I wish friends and lovers still wrote letters to each other, poetry to each other, or recorded their thoughts in the form of small, tangible gifts. There is nothing lovelier than receiving the innermost thoughts of another person in their handwriting, their words smeared with the side of their palm or looped in cursive ink so that they all run together. I would keep them all.
—  Arosary

i said i would do a favorites post so here it is i’m sorry if i forgot anyone just tell me if i did and i will cut a notch into my left wrist and send you a vial of my blood or something but yeah this list is kind of dumb i’m bad at alphabetical order

this is just a thank you to all of you who have been so nice to me i love you all so much i want to talk to you all more <33

anonymous asked:

hi, im new here and i wanted to know what blogs you reblog from or what blogs you recommend or like... (if possible) thank you so much x

I NEVER EVER GET ASKS ANYMORE! An actual message surprised me! Blogs are really love are listed under my favourites. At the minutes I’m reblogging lots from adelightfulsomething, girlinlondon, florescent, fauchon and arosary :) x