with aches he can’t shake. he wakes to aaron’s kisses, the low-key want that never goes away, and he’ll know how lucky he is, thinking about aaron saying “till you’re like eighty or sommat” and his heart will throb painfully with how in love he is, still. he’ll wrap himself around aaron, that all too familiar way he can’t shake, and he’ll shake with how desperate he is never to lose aaron, however inevitable it is, and he’ll hate himself because this is their anniversary. but aaron, his husband, his world, will understand and kiss him slowly, pry him off and whisper, “i’ll love you even then,” and roberts heart skips, everything he is has been aarons since the moment they met.

robert never shakes off the arm snuggle, not even at 80.


Around The World In 80 Days: Finland

Photo Credit: (docteur wong)
Somebody’s Home
Photo Credit: (Ilari Tuupanen)
Storm Rising
Photo Credit: (Marko Takala)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

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these thing against am Tifa, trump may legitimately think they're terrorist but the government know what they're doing... they know antifa and blm are not terrorist orgs they just want to "control" this recent rise of leftist ideologies by demonizing and punishing protesters. they have been doing at since forever not only within the US but all over the world especially in Latin America and Asia. this and the extreme surveillance, this is pure facism, like I know you know already in theory but+

+this is particularly exactly what happened– and continues to happen in some countries– in dictatorships in Latin america during 20th and 20th century: Cuba, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Paraguai… my bf’s mother was arrested in the 80s for peacefully campaigning for the opposite party.

This is happening in a lot of other countries around the world, not just in the US by the way. Governments all over have been directing their ire towards leftists in an effort to deflect criticism against themselves, it’s a very very common tactic and people (especially in the US) fall for it every time without fail.

The main character of Ready Player One is a massive shithead

A couple months ago I read Ready Player One and have since been kind of obsessed with the idea it was written as a joke.  - Warning long read.

I was actually so convinced that the book was a joke written to satirise gatekeeping nerds that half way through reading it I called the friend who’d lent me to ask when in the book the twist happened. When my friend asked what I was talking about I asked when it would be revealed that the main character was actually just a shithead and that the real main character was his best friend. I assumed the book was pulling a Taming of the Shrew on me and was making me read about an unlikable dickbeard to endear me to a secondary character. It wasn’t and that fucking amazed me. 

But first, lets back up for anyone who hasn’t read it. Ready Player One is basically a story about a kid traipsing through a virtual world to solve a giant riddle. The person who set the riddle was a big 80′s buff so everything in the story revolves around 80′s pop culture in some way. Enter our main character, Wade Watts. The second biggest shithead in modern fiction.

In the universe of Ready Player One almost all modern life takes place inside of the The Oasis, a massive virtual world where you can do anything, or be anyone. People work, shop, play and even go to school in the Oasis and there’s a thriving online community centred around solving the aforementioned riddle. Watts is an active member of this community. Which is where I started to notice the first cracks in the story. 

Watts knows everything about 80′s pop culture. He’s watched every TV show, played every video game and has the lines to every movie memorised, literally. At one point in the story the plot hinges on Watts being able to recite the lines to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and he does so perfectly because he just so happened to have watched the movie hundreds of times. As a main character he never faces a single challenge, he solves every problem without issue and is good at everything. 

I assumed the story would involve a twist where Watts would be asked to do something physical and would realise that obsessing over movie trivia was a waste of his potential, but no, he wins because he loved video games more than anyone else.

This would be okay if Watts wasn’t a huge asshole to everyone about how smart he is in this one, very specific way. There’s a point in the book where Watts stands and quizzes another person about video game trivia to see if they’re a true fan and it’s played completely straight. He not only exposes the poser but people around literally begin to applaud, because he remembers a video game better. Again, I thought that this had to be a comment on gatekeeping nerds thinking knowing more about a video game makes them more entitled to talk about it, but no, the character Watts schools slinks away and is never heard from again. They simply exit the story because he knew more about that video game.  

Speaking of school, Watts goes there. It’s never explained how he attends school and has also somehow found time to watch every movie and TV show made in the 80′s multiple times, but fuck it, it’s only what the entire story hinges on, that’s not important At school Watts smugly derides the idea of wealthier students lording their money over others by wearing fancy clothes. Later in the book he becomes a rich and successful e-celebrity and brags about driving around in a DeLorean. He never learns a lesson about this. It’s at this point I should mention that Watts is an obvious stand-in for the author, Ernest Cline.

Watts also makes a smarmy comment about how all women in the Oasis seem to have supermodel-like proportions (in this universe you can change the appearance of your online avatar) and notes that he doesn’t find it attractive. Just a handful of pages previously Watts admits that he himself is short and overweight and this is how he describes his avatar…

This is the line that made me think the book was taking the piss. Watts simultaneously criticises women for feeling the need to change how they look while doing the exact same fucking thing. Watts changes his face, height, weight and body type, waves them off as “minor details” and then applauds a girl he has a crush on for being honest about her appearance.

Oh yeah, Watts has a big crush on a random female gamer he barely knows. He admits to having a file on his desktop full of screenshots of her avatar and later in the book meets her and acts like an a-typical “nice guy”. The girl, to her fucking credit calls him on this and openly tells him you don’t know shit about me while waving off the fact he admits to cyber-stalking her.

When the girl asks Watts to leave her the fuck alone he mopes about it for weeks and watches her creepily online. Now by this point in the book I suspected it was being serious but held out hope that Watts would turn a corner and realise he’s being a shit and that girls don’t owe him anything. He doesn’t and he ends up dating that girl after becoming a billionaire.

Then you have his friend Aech who throughout the book is portrayed as a white guy. The twist being that shock-horror, Aech is actually black, gay woman who admits she pretended to be white and male because her mother explained that being black and a woman was still a barrier to success in an online world where people can cosplay as a fucking Dark Elf to work. Meaning that in this magical future where people can be anything racism and sexism still exist enough for people to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Watt’s reaction to this is to tell Aech it doesn’t matter why she did it because she’s his friend while hand-waving the fact he just learned his “best friend” never once felt comfortable enough around him to be herself or confide in him in any meaningful way. 

In short fuck this character.

the zodiac based on ppl I know
  • aries: they just want to be liked but also to be right. have a habit of coming off as 'bragging', self entitled but will feel so anxious about it they'll either apologize or ignore it and hope you'll forget. they want someone to notice them but not be the center of attention. the anxious bean who just want to fix everything.
  • taurus: they'll clean your house, cook you food for the next week and will not ask anything for it, but if you don't thank them, or look grateful they'll burn your house down - no regrets. they're so scared no one will put them first so they put themselves first. they'll try new things but have a habit of falling back into routine. but routine is good sometimes for a Taurus and if a Taurus is happy so is everyone else.
  • gemini: God damn god damn, if you don't like a gemini 9 times out of 10 they've already erased you from their contacts list. honestly zero fucks; but the problem is they actually have too many fucks, they can't hold onto how many fucks they have. So they'll freezer burn you with a cold shoulder but be nervous about it the entire time. they're deathly loyal though but only to a hand full lucky few.
  • Cancer: they're chameleons; they just want everyone to be so happy/comfortable that they'll change their own emotion to fit yours. and damn good at it too. their dog could of died and you wouldn't know unless they told you, and if they do think of it as lucky -they trust you. cancers don't want to burden others with their problems out of trust. they're intuitive, and the people who notice EVERYTHING.
  • Leo: the smooth rollers. honestly Leo's don't remember the difference between Friday and Thursday but know that every other day is so anxiety provoking that they'd rather sleep or make out for 30mins. they're gentle, quiet sometimes but are really damn funny once in a while. they can take up an entire room or you'll forget they came by, but that's how they like it.
  • virgo: if it's not perfect, it isn't worth it. my Virgo friend said that to me and it summed them up perfectly. they get stressed in high pressure situations but look cool and reserved while doing it. they are unconsciously introspective and pull out shit like, "do you ever think about thinking?" so you just hope they nap, or calm down for a second. but they're full of sunshine and without them we'd forget everything.
  • Libra: etherial, you'll remember one forever. they're genuine when it's good for them, kind, funny and charming. they'll leave footprints in your life forever with their beauty and interest. anxious about the lack of confidence they have but only ooze confidence with each breathe. however nothing can be ever wrong with a libra, they're never at fault even for their own mistakes.
  • Scorpio: the smartest people I've ever met. genuine and kind, they can seem spacey so when intelligent and introspective thoughts come from them, it can turn a few heads. they're tough on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside. full of only love and puns.
  • Sagittarius: filled with so much energy you have to ask if they ever sleep, which is.. no not often enough. they just want to be your best friend and tell you about everything they know. they can be overwhelming sometimes but they know that so they dial it down alittle until they burst with love and 80 texts of, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?" are always thinking about the world around them and how much they're living in it.
  • Capricorn: is that person who is always taken when you're single. it's a rough life but their calm and cool exterior makes up for their tiny trash mess inside. not in a bad way though - capricorns will straight up tell you they're a mess on the DL. they're not serious at all but completely serious about memes. you'll crush on their charm and Cheshire smile but they have a bad attitude when pushed the wrong way.
  • Aquarius: they're so smart but never in the way that counts towards them. they can read situations, give great advice but never follow it themselves. the best at political rally's because they always know what's best to fight for, know every side of the argument and every counter argument. could probably teach it to a rock if need be. have trouble sitting with themselves and their mistakes. but if you need a jeopardy partner pick a Aquarius.
  • Pisces: they just want a good time. they're simple and happy if they want to be. they can make everyone miserable really quick but know that about themselves. more introspective than they come off as (which is ADHD, head everywhere, excited for life and nature). but they know what they like, wants to live simple and happy, so I aspire to their ideals.

Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, New Jersey

Delaware Water Gap Pano
Photo Credit: (Viktor Posnov)
Milky Way Dream World
Photo Credit: (Jennifer Khordi)
Sunset Over Barnegat Lighthouse
Photo Credit: (Eduard Moldoveanu)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

As someone who identifies as bi, finding out that both Mead and Benedict had sexual histories that may lead to that same conclusion was the most mind-blowing moment of my undergrad. However, I use gay in the photo to denote a larger queer movement and identity without necessarily pigeonholing them as they never publicly claimed specific sexual orientations. Bisexual as a cultural identity has a specific cultural history, one that is born from the larger LGBT movement in the late 70s and 80s. If they had been around for this development in identity politics - seeing that Benedict passed away in ‘48 and Mead in ‘78 - it is possible they could have identified this way. We will never know. 


The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide

The art of getting food when surrounded by weird half-dead creatures running (or walking in a creepy way) around your town – and the world – may be a much harder thing to learn than you think. Thankfully, someone thought of it in time and provided a book with over 80 recipes, as well as instructions on how to scavenge, forage, and improvise with what is available at the moment – or for the rest of eternity.

A Review of Netflix’s Death Note

Netflix’s Death Note adaptation is bad. The film has been panned by critics, diehard fans of the show, and even casual Netflix browsers. Death Note (2017), to be blunt, has absolutely nothing to offer that is new or interesting. It is a film embarrassed of its source material, while simultaneously relying on it as a crutch for when it fails to create anything original. It’s worst crime isn’t that it just fails to be a Death Note adaptation, but that it fails to stand on its own.

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