14. A character you wish was never introduced

Aroree - Elfquest

Okay, I had a hard time finding pictures this time… Anyway, Aroree is whatever. I am bored every time I have to read about her. She’s very depressing. She’s immortal and needs to get a life, so she ends up following Skywise around a lot because he’s fun. That’s, like, her whole thing. I don’t want to be bummed out when I read about Skywise. Go away.

Ever since I first saw Astral, listened to him talk and watched him move, I had a weird feeling that I remembered the character from before. So many things about him pinged me, from the hovering to the posture to the abstracted/out there thought processes. Except I couldn’t figure out where I knew Astral from. “It must be some other anime series,” I thought, and figured I’d remember eventually. 

But the other day, someone mentioned the comic Elfquest, and I just about smacked myself on the forehead as I realized—Astral is a lot like either a High One or a Glider. That’s what I was trying to think of! 

You got the hovering ability, and the I’ll-fly-in-any-position-I-want-to thing (I can’t find the pic of Astral flying upside down, but I’m sure you’ve seen it). 

And a tendency to be amazingly ethereal, 

And something about the hair/headdress is strongly similar, too. 

Now, I’m not even vaguely trying to imply that anyone copied anyone, here. I’m just pointing out the similarities for my own amusement, and hopefully yours! All these character designs just scream “Advanced Being”, if you ask me. 


Crossover, anyone?