My 2011 follower forever.

  • Ainsley-my IRL Best friend and an amazing writer
  • Amanda- My other IRL best friend and funnily enough another fabulous writer
  • Ana- My Brazilian who I can talk about hobbit cocks with. True friendship.
  • Moony- The wonderful girl ho introduced me to Homestuck. And she’s just fly all about. She’s a canadian cow.
  • Becca and Brodi- Always a pair to me. Another Canadian and just another wonderful hilarious group.
  • JM- My first tumblr friend. A kind, caring, amazing person who I will always love even if we don’t talk as much anymore.
  • Bree- my beautiful skank who god she literally brightens up my day.
  • Ronnie- Literally the kindest person I know. She understands my love for doctor who like no one else.
  • Alyssa- What can I even say about alyssa? Really I’ve known her months but she is one of the closest people to me and we are literally the same person.

I love everyone i’ve met here but here are some of the people who have changed my life and made me feel amazing. I love you all.

The ones who changed my life in 2011

So here are people I met I’m grateful for in order of their appearance:
JM: my first tumblr friend. We started to talk because of the most amazing thing she did. Standing up for two boys shed never met. And I knew I had to talk to her. Also she writes amazing Kline fics. She’s so strong and kind and hilarious. I love her.
Alyssa: I could write an essay about Alyssa. She’s become such an important person to me and we have literally everything in common it’s kinda scary. But I loved her. She’s hilarious snarky and understands me. It doesn’t feel like I met her in July.
Louis: Liz. We met around the time I met Alyssa when it was the end of an era. And you were the George to my Luna. And you’re so sweet and wonderful. And I miss you so bad.
Ronnie: ugh. I can’t even with you. You’re the nicest goddamn bitch. I fully expect you to kidnap me. She comes up with the best comments ever. I adore this bitch.
Bree: and thus we complete the bitch brigade and the original phelps hands group. Bree is indescribable. She pushed me to watch spn we cried over David tennant and she’s just the most beautiful hilarious crazy skank. She’s my French girl.
Becca and brodi: these two are a pair to me. They’re so sweet and wonderful. They fought over milk jugs and bags and they are fantastic. So sweet and hilarious.
Moony: Natalie. You are Dave strider. And such a cow. My canadian cow. I love you darlin. Even if I’m rude and obnoxious. I love you for showing me home stuck and being so fucking amazing.
Ana: how does one describe you. Well you talk to me about shangs sexuality and hobbit sex. I don’t think I could ever find someone like you ever again. You’re one of a kind and you’re so fucking hilarious. My Brazilian banana.
Megan: ugh my wifey. You’re amazing and we both like the same things and ugh. I love you.