Mon Poirier revisité en layer cake…

# Préparation de la génoise (qu’il faudra ensuite découper en trois !) :
- 5 œufs
- 150 g de sucre en poudre
- 120 g de farine
- 30 g de Maïzena
- ½ sachet de levure chimique

# Cuisson : 25-30 minutes à 180 °C

# Préparation du sirop : ( que vous pouvez aromatiser au parfum de votre choix !)
- 12 cl d’eau
- 70 g de sucre en poudre

# Préparation de la crème et de la garniture :
- 250 g de mascarpone
- 40 cl de crème fleurette
- 5 cuillères à soupe de sucre en poudre
- 6 demi-poires au sirop coupées en petits morceaux

# Temps de repos avant décoration : minimum 2 heures au réfrigérateur.

# Préparation de la crème pour la décoration :
- 230 g de beurre doux à température ambiante
- 220 g de sucre glace
- 1 pincée de sel
- 60 g de crème fraîche épaisse
- 170 g de chocolat blanc
- ½ cuillère à café de vanille liquide
- colorant en poudre bleu

# Temps de repos après decoration : minimum 2 heures au réfrigérateur.

The very large study post with Katie MD

So this is what you requested guys, and I’m going to give my best and invite you into a study journey with me, so let’s get this party started!

First, no good study session can start before I clean up my room, because if my room’s a mess, my head will be too. A lot of distractions are going to be at hands reach, and we can’t let anything take our focus off the book, especially that shiny thing there on your table. Yeah, that one you’re looking at right now. So move it somewhere else, fast! We’re moving on…


Water, coffee, tea, anything will work. Ice tea, a cold juice or hot cocoa for revision. Whatever you like, but watch out for those caffeine crashes - they’re the worst study sesh killers out there. And they’re silent, and hit hard with headaches, yawns and leave you with no focus or motivation whatsoever, so my advice is one cuppa in the morning for us coffee lovers, or make not to concentrated coffee in a french press and sip it through the session SLOWLY , with lots of cold water if you’re pulling an all-nighter, or some aromatised water (just put some herbs in it while it sits in the fridge or freeze them in the ice and you’ll get beautiful ice cubes)


Also, before we begin with the serious stuff, a word on flowers. It’s good to have at least one living thing on your desk, it just boosts you happy-meter. I have an orchid (a long beautiful bloom, not so hard to take care of if you give it a try, and a Gerbera I got for my birthday - not sure if it’s “a Gerbera”, because here at home we just call it Gerber)


Filofaxes, register folders, calendars, daily calendars, anything and everything,

depending on how prone you are to going crazy in the office section of any store. Or just print out your own. Or use none if you think it’s a waste of time, just write a to-do list on a simple post-it, and stick it somewhere visible, like your computer screen, desk or wall. Also, you can use Momentum on google chorme or any planner app out there, even a notepad on your phone or computer. Don’t overdo it, organisation can, also, lead to procrastination.

Here’s my filofax. I covered up a bit of my student ID card, just for safety reasons, and then we have see through plastic pages that are great for sticking post-its, since they stick much better than to regular paper. On the end we have a Cristina Yang quote, a little reminder, and some magnet page markers (there’s only one there because it’s April and all the rest are sitting on pages of different books already)


If you want to get these, go crazy! The happier the colors, the better. Because we already know the material won’t be colorful nor happy. Especially if the topic is aneurysms. And clips, clips are good. Clip similar material together, clip and hang important notes, clip your printed material, clip everything!


Notes good, facebook bad! That’s my mantra for any lecture I ever went to. 70% of the people you see at lectures (at least) are just jogging their thumbs hitting that newsfeed button. You’ve seen all those selfies and cats already, and thinking about it, I believe it’s not so much more fun than the lecture itself. Don’t let yourself be driven to log in just because the topic is boring, or the lecturer, as he/she most likely will be. Write stuff down, even just a few sentences, think of it as your own personal shortcut to knowing what’s important and what text should just be skimmed through.

Then again, go home, write the dates on your notes, and organize them:

You can use a register folder with the metal binding and either punch the holes out yourself, or if you’re lazy and a bit clumsy (and you destroy more notes than you properly punch and bind) you can go to the office section again and get a pre-punched pad and just tear out a few pages and bring them to the lecture. (This method also gets a big + for a not so heavy bag, since you’re taking paper instead of a heavy notebook)

Don’t let what others want eclipse what you need,
they’re not the Sun, you are.


No, you don’t need these to study, but meet Grumpy (Siamese fighting fish who loves posing for pictures) and Casillas (Koi fish, or the dude who constantly gets tortured by the Beta)


Hope you liked it, and will send me more requests, I had so much fun writing this post for you. Good luck with your studies and exams,

Katie MD