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Jin stole TWO army bombs tonight at two separate times, I hope this means he was having a blast


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The crowd surrounding the table the cake rest on began cheering as Justin leant over and blew the twenty three surrounding candles placed around the cake.

Once all 23 flames the candles held were blown and shifting into a small stream of smoke, Scooter approached the boy handing him a large silver knife. Justin smiled before cutting into the cake, right until the edge reached the bottom. 

“You touched the bottom!” Jazzy yelled. “Now you gotta kiss a girl.” 

Justin smiled, sliding the knife out of the cake and onto the platter beside it, before leaning over and placing his lips upon mine. With a smile on my face, holding back a laugh, the crowd of family and friends all cheered around us as Justin began to pull away.

His hand slivered over, taking mine in his as he tangled our fingers together before lifting it to his lips, placing a sweet kiss on my wedding ring.

“What did you wish for honey?” Pattie asked. 

Justin smiled, his eyes wandering over to mine “I can’t tell you, or else it might not come true.” 

“That’s just bulshit, c’mon tell us JB!” Khalil shouted from somewhere in the crowd. A few other comments where thrown around throughout Justin’s boys causing a small chuckle to escape his lips at the commotion.

“Aight, aight! I’ll tell you. I wished that we” He squeezed my hand “finally have a bit more luck, receive God’s blessing and get what we’ve wanted since the day we were married.”

Staring into Justin’s eyes, I could see a slight sparkle to them and I instantly knew my face was as red as tomato. “Thank’s baby boy.” I whispered, snuggling closer to his body. Looking over towards Pattie, I spotted her smiling at me, with a look of knowledge in her eyes.

“You guys are so cute it disgusts me.” Maejor sighed. “Time to open presents!” 

The kids got up and squealed in excitment, running over towards the living room. The adults followed suit with smiles on there faces as Pattie, Diane and Chelsey stayed back to cut and hand out the cake. 

My hand slithered out of Justin’s grasp, turning towards them to help before Pattie quickly darted over to my side, pushing me back into the living room. “Oh no you don’t! It’s your husband’s birthday and he’s about to open his presents, go sit with him.”

“Pattie that’s nice really, but I’m not gonna leave you three to do all the work, theres over 50 people here.” 

“And we will handle it. You - just sit down.” With a nudge, I was in the living room walking over to Justin’s side. Justin peeked up, his face lifting up into a smile at sight of me. After placing myself on Justin’s lap, Jeremy was first to walk forward, handing Justin a small box wrapped in birthday paper.

“Thanks dad.” Justin smiled. 

“Happy birthday son.”

After ripping the paper off, Justin was left staring at a box laced with velvet. Picking up the lid, he was met with a beautiful thin gold chain and a brand new guitar pick with the words ‘Music is love, but family is life’ engraved on it.

After thanking his father and opening a few more presents, it was only a matter of time before it was finally my turn. At this point every one had eaten there cake and was sitting in the living room, all ready to open the last present presented by me.

I stood off my husbands lap, walking over to the corner I had left the gift bag in. handing the white bag with the words ‘happy birthday’ written all over it to Justin, I watched as Justin smiled, placing a kiss to my lips.

“You didn’t need to buy me anything baby. Everything I want is right here.”

I smiled at his kind words before forcing him take the bag “Believe me, I think you’ll like it.”

After taking the beg from my hands, he slowly pulled the tissue I stuffed in at the top and tossed it into a ball on the floor beside him with the rest of the wrapping paper.

A confused look crossed his face as he peered inside, searching through a few of the items. Everyone else around us stood back and watched in anticipation and curiosity as to what was in the bag, all until Justin’s face went pale, everyone elses turned to confusion. All except mine.

“What is it?” I smiled.

“Yeah Justin what is it?” Za added. A few similar comments repeated around the room.

Justin didn’t bother looking up, instead just leant back and placed both hands over his face, the bag still in his lap. Tears brimmed in my eyes at his reaction, watching as his body jumped a few times from the sobs he let out.

“Justin baby what’s wrong?!” Pattie yelled in confusion and shock. She stood from her seat, prepared to run forward and comfort her son before I put a hand forward and smiled, mouthing ‘wait’.

Slowly she placed herself back on the seat and watched on, still looking slightly worried. 

“What is it baby?” I smiled, a slight giggle escaping my lips. 

He ignored my question, only leaning his elbow on his knee, with one hand over his eyes. “Are you serious?” He sobbed in disbelief.

“Yeah.” I cooed, allowing a tear to fall down my cheek. 

Justin finally removed his hand from his face, wiping the discarded tears from his eyes before looking back into the bag and picking out two items from the very top. A bib and a pacifier.

Everyone around us gasped, all with smiles on there faces. “Your pregnant?!” Chelsey yelled with a smile. 

Without responding, I leant back into my handbag beside me, pulling out the test I had taken two weeks prior. Giving everyone one glance at the stick, before handing it to Justin who had once again began crying.

“Happy birthday Baby…Or should I say daddy?” I chuckled. 

“Guess you won’t be the only one calling him that anymore!” Za yelled. Everyone chuckled as Justin moved forward and engulfed me in his arms. A few seconds passed before his lips met mine once again and I noticed that as he did all this, his hands never left the spot which was beginning to swell with a beautiful and well earned baby.

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Kanato: I’ve decided to live on my own.

Subaru: Okay, good.

Kanato: Your luggage is outside.

This year too, Happy birthday Totsuka  (*´♡`*) I’m late to the party tho

Imagine your boyfriend, Lucifer, not turning up for your birthday

Word count: 612

Warnings: Implied sexy times

A/N: Requests for one shots/imagines are still open boiiii! Also, sorry this fanfiction is really bad, I kinda just got bored, started writing with little to no idea of where the story was going to go and just went with it.

You sighed out loud as you carelessly pushed the cake around on its plate with a fork. Glancing up at the clock, another sigh escaped your mouth.

In 5 minutes the clock would strike midnight and it would no longer be your birthday meaning your boyfriend, Lucifer, didn’t turn up for a second of it. Even if he quickly popped in, gave you a kiss, wished you a happy birthday and then left, it would have been better than him completely standing you up. Maybe he just forgot it was even your birthday.

Anger flooded your body as the familiar sound of flapping winds filled your ears. When you laid your eyes on him, almost instantly Lucifer began to talk.

“Baby, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it, the stupid demons were keeping me back in hell and-“ Lucifer rushed but paused when he looked at you and saw tears filling your eyes, “Y/N, baby? You’re crying,” concern laced his voice and he began to step closer to you. His arms reached out to hug you but you flinched away from his grasp causing a pained expression to flash over his face.

“Y-you promised you would come,” you managed to choke out. In that moment, Lucifer realised how much pain he had truly caused you.

Lucifer stepped forward but paused contemplating whether or not he should continue but when he heard another quiet sob escape your lips, he instantly ran over to you, engulfing your body in his arms.

You wanted more than anything to shrug him off and tell him to leave you alone but instead you leaned closer into his chest as he kissed the top of your head and ran his hands through your hair.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your hair.

You and him had been planning this day for months. First you and Lucifer were going to watch the sunrise on the beach, he was then going to take you anywhere you wanted to go for lunch before taking you to a hotel in Paris and watching one of your favourite movies. It was going to be perfect.

You weren’t mad that he didn’t turn up though, in fact you fully understood that Lucifer, with running hell and all, wouldn’t have time to do things with you 24/7 and that he needed to be there to make sure that hell was running smoothly. You were just disappointed that you couldn’t go on the trip you had been waiting months for on your birthday.

“It’s okay Luci, I’m not mad,” you reassured him, placing a kiss to his neck after wiping away your tears. You knew it wasn’t Lucifer’s fault and that you were being too hard on him.

“You’re not?” Lucifer asked with a confused expression on his face.

“No, I mean, I’m kind of sad that we didn’t get to go on the trip and do all the stuff we planned for my birthday, I get that you needed to be in hell, without you it’d be well… hell down there, but we can do it some other time right?” you replied looking up at his shocked face.

“Father, of course we can, I love you!” Lucifer leaned down placing a kiss on your lips before pulling away, cupping your face and looking deeply into your eyes, his gaze filled with love, you could practically feel the grace radiating off of him causing you to giggle.

“I promise I will make it up to you,” he announced before pulling you into another passionate kiss.

“Bed?” you asked him with a wink causing him to smile.

“Bed,” he confirmed before taking your hand and following you.

(A/n:So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand, I will follow you, cause im under your spell and you can throw me to the flames, I will follow you, I will follow you… Anybody listen to BMTH? Oh my gosh, I should totally do a Lucifer x Reader song fanfic based on ‘follow you’, what do you guys think?)

View of an advertising card for the Detroit Soap Co., depicting a rose, a bird and a winter landscape. Printed on front: “Detroit Exposition. Queen Anne soap souvenir. See other side.” Printed on back: “Queen Anne soap, best in the world. The finest line of pictures in the country, sent free for the wrappers. Over 400 designs, also scrap book pictures, booklets, etc., etc. See list of premiums wrapped around each cake. When in Detroit, visit the Queen Anne Soap Art Gallery, 183 Dix Avenue and see our great exhibition of pictures. No finer collection in the United States.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

I had a wasted day.

I hate those kinds of days, where even though I honestly didn’t WANT to do anything (my first day to relax since I got sick earlier this week) but just…not like this. Where I’m irritated and uncomfortably bored. I just feel like I completely wasted it with the wrong kind of “doing nothing.” Not satisfying at all!

To balance that, I did knit a whole round on my sock. And I kinda tidied up my office. And I bought a bright pink case for my DS XL in order to cover it with stickers (okay yeah, and protect it? But mostly because it was pink and I could put stickers on it.)

In order to salvage at least a little of this day, I think I’ll tackle my “invisible corner” in my bedroom next, then curl up in bed and rewatch Sweetness & Lightning. Or Himouto! Umaru-chan. Or Love, Chunnibiyo, and Other Delusions. I need cutesy, sweet anime in my life.

Good things about last night's legends of tomorrow:

• Nate’s mom’s sandwiches
• Mick named the rat Ray gave him Axel (and Ray was raising it. Proud parents.)
• Felicity being a badass vigilante
• Rip and his cakes
• Mick still being true the team (even though he has plenty of reasons not to)
• Nate’s mullet
• TINY WAVERIDER I need like 20
• “Don’t shoot me! We were together, and we had sex and you liked it!”
• Ray still being a brilliant scientist even in the universe where he’s not supposed to be
• Rip’s turn around from drunk cake decorator to badass captain again (with the help of sassy Gideon)

It wasn’t all bad, but there’s still salt there. Fingers crossed for next week tho. 👍

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What sort of sweets would each Ain like?

Arme Thaumaturgy doesn’t like sweets. He believes them to be useless to humans, lacking nutrients and making their bodies unhealthy. Well… just because he doesn’t like the concept of sweets, doesn’t mean he actually hates eating them, however. Secretly, the celestial will sneakily smuggle in brownies and chocolate in his mouth, making sure no one is around to see him indulge his guilty pleasures. His favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

Erbluhen Emotion seems to embrace the human’s sugar loving desires. He has a sweet tooth of a sort, casually eating cookies and cake around in public. Though, he doesn’t mind sneaking in fruit as well. As long as it’s sweet, he doesn’t mind it. His favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies n cream.

Apostasia has a huge sweet tooth. As meaningless as the world is, Apostasia admits that sugar might be one of the only things driving him to continue living. He’ll even eat the actual sugar, eating a whole bag out of it. His favorite ice cream is honeydew sorbet.

Red Velvet Asking Prompt
  • Happiness: Which Red Velvet member smile do you like most?
  • Be Natural: Which Red Velvet member do you think will act the most natural around their crush? Do you act natural around your crush?
  • Ice cream cake: Have you had your first kiss?
  • Automatic: Which Red Velvet member would you most likely date or want to date?
  • Somethin Kinda Crazy: Have you had your first love yet?
  • Stupid Cupid: How many times have you been confessed to? Ever rejected any?
  • Take It Slow: Which Red Velvet member would you want to be a younger sibling to? Which member would you want as a younger sibling?
  • Candy: If you and your bias in RV used a piece of candy as a way to show affection, what candy would it be?
  • Dumb Dumb: What's a mistake you have done that made a relationship weaker or end? (Any kind of relationship)
  • Huff N Puff: Describe a dream place where you would want to be with your bias in Red Velvet.
  • Campfire: What move would you make on your RV bias(or your boyfriend/girlfriend) at a campfire: a hug, wrapping your arms around their shoulders/waist, a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the lips, a kiss on the forehead?
  • Red Dress: For each member, what would you call them: sexy, cute, or pretty?
  • Oh Boy: Write a pickup line you would say to your boyfriend/girlfriend(or a Red Velvet member).
  • Lady's Room: Do you make a nickname for your crush with your friends?
  • Time Slip: What's the weirdest/sweetest/most memorable dream you had?
  • Don't U Wait No More: What's something you have said/done when you got annoyed/impatient?
  • Day 1: Which member do you think you would click right away with when you first meet them?
  • Cool World: What do you do when a close friend is sad?
  • The Red: Do you like the red or the velvet side of Red Velvet?
  • Irene: How would you take care/show affection to each member?
  • Seulgi: What's your favorite song from Red Velvet?
  • Wendy: Whose voice do you like the most in Red Velvet?
  • Joy: Which Red Velvet member relates to you the most?
  • Yeri: Which Red Velvet member would you want as your celebrity friend?

Dessert selections from Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


My cake game has vastly improved over the last three years, from barely able to make a Vicky sponge to the absolute triumph and monster that was the coconut cake of a few months back.
I am super proud of how it looks and with some tinkering I have discovered that I can sacrifice an egg for an equal weight in milk, which results in a super moist cake. But I tell you something, and I think you will all agree, I am almost devastatingly stingy with my buttercream filling. Christ you can barely tell that the cake has been filled the middle is that thin. I promise to embark on a buttercream vendetta, and in future my cakes will be at least a centimetre higher.
You can always tell if I’ve made a good cake if I ask my mother if she wants a piece saving for tomorrow and she tells me that it would be rude not to.
30th May 2016

i just fed maybe the eleventh priest to my St. John’s Lily. why. why do you keep coming around here. there is no cake in my pantry. there is no tea. there is only death. like. you’d think eventually word would get out that priests come up to my palatial nightmare suite and don’t come back. which reminds me, why the actual fuck are priests coming up to my palatial nightmare suite? i have 37 connected: the church for some reason but fuck if i know how i got it. i never even show up at the god’s editors meetings i just send them spiteful notes because they keep rejecting my edits about rubbery salvation. it’s probably because i keep praying in public like the hypocrites every time my scandal gets above 5. there is no neathly reason for vicars to come up here to get eaten. dr. beale is a lapsed catholic. he doesn’t even go here

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“Hey Simmons, there’s only one more piece of your cake left in the fridge …” Skye says, suggesting her desires with her eyes.

Simmons rolls her eyes. “You can have it.”

Laughing triumphantly, Daisy takes the single plate out of the fridge and sets it on the Playground’s kitchen counter. Then she turns toward the silverware drawer and takes out a fork. But when she turns back around, the cake is gone.

“What the hell?” she mutters. Looking around the room, she spots you leaning casually in the doorway, fork in hand as you eat the last piece of cake. “What the hell?” Daisy yells. 

You wink at her before speeding out and down the hall, grinning at the sound of Simmons laughing and Daisy cursing after you. “(y/n)! I’m gonna kill you!”