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Sitting Around The House - NaruHina

Oh ma gawd…I have been on a hiatus for so long that I completely forgot how much I loved drawing these two together! I don’t know how I got the motivation but here it is folks - a good old cosy time between Naruto and Hinata, under the blanket. ^^


Thank you.

Honestly I don’t think most people realize how inaccessible disability services are.

Recently, my ma has had a bum leg. Sometimes it just gives out on her for no reason and since I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been helping her out. And since I’ve been helping her out it’s opened my eyes to some things I don’t think people realize.

Most stores have wheelchairs available for use, but most stores also do not have aisles wide enough for my ma to get through in said wheelchair.

And don’t you even get me started on handicap spaces in bathrooms. Most of the handicap stalls are the FARTHEST FROM THE DOOR, most do not accommodate the actual size of the wheelchair and not to mention the fact that the aisle to get to the bathroom is probably too skinny to even get the wheelchair in there.

Also what is the goddamn point of having the button on doors so those with mobility issues can get through, IF THE DAMN BUTTON DOESN’T WORK HALF THE TIME!

I’m sure there are other services that seem mobility issue friendly but really aren’t but those are the ones I think of right now.


casual reminder that gravity falls brilliantly said “fuck you” to the whole “i’m the hero because i exposed how douchey your boyfriend is” cliche’

too often do tv shows and movies and the media in general portray dipper’s behavior in “boyz crazy” as appropriate and worthy of some sort of gratitude or “reward” (usually in the form of a kiss or a hug by the person they’re in love with) when really this behavior is actually kind of manipulative and shitty

dipper didn’t expose robbie’s secret for wendy’s sake—he did it for his own sake, because he wanted the couple broken up in order to increase his chances of wendy rebounding to him. he didn’t think about the fact that wendy would be heartbroken and hurt from finding out her boyfriend is a controlling fraud, and that she maybe wouldn’t want to immediately jump into someone else’s arms for comfort. yes, it’s wrong that robbie was manipulating wendy into staying with him, but dipper was being just as manipulative in trying to “rescue” her, because his motives were selfish, insensitive, and careless.

i congratulate gravity falls for trying to teach kids that dipper is no hero here, that ruining a relationship for the sole purpose of wanting someone to use you as a shoulder to cry on, while having absolutely no consideration for the person’s feelings as a result of your meddling, is still not okay.

Shopping / Theo Raeken Fluff

Pairing: Theo Raeken x reader

Requested: yes “ lol okay but can u write something where you go shopping 4 urself and ur bf Theo comes and you keep going back to a pair of jeans, but you think they might make you look fat and you ask “do these jeans make me look fat” and he says “yes” and you turn around and are pissed and u say “why would u say that” and he says “you never asked what it makes look fat” and you say like “my stomach obviously” and he says “nah ur ass" “ -unknown

Plot: Request is literally the plot tbh haha :)

Word Count: 447 (short one)

Warning: nothing

A/N: I’m back with my writing and as it’s raining all day today I’m just writing so here ya go :D

“I’m literally not going find anything.” I said. I was so damn frustruated. I’ve been shopping with Theo for like four hours now. I found a pair of jeans that I loved, but I don’t know if I like them. Well, I do, but I mean like. I think that they make my look fat.

“Babe!” I shouted for the dressing room. “Yeah?” I heard from the outside. “Come look if they make me look fat,” I said and he opened the curtain and stepped in. “What’ the problem?” he asked me smiling. I giggled a little and turned around so I was facing the mirror again.

I turned my self so I could see my butt, my back and then again my stomach from every angle possible. “Do these jeans make me look fat?” I asked him.

I took a step back and looked at my legs, my ass. “Turn around,” he said seriously. I did as told and lookad at him. “Well?” I asked.

“Well, what?” he asked me with a smirk. I sighed “Do these jeans make me look fat or not?” I asked him again. He nodds “Yes,” he said and my heart skipped a beat.

My cheeks blushed and I quickly turned around. “Next time say it a little nicely.” I said and he could for sure hear from my voice that I was kinda sad. “Now get out, I need to change”, but he didn’t even move a muscle.

He wrapped his arms around ma waist and pulled me closer. “You never asked what part of your body it makes look fat,” he whispered in my ear.

“Isn’t that obvious?” I asked him and he giggles. “It makes your..” I turn around and cut him off saying “ belly look like I have a ton of tacos inside of me,” He laughes. I get a little mad at him and playfully punch him telling to stop.

“It makes you have a fat ass.” he said and hugged me tightly. “You’re so fucking annoying, Theo!” I whined and giggled at the same time. “Are you being serious?” I asked him. He threw his hands up in the air and nodded. “100%” he said.

He sat down on the floor as he refused to leave. “This is the best part of shopping with you, why would I get out?” he said and I laughed. I took my jeans off, put my skirt back on and we got out.

“I’m paying” he said and crabbed my jeans. “No, why?” I asked him. He looked at me his brows narrowed. “Because you’re my girlfriend and those jeans are a blessing,” he said and I laughed. 

shadowedsoulforever  asked:

So, I have asked this question before but I think Tumblr keeps eating it 😭For Regency AU: Can we hear about Tony raising Peter? Does he sing him to sleep as a baby? And is Peter one of those jealous toddlers who doesn't wanna share his mama's attention with anyone including his dads? Like, if Bucky &Steve are kissing Tony does Peter push their faces away and then proceed to kiss his mama cause he wants his mama's attention? Just Peter loving Tony so much because his mama is amazing! 😊

Tumblr doesn’t keep eating it I’ve just been thinking on it that long lmao

Tony doesn’t sing Peter to sleep but that’s because Steve has it covered. Steve has a wonderful singing voice and he sings the same lullabies to Peter that he used to sing to Tony’s belly. Tony doesn’t understand the words but he thinks they sound nice and soothing. Sometimes even he falls asleep when Steve is singing and then Steve has to carry Tony to bed. Neither Steve nor Sarah tell him that the song is about the ruthless and bloody slaughter of the monsters that would come to get him. (Bucky knows, but he’s not going to be the one stupid enough to tell Tony.)

Peter isn’t one of those jealous toddlers except for the fact that he thinks everyone should be kissing him. Bucky is kissing Tony? Peter wants kisses too! Tony is kissing Steve? Peter wants kisses too! Sarah gives Tony a kiss on the forehead because she likes the way it makes Tony flush with pleasure at the affection? Kisses, Grandma! Kisses for Peter, too! (Sarah adores this about Peter and hopes he never grows out of it.)

And of course Tony is a Good Omega and tries to teach Peter his Omega Hobbies, but Peter hates them. He doesn’t like needlepoint, and he finds knitting tedious, and reading is fun but he’d rather be out riding horses and learning to use a sword with his dads! “Oh,” Tony says when Peter tells him this, doing that thing where he looks like he’d cry except he’s too strong for that, which is somehow worse than crying itself. “Of course. That’s–of course, honey.” And Peter gets to skip needlepoint and knitting in favor of these more Alpha hobbies. (Tony smiles at him and asks how training goes every evening when they’re reading by the fire together, and it strikes Peter how he doesn’t get to see his mother as often. He misses him. He still hates needlepoint but he does ask for knitting lessons again so he can spend some time with Tony. At least knitting will turn out a usable product at the end. What do you do with needlepoint? Throw it on a pillow?)

And when Peter presents as an omega (I have finally decided), he’s so, so scared, because he’s the firstborn child, what if Steve and Bucky are disappointed? Would they wish he was an alpha instead? Will he have to stop sword-fighting and racing horses? And will he have to be married off as soon as he comes of age? So he goes to his mother, because Tony has always comforted him, and Tony holds him and soothes him and tells him he can keep sword-fighting and racing horses, no one’s going to stop him. Of course they’re not going to marry him off as soon as he comes of age–they’re at peace now, no need for politics like when he’d married Steve and Bucky, Peter can pick any suitor he wants, whenever he wants. And Steve and Bucky would never be disappointed in Peter. “They love you so much, Peter,” Tony says, and Peter knows that, okay, but… he hadn’t presented yet. (Steve and Bucky’s only reaction is to look at Sarah, who beams at them proudly and says she’ll send out invitations for a Presentation Party. “Oh no,” Steve blurts out all of a sudden, and Peter’s scared for a moment, but then Steve continues, “Ma, how do I keep from growling at all the alphas that sniff around my son now. Ma. This is serious! Don’t laugh at me.”)

Heartaches (A/M)

Alt. Version 

Genre; Angst with some good ol’ smut~

Length; 2,200+ words 

Originally posted by ashirley246

Another day passed without hearing a word from your boyfriend, a heavy sigh escaped your parted lips as you thought about what he could be doing. 
God did you miss him.
You hadn’t really seen him since you got back from the states a few weeks ago, and you just could help but to miss every little thing about him- even the little things he did that kinda annoyed you. 

Pulling out your phone, you noticed you didn’t have a single text from him all day and it was already almost midnight-at least he’d message you like once or twice the other day ya know just to check up on you; but there was absolutely nothing from him today. 
Why was he being like this?
After all, he know damn well how badly you wanted to spend time with him.

‘Me too babe’- Not once in the entirety of your relationship with him had he every responded to an ‘I love you’ like that. Your mind raced with the worst case scenarios; Was he just not in love with you anymore? Was he going to leave you? 

Tears already tried pushing themselves out as they gathered at the corners of your eyes, “God..” You mumbled; rubbing your eyes as you let out an exasperated sigh. Placing your phone down on to your chest, laying your head back onto the couch. “I need a drink..”  
Picking up your phone seconds later, you scrolled though your messages- immediately clicking on Mark’s name. 

The twenty minutes you had to wait until Mark go there thankfully seemed to fly by. 

Three heavy knocks on your front door rang through your apartment, “Coming!” You shouted, making your way to the front door. 

As soon as you opened it you were greeted by Mark’s bright smile. “Hey.” He simply said, slightly lifting his bag as he walked in. “I brought some flavored soju..” He began, setting the plastic bag down as he pulled out two bottles, “I thought you’d like it since it might taste less strong.” 

“Ahh, thank you Markipoo.” You playfully teased, poking his side as he grabbed a couple glasses from your cupboard. “Always so thoughtful aren’t you?” 

Rolling his eyes, he held back his smile; giggling slightly as he gathered everything in his arms then slightly kicking your butt as you walked passed him. “Yah!” He chuckled, following you into your living room. “You always have such a little attitude with me, don’t you?” Shaking his head as he spoke in a sarcastic tone. 

Sitting yourself back down onto the couch, Mark joined you; placing everything down onto the coffee table as he plopped down into the empty seat beside you. “So, what’s up with you and Jae?” 

A soft laugh escaped you as you pressed your lips together. Before you even dared to answer his question, you poured yourself and him some soju. Lifting the glass to your lips, you took your first swig- slightly shivering at the flavor. “Well..” You began, taking another small sip. “Do you really wanna know?” 

The older man sat there, sipping his drink as he nodded before putting his glass down. “Of course, I came all the way here, didn’t I?” 

“Ahh..” You said with an exasperated sigh, leaning back into the couch- resting your legs on his. “True, true. I just feel like you might think I’m over reacting or something.” 

The look that overcame his face as he stared down at you, completely dumbfounded by your little statement. “Y/n, you know I won’t think like that.” He replied, taking a bigger sip of his drink. “Just tell me, it’s obviously bothering you. I mean you’re here drinking, and you never drink. So tell me what’s got you so upset, dummy.” 

Nodding, you lifted the glass to your mouth; chugging what was left in your cup before setting it down on the coffee table. “He’s just been so distant lately.” You huffed, pouting immediately as you began overthinking it again. “We haven’t seen each other since I got back from the states, plus when we text he just seems so emotionless and uninterested or annoyed.” 

Mark scooted closer to you, gently grabbing your hand as he set his glass down. Interlocking his fingers with yours, he gave you a soft almost sympathetic smile. “Yeah, he hasn’t really been at the dorm this entire week either.” 
His statement completely shocked you, immediately you found yourself practically chewing on your lower lip holding back the otherwise audible gasp that would’ve escaped. “I just- well we all just assumed he was with you since neither one of you had messaged us. We all thought y’all just wanted to have some alone time together or something.” 

Your lips stayed in a soft pout as you wished that were true. Shaking your head, you pulled out your phone- going to straight to Jaebum’s messages, then tossing it over to him. 
“I asked him to come over tonight.” You murmured as the corners of lips flattened into somber expression while Mark looked over the text before setting your phone down on to the coffee table with your empty glasses.

With fingers still interlaced with yours, he pull you up from your spot and onto his lap in practically no time at all. He sat there, one arm tightly wrapped around your waist as the other held your hand.
Though you knew it was wrong, you just could seemed to force yourself to pull away from him. His warm, comforting embrace was the most affection you had gotten in, what felt like, forever. 

Snuggling into him, your head rested on his shoulder as his thumb tenderly caressed the back of your delicate hand. Suddenly, you felt him gently press his plush, lips against your forehead; the hand that gripped your waist rubbed up and down along your curve stopping just before getting to your outer thighs. 

“Y/n..” He softy purred, letting go of your hand just before bringing his hand up to your face; carefully lifting your head as his eyes fixated on you. Your eyes automatically locked with his and the sudden change in his aura lit the flame in your core. Your thighs involuntarily pressed together in a lame attempt to hide your sudden arousal. 
He tenderly cupped your cheek in his hand, licking his lips as his gaze landed on your soft, red stained lips. His thumb grazed your jaw as he leaned in, leaving less than an inch in between his lips and yours. “Let me help you get your mind of him..” 

Your lips part slightly as a soft gasp escaped you, “Please do..” You sweetly mewled in reply. 
Wasting no time at all, Mark roughly pressed his lips against yours enveloping you in a passionate yet desperate kiss. In a quick, swift movement he had you laying back on the couch with him right on top of you. 

Your legs wrapped around his waist as his hands wandered your clothed body. Slowly he broke the kiss, reluctantly pulling away from your sweet lips. He sat up, undoing your legs from his waist as looked down at you. 
“How bad do you want me?” He warmly purred, his hands running up your inner thighs only touching you where you needed him the most slightly. 

Biting you lower lip, you faintly whined in protest, “So badly..” You cooed, meeting his gaze with your heavy lidded eyes. “Please, Mark.” 

His fingers tenderly rubbed up and down the front seam of your leggings, teasing your dampening slit. The soft whimper that flowed out of your pretty little mouth drove him crazy- god did he want to just fuck you right then and there, but he wanted to savor this moment. 
With one nimble movement, his hand was down your pants. Leaning over you once more, a smug grin painted across his face as he raised a brow at you. 

“No panties, y/n?” He teased, automatically finding your clit as he rested his forehead against yours; completely enjoying the gorgeous, lewd sounds that poured out of you as he skillfully rubbed your sensitive little pearl in delicious circular motions. His breathing seemed to become heavier as the pure lust he felt for you increased, “You must’ve really wanted me to come fuck you, huh babygirl?” 

He began teasing your entrance, your mouth hung open as he suddenly dove two of his long digits deep inside you. “Fu- Fuck.” You cried out, you were so drenched that he slip them in with ease but the slight burn you felt at the slight stretch was more than welcomed. 
As he began fingering you at a steady pace, his lips pressed against your flushed  cheek. “You’re so fucking wet, y/n..” He practically growled into your ear causing your walls to clench around him.  

“Ma- Mark~” You moaned out, reaching you hands up- automatically clawing at his biceps. 
Both of you were too busy and filled to absolute brim with pure desire that neither one of you heard the front door opening and closing. 

“Y/n..” You heard a familiar voice call out to you as Mark continued his delicious assault. “I’m so sor-” The sound of bags crashing to the floor slapped both of you right back into reality. 

As Mark got off you, helping you up. Your heart sank as you saw Jaebum standing their, bags that seemed to be filled with your favorite snacks scattered on the floor beside him. 
Tears filled your eyes as your actions began to sink in; No this can’t be fucking happening. 

“Jae-” You shakily uttered out, but were immediately ignored as his eyes fixated on Mark. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He asked, containing the sheer rage he felt boiling inside of him. 

Though Mark seemed pretty sober, drinking sometimes made Mark become a sarcastic asshole- you had seen him act like a dick towards Jackson and the maknaes a few times, and you prayed to the god that you didn’t believe in that this wasn’t one of those times. 

Mark tilted his head slightly, smugly smirking as he stood and walked over to your boyfriend. “Helping your pretty little girl forget how much of a dick you are.” He chuckled, motioning over to you just before holding the two fingers that he just hand inside of you up to his mouth. “I was doing a damn good job before you showed up.” Separating them, your essence stringed between them as he ran his tongue up and down them; licking them clean. 

You could see smoke practically coming out of Jae’s ears as he stared down his friend- his hands balled up into fists, but just before you could stop him, his fist connected with Mark’s cheek. 
“Why-” Jae bestially snarled, pushing the older man onto the floor as he continued his vicious blows. “She’s my girlfriend! How could you fucking do this to me, hyung? You know how much I fucking love her!” He loudly shouted, landing another blow across his friend’s face before getting off him. 

You sat there, eyes widen as complete anxiety washed over you. The moment he turned his attention to you, you immediately began to cry- not once had you ever seen him so angry in the entire 5 years you knew him. 
“And you..” He growled, scoffing as he shook his head- making his way over to you. “Why would you fuck me over like this?” He coldly asked, “Hm? What fucking excuse do you have for me?” 

Covering your face with your eyes, your lower lip quivering as you began to sob uncontrollably. Slowly, you uncovered your reddened face and puffy eyes, “I- I..” You timidly stuttered, “I thought you didn’t love me anymore. You haven’t wanted to see me since I came back to Korea, and when we text you send nothing but one worded responses.” You frantically explained, still sobbing as you spoke. “I thought you were going to break up with me. You seemed so done with me.” 

Jaebum’s anger slowly subsided as he looked down at you- completely and utterly helpless. You were his little girl, he could never stop loving you; even now he found himself gravitating towards you. He wanted nothing more than to just hold you in his arms and give you all the attention he knew he neglected to give you, but he just couldn’t not after what he just walked into. 
“I might be after this..” He sullenly replied, turning his gaze away from you. 

Immediately you fell to your knees, rapidly shaking your head as you bawled- gripping your chest. “Please no, Jaebum, please.” You whimpered as you practically began to hyper ventilate. “I can’t lose you, I don’t want to lose you- please don’t leave me, I love you so fucking much.” 

Hearing your pleas shattered his heart, he never seen you cry like this- let alone beg. He crouched down beside you, wiping the river of tears that fell from your eyes. Tears welled up in his eyes as you buried your face into the palm of his hand, his lower lip quivered as he finally said, “I need time to think…” 
Just before he stood, he pressed his lips against the top of your head, “I just need time..” He softly repeated, standing then walking over to Mark. 

After helping his friend up, the two of them walked to your front door- leaving without saying another word. 

You sat there feeling like an absolute piece of shit while basically rocking yourself back and forth as you pulling your knees into your chest then continued to be a crying mess.
“Please don’t leave me..” You whimpered between your sobs, “Please.. please..”

4 Exits (to your apartment)

this is a late bday present for @shipped-goldstandard (sorry this is late and off topic but ilysm) 

1.5k BittyParse, Bitty meeting Kent’s family (Kent’s a white passing Mexican trans man as usual ty for your time) 

Also on AO3

Bitty sleeps on the train to New York. Kent had offered to fly him into JFK. But Bitty traded him for the opportunity to skip out on ungodly long TSA lines in exchange for covering his Uber to his place. The Uber should take 15 minutes. But of course this is one of the busiest places on Earth, and sometimes Bitty feels like he has a special brand of dumb luck.

He rubs his temple as he checks everyone’s snap stories for the umpteenth time. He thinks he could’ve walked there by now. Then again, who knows how long it would take to walk around Central Park with his overnight bag. It would also be incredibly easy to get lost trying to find Harlem.

Pedestrians and bikes flicker by. He thinks he’ll get a crick in his neck from how much he’s staring up in awe. The buildings are grimy but still so brilliantly lit. Clouds continue to rumble over head. New York reminds him of ants scrambling—quick and with purpose.   

Bitty slumps further back in his seat, deciding to play another round of candy crush.

“So what are you in town for?” his driver asks.

Bitty stiffens. Part of him instinctively wants to lie. His mind already has a story about visiting his cousin who’s going to grad school at Columbia but found this cute little place in Har—

He sighs. It’s New York for fuck’s sake. If this man gives him shit, he can just open the door and walk into the world’s slowest traffic.

“Meeting my boyfriend’s family,” Bitty murmurs.

The driver hums. “When I met my wife’s parents, it was the absolute worst.”

Bitty snorts indulgently. “You don’t say?”

“Oh yea,” the driver says amicably. “Her mother was on the city council and her father owned a butcher’s shop. Her mother made a joke that if I ever hurt her, they could make my death look like a freak accident.”

Bitty shivers. “Any advice? Kinda new to this.” 

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  • Me: I want to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: You have no time to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: Even if you did have time to reread Captive Prince in the few minutes you could steal from studying time, you'd end up wanting to write metas, and metas take up even more time you don't have.
  • Me: But I want to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: make a compelling argument there...
Playing (with the) Doctor

Can you do one where Yondu is just flat out seducing a shy reader? - anon

(looked up pick up lines for inspiration and ended up with doctor/ nurse pick up lines and it went from there - hope you like it)

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belictioner-tothemax  asked:

Hi! I recently followed you and I love your imagines😄❤ I was wondering if you'd do one where the reader has to tell Sam, Dean or Cas (you choose who) that they are pregnant? And then maybe skip to when the baby is born?

AWW Thank you so much, your an angel! 

I couldn’t decide between those 3 dorks so I wrote for all 3, hope you like it!



You’d know for about 2 weeks that you were pregnant with Cas’ child and you had finally gotten the courage to finally tell him, he had already become suspicious of you unusual behaviour and every now and then ask is everything okay or if you’re not feeling well.

“Cas theres something I need to tell you” He takes a seat next to you a bit nervous, he knew you were about to say something very important.

“Is everything okay (Name)?” He places his hand over yours and slowly rubs it.

“I’m pregnant” His eyes widened and became completely speechless. It took him about a minute to finally reply.

“I’ve known for quiet some time” You should have known Cas would sense it, he is an angel after all.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” You could feel the tears form.

“Honestly I scared at first, but then I realised how difficult it must have been for you so I waited until you were finally ready to talk about it and I’m so happy”

“You are?” He slowly wiped away the tears that streamed down your face and pulled you into a warm hug.

“Why wouldn’t I be? You carrying my child, I must be the most luckiest angel in the whole entire universe”


“Congratulations Ma’am, It’s a boy!” The nurse carefully handed your newborn son, his eyes were shut and he’d occasionally wave his hands about making both you and Cas giggle.

“Uncle Dean is here” Dean and Sam walk in with a bunch of flowers.

“Aww it’s a mini Cas” Sam says shaking the baby’s hand

“Hold him Cas” You carefully give the child to Cas who seemed extremely nervous.

“He’s so small” Cas says as the baby raises his tiny hands onto his face.


Sam Winchester 

You had just taken a pregnancy test and left completely dumbfounded, it was clean positive with the test in hand you made your way out of the bathroom only to walk into Sam.

“Hey, you okay?” He asks

“Ehh yeah…” you avoided eye contact as you answered and did you best to hide the pregnancy test, you were planning to go tell him but now that he was here it seemed a lot harder than anticipated.

“What are you hiding?” ‘Damn it’ You slowly opened you hand in front of him showing the pregnancy test. “Your pregnant?” he placed his hands on your cheeks and softly caressed them.

“Yeah” tears start to fall on your face and Sam slowly wiped them away.

“Oh god, I can’t believe it, we’re going to be parents!” He places a kiss onto your lips


“And they lived happily ever after” Sam quietly says whilst softly closing the story book, making the least sound as possible.

“Sweet dreams princesses” He whispers whilst placing a kiss on both his daughter’s heads and then quietly making his way back towards his room where you were waiting.

“They asleep?” You ask pulling him into a hug.

“Yes, Mission accomplished Ma’am"


Dean Winchester 

“Babe we’re headed to out to get some drinks, you coming?” Dean asks walking into your shared bathroom.

“No, I’m a bit tired so..” you could feel yourself slowly loose consciousness but before you hit the ground Dean had quickly reacted and caught you.

“(NAME)! Damn it, stay with me!” Hey says whilst picking you up your unconscious body. Not long after you start to wake up and can hear both Dean and Cas’ voice’s.

“Your awake, oh thank god!” Dean places a kiss on your forehead and runs his hand through you (h/c) hair.

“What happened?” You asks as you slowly sit up with Dean’s help,

“You passed out, Cas used his angel mojo but couldn’t find anything wrong”

“That’s because there isn’t anything wrong” He raised a brow at your answer.

“Then how com-“ You interrupt him without giving him a chance to complete his question.

“I’m pregnant”

“Your what?”

“Dean Winchester, I am pregnant with your child”  

“Oh my god this…this is amazing! I’m gonna be a dad?” He picks you up and spins you around in his arms.  


“Say DADDY” Dean says to his newborn daughter who was more interested in hitting his face with her rattle.

“Oh rejections gotta hurt” You say taking the baby from him.

“She’ll come around” He say wrapping his arm around your waist.

“Ma…ma” Both you and Dean were left speechless, your daughter had finally said her first words and you two had never been more happier.

Mon Chaton

Pairing: Lafayette x Fem!Reader

Warnings: light angst and implied smut. Mentions of shortbread cookies

Setting: Modern, very fluffy at the end

Prompt: “btw, can I make a Lafayette x reader request? I’m simply a thirsty Laf ho who would die if you did a thing for him” @wendigosgonewild thank you for sending in a request!

Summary: Laf is ignoring the reader and she is worried, so she calls the rest of hamilsquad to help her, angst and then bOOM fluff

Words: 1,036

Ships and requests are open!!!!! Please leave suggestions in my inbox!



Laf opened the door and threw his bag on the floor. He only acknowledged your loving hellos with a low grunt. He slouched on the couch and turned on the TV. You sat down beside him.

“Laffy, is everything okay?”

“Yes, mon amour. I just had a very hard day at work.”

“Well… I know what we could do to fix that…”

You reached under the blanket and-

“No, (Y/N). Please not now. I just want rest.”

You could see something was definitely up. He never refused sex, even when he had a “stressful day at work.” You decided not to think much of it, he would probably tell you later.

20 minutes into watching television, he got up and went for the bedroom. “I’m taking a nap.” He muttered. He never took naps… You decided to text Alexander to see if he knew what was up.

To: Al my Pal

Hey, do you know what’s going on with Lafayette? He barely looked at me when he got home today, he’s moping around, and he’s taking a nap. He never takes naps.

From: Al my Pal

I’m sure he’s fine, (Y/N). Maybe he just needs rest.

To: Al my Pal

But he refused to have sex. Let me repeat,  Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette refused to have sex with his girlfriend of three years.

From: Al my Pal

Okay. He must be pretty down in the dumps. I’ll be right over with the guys.

~~Magically fast forwards 30 minutes later~~

From: Al my Pal

Hey, we are waiting outside the door, and we don’t want to knock just in case we’ll wake up Lafayette.

You opened the door to Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and Hercules Mulligan, your three best friends. You motioned them to come inside, and pointed to the door.


~~Magically rewinds 31 minutes earlier to Lafayette’s POV~~

Okay. I finally got her away. I have tried to convince her boss to let me take her on a vacation for a solid month, and he finally caved in earlier that day. I pulled out my laptop and sat on my bed. Let’s see… Google… Southwest… Book a flight… flight for two to France… God she will love this. *imaginary fist bump*Arrival and Departure… Confirm. Now to confirm the shipping for the engagement ring-

Knock knock knock

“Mon chaton, I’m trying to rest. I promise we can talk later but for now please let me s-” Herc poked his head through.


“Mon ami! What are you doing here?” Alexander and John poke their heads in as well. I motioned for them to come inside and to sit on the bed.

I whispered in the lowest voice I can manage. “Okay guys, you have to swearnot to tell (Y/N) anything. Swear?”

They all nodded and Alex crossed his heart. I showed them the computer screen. All three of them got huge smiles on their faces and started to congratulate me. “Proposing to her in France?? She will be head over heels!” John squealed. I asked them to leave the apartment so I could show (Y/N). I closed the jewelers tab and I called for her.

~~Reader’s POV~~

“(Y/N), could you please come in here? It’s important..” Your mind was racing. He sounded crestfallen. You have never heard him like this. Was he breaking up with you? Did you do something wrong? You tried to read your friends faces as you were walking past them, but they avoided your eyes.

“Sit.” he patted the bed next to him and put his computer aside. You could throw up right then and there. He looked so worried. You just wanted to hold him and console him..

“I’m going to get straight to the point because you deserve nothing but the truth.” He looked down at his hands that you were holding. “I have to go back to France.”

You heard your heart crack into two. You tore your hands away from him. “I should have told you long ago. I’ve known for a month. I leave this Sunday.” You didn’t stop the hot tears rolling from your eyes. Everything burned. Everything ached. To see the love of your life go thousands upon thousands of miles away? You hugged him as tight as you could, trying to memorize every curve of his muscle and every crevice of his toned stomach. You pulled away and he was smiling. Smiling? How could he be smiling? He pulled out his computer and showed you the flight information.

“And you’re coming with me.”

“W-wh-” He shoved the computer into your hands and pointed at the location. It read, Paris, France. Arrival, this Sunday. Departure, two weeks after that. He opened another tab that read, Honeymoon suite. Exquisite view of the city of Paris. Overall Cost for the suite… 20,000 American dollars??

“Laf.. h-how are we going to afford this?”

“I’ve been saving up for 2 years. The first year of us dating, I remember you telling me about how much you wanted to see France. You had a glimmer in your eyes when I taught you my native tongue, and French cuisine. Remember that straight month where you baked Punitions (shortbread cookies) and Apple Croustade non-stop? I’ve always wanted to show you where I grew up… and now I finally have the chance.”

Tears were still falling from your face. Half happy, half shaken. You were still in the state of sadness and shock from the thought of him being stationed in France. You buried your face in his chest and let your arms fall around his back.

“Ma reine, I’m so sorry I scared you.” He stroked your hair as he cursed himself in whispers. “I won’t let go of you until you’re only crying tears of joy.” You sat there for 10 more minutes until you were actually crying tears of joy. You talked about all the things you would do, all the places he would take you until it began to get dark out.

“Now… how about I take you up on that offer, Mon amour?”


“Well… I know what we could do to fix that…”

He was definitely teaching you French that night.


Lol translation he was moaning french all night

I hope you liked this one!