[GALLERY] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016 (Lunar New Year Special) - NU’EST, SEVENTEEN P4
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Special notes: 

  • Caption 1 used Minhyun’s nickname ‘Minyeo’, literally translated to ‘Beauty’, followed by lyrics from ‘Hello’.
  • Caption 2 used Aron’s line from the screencap convo between him and Seungkwan

Source: MBC Entertainment Lab Twitter

NU'EST February schedule .
( Monday 15th to Sunday 21st )

Tuesday 16th
[ Recording] KBSR Super Junior Kiss The Radio .
[Live Broadcast] 20:00 해요TV-박소현의 아이돌TV

Wednesday 17th
NU'EST 4th Mini Album ‘Q is’ Release

Friday 19th [Radio] 22:00 KBSR Super Junior Kiss The Radio

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This hub was pretty insane, but imagine if Aleks was there during the time they filmed this. Like maybe it would be Aleks along with James, Aron and Joe, then James just takes that dragon dildo out and starts chasing/tormenting Aleks with it. And to think this hub wouldn’t have been so crazy if the guy in this video hadn’t talked to James about it.