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Rainey Days- Theo Reaken Part-2

warnings: NSFW Smut

Word Count: 1.1k

Disclaimer: Request and ily

Waking up with the sun cascading on your face you completely forgot the events that happened the night before, standing up in the shirt that barley even covered you tummy let alone your baby pink cheeksters that you had worn to bed the night before. Stretching and lazily treading down the stairs to your kitchen to get the thing you needed most in the morning: Coffee. Walking down the stairs to stop right in your tracks when the familiar toned back of the muscular man that followed it. Theo. Shit. I forgot he was here. You try to think as quick and rationally as you could but he must have sensed you because he turns around to see you in all your glory. His eyes roam for a split second then they are snapped back to your face and he smiles generously, “Hey Princess are you hungry?” When he called you princess it just does something to you. And as for being hungry, you were sure hungry for him. “Starved but I should make you breakfast I’m probably better at it.” Making a B line strait for the coffee maker you thought about how nice it would be to have him around every day.

“Nice undies.” You laughed “Yep well my house my rules baby,” he looked at you, but nothing like he did before. He looked hungry for something and you hoped it was you. Sipping your coffee you turned from him to sit at the bar in your kitchen but you were snapped out of that when a large hand came in contact with your barley covered ass. You yelped in surprise. It sent a ting to your core and you couldn’t help but get excited. When you turned back around to Theo, he was flipping the bacon like nothing had happened moments before. You decided to have a little fun with this so you came up behind him and slowly whispered in his ear, “Next time, make it a little harder.” Then you proceeded to bite and suck on his ear lobe. Walking off into your living room area you could tell Theo was flustered because when he gets upset he never really knows what to say. You felt a little more confident because you made the one and only Theo Reaken flustered.

 After breakfast was done you and Theo sat in silence eating. But this wasn’t comfortable silence, this was sexual silence something you never wanted to go through again. Theo’s eyes gazed into you and you almost felt guilty for getting him so worked up that he couldn’t even fathom what to say. Theo was never like this back in Beacon Hills; sometimes the pack could never get him to shut up. Especially when a girl was around. Maybe it was just you? You wondered this in your head as you ate your piece of bacon. You decided to break the uncomfortable science “Great breakfast, I should have you cook for me every morning.” You glanced up at him when you finished talking; he had a deep and undeniable gaze on you. This time it made you feel safe and wanted. That’s it.

“Are you going to answer me or just stare?” Your sassy attitude was back from the night before. “Well I wouldn’t if you didn’t look so drop dead gorgeous and I didn’t really want to fuck you. Which I do by the way.”  The words rolled off his lips like honey and if you weren’t turned on before you sure as hell were now. “Then make your move baby,” you added. When he got up you knew that fuck boy Theo had set in and you were pretty excited.

Grabbing  you from the chair you were sitting in and holding you bridal style whilst kissing you, you were in shock but also turned on fro all the action that has taken on this last week. Theo was groping your but while carefully and skillfully walking up your stairs. His skilled tongue did wonders to your body and you could have never imagined that he would be so good. Your lose of contact was when he had dropped you on the food of your messy and unmade bed. Theo’s large hand skillfully caresses your inner thigh and his lips locked with yours for another skillful kiss. His large ands roamed up to cup you breast through your lacrosse shirt. You moaned a struggled release from his grasp. He held you in place while moving his hangs down your tummy to grab the ends of your shirt and lifted it up in one quick motion. Eyeing your boob he let out a growl and his eyes flashed yellow, this made you want him even more. Sliding down to the end of the bed you grabbed your lay black panties and slide them slowly down your legs. You wanted him so bad, he noticed you suffering and made it even worse for you by peppering cute kisses up both of your legs and on your inner thigh.  When he got to your wet puss there was no being gentle and as soon as his mouth was on there he went wild. “Theo.” Was all that came out of your mouth at first. He was sucking and licking so profusely that you could hardly even think strait with his skilled tongue. When he inserted two fingers indie of you that’s when the screams came out. You were pretty sure the neighbors next door could hear you and you didn’t even care. “Th-Theo im-m gonna cum.” This came out quite and almost whispered. “Come for me princess.” And that you did.

Coming down from your high you wanted to return the favor back to him but when reaching for his sweat pants that hung low on his hips; he pushed your hand away. “Not now princess, I need to be inside of you.” He completed that sentence the using his teeth to rip open a condom package that he keeps in his wallet all the time. When he inserts you all you can do is moan because he is huge. The rhythm starts out slowly then gains faster and faster until he is practically ramming into you. Another smack comes down on your ass. Then another, then another. He was being rough with you which is what you’ve always wanted. When your second orgasm came along you could tell he was close too. “Theo baby im-m going to cum.” “Me to princess, come for me.” Reaching down and circling figure eights on your clit caused you to explode and Theo to explode after you.

Both coming down from your highs you couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to have Theo around. Glancing up at him you as “Want to take a shower?” he looks at you with excitement in his face, “sure baby girl as long as there is a round two.”   

(Slash looking happy without you)

It was no secret that you and your boyfriend Slash got into arguments more than a usual couple, but usually it didn’t end in breaking things off for more than a day. It had been a week since Slash ended things with you, it was the longest the two of you had been separated.

In the past week you’d never been so miserable in your life. You didn’t want to leave the house; you wanted to wallow in your sadness over the breakup, today you couldn’t do that. You had plans with Axl and Duff and you couldn’t let them know just how much this bothered you.

Quickly throwing yourself together to the best of your abilities, the echo of your doorbell rang through the house. Slowly walking through the house you practiced a fake smile to put on for two of your best friends. Taking a deep breath and heavily sighing out, you opened the door to see the two looking at you with pity. “Hey there you, ready to have some fun?” Duff said as he propped his bottom lip out at you.

Axl leaned against the doorframe and put a smile on his face. “Y/N, you’re about to have the best damn day ever. You won’t even remember who Slash or whatever the fuck his face is anymore!” Pulling you out of the house and shutting the door behind you, Axl led you towards the car as Duff bounced along behind the two of you.

Sitting in the back seat you hung your head and crossed your arms lost in your own thoughts. “Where are we going anyways? I don’t get why you two knuckle heads always have to keep things secretive! I’m not five anymore.”

Axl and Duff just laughed at your complaints as Axl continued to drive to the unknown destination. About thirty minutes later as you had started to doze off, you heard Duff acting like the five year old he was so excited. “Y/N! We’re here; get your lazy ass up! It’s a fair and you’re gonna have a good time!”

Axl chimed in to Duff’s command of you having a good time. “Yeah, this will wipe that fake smile off your face and make it a real smile. Let’s go on the bumper cars first, I’ll race ya fuckers!”

As you got in line and waited, you spotted the messy head of curls you knew more than anything. Slash was standing in line at the concession stands with a girl, and he looked happier than ever. Here you were being dragged around fair grounds thinking about him as he pranced around carelessly with another girl.

Duff finally realized what you had been so fixated on and then spotted Slash himself. “Shit, Axl let’s get out of here… Slash is over there.”

You refused to leave, locking eyes with Slash as you made a beeline over to him. As you approached Slash and the blonde female, you snapped your attention to her. “If you don’t mind, I really need to talk to my boyfriend alone. Give us a minute?”

She looked over at Slash as he nodded in agreement to her leaving, huffing as she walked away. “What is going on Y/N? We’re done, I thought once you break up with someone they are allowed to see other people.”

You uncrossed your arms to plant them on your hips as you just stared at Slash in disbelief. “You know that’s not the case with us, you know that wasn’t the end! I can’t believe you’d give up so easily…” You started shaking your head as tears began to form in your eyes. “You just act like I never even mattered to you; I’ve been sitting around my house doing nothing since you left me. I’ve spent every day crying over you while you’re out making nice with other girls. I love you Slash, I can’t believe you’d actually throw that away.”

Turning around to go back to Duff and Axl to take you home, you felt the familiar grip on your arm as Slash pulled you back towards him. “Baby…” Slash pulled you into him as he planted kisses on your head and shoulder. “I’m sorry, Y/N. We need to fix this. No, I need to fix this because I love you. I need you.”

Soaking up the heartfelt moment of reuniting with your boyfriend was short lived; as you heard Axl and Duff in the near distance cheering and whistling at you and Slash while you kissed. Breaking away from Slash’s lips and giggling you looked over at them shaking your head. “They knew you were going to be here didn’t they…”


So, there’s a kid who lives at the end of my street. I see him every day hanging around outside his house by himself. Obviously no electronics for him. He looks like he’s bored out of his mind. Every day I go walking I wave to him. He just looks. Have never heard him say anything.
Yesterday, I went past his house, he was outside as usual and as usual I waved at him. I crossed the street. At that time of the day I’m able to see my shadow. All of the sudden I saw another human shadow right behind me and really close. It was the kid. I scared me half to death. He ran back toward his home turning around a couple of times and looking at me. Second time I walked by his house I was walking with David and he didn’t do anything.
Today I went walking again. I saw him and didn’t look at him or waved. I felt him really close to me like he was trying to get my let. I turned around and looked at him. Told him to quit that. That I was going to slap him silly if he keeps doing that and that he scared me half to death. He just looked at me. That’s him in the pictures. And he saw I was taking a picture of him. When I went walking the next time I saw him on the side of his house but he didn’t come out. I hope he got the point.
I know he’s a kid but he needs to understand he can’t do that. I don’t know him or his family. We’re not friends. And he shouldn’t be scaring me. David says he’s socially awkward. Maybe so. But I would like to walk around my neighborhood in peace. Am I unreasonable?
David thinks I should go talk to the people in his house but I’m going to leave it like this for now. Besides, people around here are not fond of Hispanics and I don’t know if they are nice or not.

Distance part 2

You are all the best! I got quite a few requests for part two and since it was already written, I am posting now for each of you that requested!

Read Part 1 first.  

The next part will bring Harry back and what he is going through. Stay tuned. ;) ~S

I was never very good at moving on from a break up. My big sister, Jamie, created a list of my break up stages when we were in secondary school. First, I get rip roaring drunk for a few days. She calls this my “Fuck everyone and everything” stage. I was into my third day and 5th bottle of wine when she called me.

“Sister!” I exclaimed as way of greeting when I picked up the phone. “Oh sister, I miss you. Can you come drink wine with me. I’m all aloooooooone.” I sang the last word.

“Y/N?” Jamie questioned. “Are you drunk?” I nodded, then giggled realizing she couldn’t see me. “It’s only 3 in the afternoon and you’re completely smashed.” Took another swig of my wine and grinned at the glass.

“Yup.” I popped the “p” and giggled again.

“You said you’re drinking alone? I thought Harry was home this week? What’s going on?” My giggles dissolved into sobs. “Y/N.” She sighed through the phone. “You two broke up, I take it?” I grunted in confirmation. “Judging from your current state, I suspect it was recently?”

“Yeah, a few days ago.” I mumbled. The conversation was quickly sobering me up. I took series of huge gulps of my wine, finishing the glass. Tears start pooling again. “God, Jamie. I’m so stupid.” I hiccup rather loudly and pulled a deep breath to try to control my tears. “I thought we were exclusive, but we never actually discussed it. I was so stupid to think he would want to actually be with me. I was just his friend with benefits. A casual fling. I didn’t mean anything to him but I love him. I love him so much and now my heart is shattered.” It all tumbled out in one big word vomit.

“Stage two.” Jamie quietly said, and she was right. Talking to had forced me into the second stage. Depression. This was always the longest and worst stage. I am an introvert by nature and when faced with an emotional upheaval, I tend to retreat into my shell and refuse to come out. Stage two has been known to last months.

“My lease is up in a month, Jamie. I know it was stupid, but I had mentioned it to Harry a few times and he seemed really interested. I thought he might ask me to move in with him when he got back from tour. I thought he was finally ready to really commit to me.” A fresh batch of tears washed over me. “I am going to be homeless. I already told the building manager that I wasn’t renewing my lease. If Harry didn’t ask me, I was going to look for a flat closer to his place. Maybe something a bit bigger so you and the kids can visit.” I’m rambling.

“Why don’t you come stay with us for a few months. Take some time away from London. You are freelance, you can give yourself a vacation whenever you want.” I mulled it over for a few moments. It would be nice to spend some time with my sister and the kids. I hardly ever get up to Manchester to see them anymore.

My flat was so tiny, it was the first place I lived when I moved to London. It’s in a nice part of town and I never really needed anything bigger, so I stayed. I could always get storage for my nonessential items.  She was right, as a freelance photographer, I could work when I wanted. I had built up enough of a name for myself that clients usually seek me out.  I had made a name for myself in the industry long before I met Harry through a mutual friend. I had enough saved in the bank that I could take a long vacation if needed.

“I might have to take you up on that.” I agreed and she squealed in return.

“I would love to have you, Sis. Please come!” I nodded and then confirmed it. I decided then that I would start packing the next day. I need a change and this was just what I needed. Manchester was home. My sister’s family was what my heart needed to heal.

We talked for a few more minutes, hashing out the details. It was decided, I would be moving within the next month. I had one more photo shoot planned for the following week for an artist’s album cover, then my schedule was clear. I would pack and move back to Manchester to spend some much needed family time before figuring out what my next move is.

The move to Manchester had been just what I needed. The Depression Stage was still in full swing but having my sister around to force me out of the house every few days was helpful. I spent the first week at her house hiding inside. I played with her kids and had deep heart to heart conversations with my sister and brother in law at night. It was healing. My sister was my closest friend and it was just what I needed.

It was six weeks since the break up. I hadn’t heard from Harry in that time, but I did move out of my apartment and changed my phone number. I needed a clean break. I needed a fresh start. I was slowly venturing back into the real world more and more each week. Jamie had dragged me out to brunch on a Friday morning before she had a hair appointment. We laughed and talked about her husband’s quirky habits over our meal. I was loving having so much time to connect with my sister. When she went to the salon, I walked around the shops nearby.

I was in a cute boutique, browsing when I heard my name. I turned around smiling, expecting an old friend, as I grew up in Manchester. My smile dropped when I turned to find Anne and Gemma smiling boldly at me. The last people I needed to run into, just when I was starting to get out of my Stage Two funk, were Harry’s mum and sister.

“Hi.” I softly said, and gave them an awkward wave, wondering how fast I could dart out of the store without appearing rude. Surprising me, Gemma came over and gave me a big hug. I returned it, hesitantly. Anne followed her with a kiss on my cheek and a hug as well.

“It’s so good to see you dear. I didn’t know you were going to be in Manchester this weekend as well.” I nodded, still not sure what was going on. “We called Harry last week and invited you to our girls weekend in the city but he said you were busy.” It suddenly clicked. Harry hadn’t told them. I guess it made sense because he didn’t count us as a couple, so it wasn’t even a break up in his books. But why wouldn’t he mention that we were not seeing each other anymore when Anne mentioned me.

“Oh, I… Harry…” I trailed off, blushing. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to tell them we broke up. I was still struggling for words when I felt the all too familiar feeling of tears fighting to break free. Gemma narrowed her eyes and then let out a loud sigh.

“What has my idiot brother done now?” She huffed. Anne’s eyes went wide and looked at Gemma and then back at me.

“We are not seeing each other anymore.” I said softly. “We haven’t been for over a month now.” I wiped harshly at my eyes, suddenly angry at myself for crying.

“It was that girl in Milan wasn’t it?” Gemma said, angrily. I knew she wasn’t angry at me, but her harsh words still caused me to snap my eyes up to hers. I nodded.

“Yes and no.” I could see Anne’s eyes getting watery. “It was my fault really.” I sighed and rubbed my eyes, still trying to hold back the water works until I was alone. “I, apparently, was confused about the nature of our relationship.” I let the words hang in the air. Gemma scrunched up her eyebrows.

“How? He brought you home to spend time with his family regularly. He spent practically all his free time with you.” She was getting agitated. I shrugged.

“The conversation about exclusivity was never had. I just assumed because we had been dating for so long. But he wasn’t interested in anything serious. Milan wasn’t the first time either.” I probably shouldn’t be saying these things to his mum and sister, but maybe he deserved to have a few other people mad at him. Gemma huffed loudly before stepping forward and pulling me into a tight embrace.

“He is a fucking idiot. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” I nodded, unable to speak for a moment. My emotions finally won and tears sprung from my eyes.

“I’m just so stupid for assuming we were something we were not. He was clear from the start that he just wanted casual. Fun. I am the stupid girl that went and fell in love with him.” I wiped my eyes, trying to regain some dignity. I shook my head, taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be saying all this to you. You should be on Harry’s side. You should be supportive of him. I’m just some girl who let my heart run away from me.” Anne came forward and took me in her arms and shushed me.

“He might be my son, but he is wrong. I’m so sorry sweetheart.” Her embrace broke my dam. I couldn’t control my tears any longer. They poured down my cheeks. A sob racked through me and I returned her embrace with a fierce hug. I don’t know how long we hugged, but when I finally pulled back, I felt a bit better. I think I needed to hear from someone other then my sister that his actions were misleading. Who brings their casual fling back to their family home, especially on a regular basis? He led me on and then broke my heart.

Our encounter was interrupted by my phone. Jamie was done at the salon and ready to meet to go pick up her kids from school.

“I have to go. My sister is ready to go home.” I put my phone back in my bag before meeting Gemma’s eyes. “I moved back to Manchester a few weeks ago and changed my number.” She nodded. I could tell from her eyes that she understood my reasons. “I needed a change, a big change, and my lease was up anyway.” She stepped forward and hugged me again.

“I am sorry to say goodbye.” She whispered into our hug. “I really like you.”

“I really like you too.” I said to her. Anne hugged me too. “I’m sorry. I said too much.” I mumbled into her hair.

“Nonsense, dear. You only spoke your heart to people who care deeply about you.” I fought back my watery eyes once more. I nodded, unable to speak again. I pulled back from the embrace and waved to them one last time before exiting the store. I took a deep breath and walked into a new future. A future that I was uncertain of, but maybe finally ready to face.

Part 3


People tried to tell me that I had a problem. I would say, ‘Get that fuckin’ person outta here. I can’t believe they said that shit to me.’ They knew nothing about my fuckkin’ life. Are they out of their fuckin’ mind? I’m not out there shooting heroin. I’m not fucking out there, you know; putting coke up my nose. I’m not smoking crack. You’re struggling with the argument of “Do you have a problem?” Or “Do you not have a problem?” Can you control it or can you not? And I literally thought I could control it.

I remember just walking around my house and thinking every single day, like, I’m gonna fuckin die. Like, I’m – I’m looking at my kids – I need to be here for this. 

This drabble is written for greenkronos! I hope you’ll enjoy it! :)


“Granger, what the hell are you doing there?”

“My parents got me a laptop, Draco, so we can communicate via e-mail! Neat, isn’t it?”

Hermione grinned at Draco’s expression. “Laptop? What is that supposed to be? This is a freaking muggle machine once again, right? With technogy.”

“Technology”, she corrected him, “And yes, it is. My parents don’t want owls to fly around their house every other day and e-mails are even faster anyway.”

“What do you mean ieh-meyls? Why don’t you just floo them like everyone else?”

Hermione sighed. “For the last time, Draco, my parents won’t use the floo network. It is too dangerous and confusing, and ever since I sent them to Australia and back they are a bit … uncertain when it comes to magic. I grew up as a Muggle and I haven’t forgotten how to live like one.”

“But technogy doesn’t work in magic surroundings anyway.”

Without even bothering to correct him, Hermione opened the laptop. “This place is not magical enough, we’re still in Muggle London.”

“All thanks to you”, Draco muttered and sat beside Hermione on the couch. “Look at that, it does look kind of fancy, doesn’t it? I bet only few Muggles are wealthy enough to get one of these.”

His sudden interest surprised Hermione but she didn’t interfere when he started pressing buttons. Amused, she opened the browser. “Here, when you type something in this little box it will search for results from all over the world.”


“Press the buttons with the letters on it until you have the word you want. But remember that this is a Muggle thing. There won’t be anything about Hogwarts in there.”

“Yes, yes, I know”, Draco muttered, too busy typing his own name.

Hermione laughed and hugged him, wondering if he would let go of the laptop long enough for her to write to her parents ever. And he hadn’t even found out about videos. 

Chapter 34


Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

Staring at the boxed cakes with my basket full of food items, I felt the juvenile nervousness coming back to me as I silently prayed that my plan would work.


I heard the small voice from behind me, and immediately I spun on my heels, seeing my little friend and his mom standing behind me.

“Wassup Colin?” I said excitedly, getting a glimpse of just how much I missed him. 

He was starting to look a little bit disheveled, but he still ran towards me, hugging my leg. “I miss you,” he said, squeezing tight. 

“I miss you, too, man. You being good for me?”

Colin looked up and nodded, showing off two fresh scratches on his face. “I haven’t got no more reds in class,” he said proudly.

“That’s good,” I said, picking him up. “You’re doing good!”

“Um,” he said quietly, picking at his small fingers. “When can I… when can I come back with you?”

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