Poem for A Room of Her Own - Making Waves, 2015

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I wrote this poem on the last day of a life-changing week with the writers of A Room of Her Own Foundation, Ghost Ranch, NM, August 10-16.

Poem for AROHO – Making Waves – 2015

And here we are

Chimney Rock watching over us

The horse corrals and the tour vans fuming

The visitors arriving to be willingly haunted

On the hallowed grounds of Ghost Ranch.

We with our black lanyards swinging, urging all

To write against the current

Books and accolades aside we are

Stripped down to our selves, naked

Our personalities, our generosity our

Fierce vulnerability

Have become our names

We write.

We commune.  We dialogue. We stare

At the sky with its cumulus clouds heavy

And sometimes rain

And sometimes a double-rainbow

And sometimes lightening and thunder

And sometimes stars falling

And we yelp like hyenas as each writer

Takes the stage, and we weep when something

She has said is our very own heart beating

We write for each other’s mothers, we write

For each other’s fathers, we write for each other’s

Losses and we write each other’s celebrations.

We write to unearth, to disturb and agitate

We write to heal, repair and reconcile

We write to change the tides of the seas

There is the emptiness we brought with us

To be filled like a vessel

There is assault and there is trauma

There is the everyday violence

Of being a woman

On urban streets or dusty roads

In homes and bedrooms and on TV

There is the everyday silencing

Of women crying to be heard

From factories, fields, offices and pages


There is the everyday judgment

That a woman writer must be crazy

Or too much

Or too hungry

Or eccentric or suicidal

And maybe sometimes we are

But maybe sometimes

We have to shut out those haters

And yet here we are:

Mothers and healers, teachers and fighters

Lawyers, academics, painters, filmmakers

Queers and questioners

Working hard with or without

A room of our own

And yet we write those books anyway!

Culling from the past, speaking to the future

Warriors clearing the path

Warriors on the front lines

Warriors who carry beauty and strength;

Feminine and fierce

Duality-breaking warriors

Unafraid warriors

Love-wielding warriors

Wordsmith warriors

All of us warriors

Our pens directing the tides

As we write to push the currents

In a new direction never

Before witnessed and now

Bear Witness we do

To each other

And so will the world

The current shifts

And as we depart

See! that roiling, gathering wave

Thundering towards the shore

Ready to break

Let us face it completely, and now

Let us


- Aimee Suzara, August 16, 2015