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Modern AU ft. Obi-Wan in a wheelchair? Maybe he's a war vet turned college prof, or a detective that had a nasty run-in with a killer who murdered his adopted father and then fixated on him (*cough* Maul *cough*)

Hanging useless thin legs over the end of the couch, Obi-Wan stared sleepily up at the ceiling of his apartment as he breathed deeply to escape the clutches of his almost nightmare from his nap.

His breath was a cleansing breath, breathing out all his anxieties like he had been taught to do.

Slow and steady breaths, releasing his anxieties as he imagined a balloon slowly inflating and deflating and himself breathing in sync with its actions before he carefully pushed himself up and dragged himself to settle his feet onto the floor and pull his wheelchair close.

“This is what I get for fighting writer block with port wine.” He mumbled grumpily while rubbing his lightly throbbing head before he levered himself carefully into his chair and got comfortable.

Rolling himself to the kitchen, he got himself a glass of water and peered at the window as he sipped slowly.

His first book had sold well, but then again his first book had been about himself and Opress…

Maul Opress name still brought a shiver to his frame and he was glad the man was never getting out of jail, especially not as long as Obi-Wan kept showing up at the others hearings to ensure the man wouldn’t get out.

Then again Opress seemed to get something out of it too, leering at Obi-Wan every time.

Settling his empty glass on the counter, Obi-Wan rolled himself over to his computer bag and carefully picked it up to settle it on his lap before rolling to his laptop to pack it up.

Staying inside was obviously crushing any inspiration he had for another book as his publisher had basically wanted a prologue to Obi-Wan’s encounters with Opress.

Several of his old case files were copied onto a memory stick for him, a favor from Rex and Cody who were still working with the Coruscant police department after Obi-Wan had to quit after Opress had injured him and killed…

Obi-Wan hands stilled on the zipper of his bag, closing his eyes to take a deep breath. ‘Qui-Gon…’ He thought mournfully.

His adoptive father had been good to him, had taken him in when Obi-Wan was getting too old for anyone to really adopt and had taken the badly tempered teen in and loved him when no one else had.

Had encouraged a boy to become a man and a productive member of society, helped him through college and been there when Obi-Wan became a police officer.

The memory of his death was no longer crippling though.

It pained Obi-Wan but it no longer made him unable to live through the days as those first few months had been as he had only come through physical therapy and the court cases thanks to Rex and Cody showing up everyday to ensure he took care of himself.

‘Blasted twins did make sure I had everything.’ He thought fondly before sighing and finishing packing up his laptop.

He tucking the bag on his lap, he rolled to fetch his leg blanket, coat, wallet, cellphone, keys and pulled on his travel gloves.

“…Okay, lets go find a nice place to write hmm?” Obi-Wan breathed out then rolled himself out of the apartment and to the elevator, taking it down to ground floor.

Looking around he took the street to the left and just let his hands and wheels take them where they wanted until he found a cafe that looked interesting and was accessible yet spacious inside.

And the name was amusing.

“The Sand Trap cafe?” Obi-Wan couldn’t help a small chuckle before he rolled himself up the ramp and let himself in after the door opened up, glancing around while taking in the pleasant aroma of tea, coffee and pastries.

“Greetings sir, I’m Shmi.” A slightly plump woman with her mahogany brown hair pulled back in a bun smiled warmly at him. Obi-Wan had a feeling she looked older then she was but she had a kind face. “How may I help you?”

Rolling himself to the counter, Obi-Wan smiled pleasantly up at her in return, helpless to do anything else in the face of such friendliness. “Well, what would you recommend a peckish man?”

Laughing softly, Shmi gestured to the glass display beside her. “Well that all comes down if you’re a coffee or tea drinker and what kind of pastries you like but if you want my personal suggestion, I’d go for the pecan and caramel muffins today, fresh less then an hour ago.”

Chuckling quietly, Obi-Wan pulled his wallet out. “That does sound good, I have a sweet tooth you see. As for drink I tend to be a tea drinker…” He peeked up at board with the prices and blinked in surprise. “You got loose leaf tea?”

The woman nodded happily. “Yes, a few jars. See one you fancy?”

Staring up at the menu for a few seconds, Obi-Wan felt a soft smile cross his face. “Sapir?” He requested softly.

He remembered Qui-Gon drinking it everyday, the fragrant smell of the green tea filling the kitchen and living room as they enjoyed cups together when Obi-Wan had become an avid tea drinker himself.

Shmi nodded, still smiling warmly as she accepted Obi-Wan’s twenty. “Please, find yourself a seat, there’s outlets along the wall if you need to recharge your computer. I’ll be with you in a few moments with your order.”

Accepting his change Obi-Wan nodded gratefully before he did as told, backing his chair lightly and then rolling over to a spot with an outlet, carefully pushing the chair by it to the other table and then rolling himself into place.

His position allowed him to peer out the large window at the people walking past yet also allowed him space to see the counter at the same time.

‘This… could be my new spot if it doesn’t get too crowded…’ Obi-Wan settled into his chair, pulling his laptop out of his bag with a relaxed smile as he set it up.


Fan photo of Alex at the Aroma Coffee and Tea (possibly taken on May 18, 2017)(x).

Alex’s May 16th “Conversations” Q&A for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation has been released! You can watch it below or on YouTube (x):

“It’s kind of unfair that the gorgeous and talented Alexander Skarsgård is also SO FUNNY.” -Jenelle Riley (x)

Photo credit:  dasha.bohush instagram (x):  "One of the advantages of living in LA is the chance to meet a celebrity by chance. I was so afraid of coming, and every time I was going to the spirit, I suddenly found a new reason to retreat. No wonder, I certainly looked stupid, smiling nervously, then sitting up, then sitting back, not daring to do anything. I watched the TV series #true blood and immediately remembered one of the main characters, for those who do not know this is a series about vampires. It is very difficult to actually go up and ask for a photo from a celebrity. I persuaded myself only because it could be the first and last time and there is nothing to lose)

Conclusion, do not be afraid to take risks !!”

Officer named Daddy - Jungkook (Smut)

Finally its here! I’m really hoping you guys enjoy it. There was such a big build up for this that I was a little scared to post it, but never the less, here it it. Enjoy ;)

You where sat in your room, the cold oak desk you had been studying at for the past two hours becoming fascinating as your mind done everything in its power to procrastinate. You had a lecture from a police group in your university today the KNP-SWAT team, however you couldn’t seem to push one of the men out of your head, Head Officer Jeon Jungkook; his smile, cheeky and cute yet poisonous and sexy all at once, his fluffy yet slick burgundy hair and his toned body -from what you could see in that tight fitting uniform of his.- To refrain from loosing your mind, you decided to put your spotify playlist into action, hoping it would help you concentrate. After another painfully long thirty minutes of attempted study you moved down stairs to get a snack. You had already had dinner, so you decided on a cup of tea and a soft cookie, sitting on the couch watching a reality TV show. You had just cleaned up your meal and turned off all electronics down stairs, ready to go to bed, when you heard a knock on your door. You slowly walked over, unlocking and opening the door, looking out worriedly. No one would come to your door at this time, the fact you lived in an area prone to fires, drugs and break ins made you almost scared to do so, but never the less you proceeded. You where looking down at a pair of black patin Doc Martens, the double knotted laces leading up to black trousers. The legs where slim but firm, the calves muscular and thighs almost bulging out of the fabric around them. There was a hand on the belt of the trousers, the long fingers gripped the belt buckle firmly. The hands, followed with veiny extensors and flexors. You didn’t need the arms to flex to see the bulging muscles coming from the biceps and triceps. That was when you saw the black shirt, leather padding surrounding the shoulders, two gold badges on the left pocket of the shirt and one on the right. Above that, a police badge, your eyes widened as you made your way past the green-purple neck veins and define jawline to find the man himself, Jeon Jungkook. You unintentionally revealed your nerves, through the goose bumps that had appeared on your legs which only supported a pair of stripped grey booty shorts, you shivered at the cold breeze coming over your body. “Oh, please come in.” You spoke politely, allowing the officer to enter your home. “Would you like anything to drink?” You asked him, however all you really wanted to know was why this gorgeous man was in your house at this hour. “No I’m alright thank you. I was just…” He said resting his hands on his belt as he continued “coming to check your house, there was a noise complaint…” He spoke, unbuckling his belt. “Loud screaming, from upstairs” He said sliding the belt off and hitting it off his right palm. “No I’m home alone, there must be a mistake. There was no screaming” You said confused. His eyes instantly blackened, iris’s captivated in lust as his lips curved into a devious smirk, “Hmm…There will be.” He spoke as he backed you up against the door. “Aren’t you still working?!” you said, your breathing becoming heavy, your heat growing wet. “I got off work an hour ago, (y/n). I’ve been thinking about you ever since I caught your eye in the lecture hall this morning” He said, his voice was husky and his breaths sounded like growls. “Why are you doing this? What do you want?” You asked, your brain unable to register what a handsome man like him, would want to do with a simple girl like you. “I want you.” He said, as he pounced. His hands engulfed your face as his lips touched yours, through instinct you put your arms to his, in attempt to push him away however he simply grasped your wrists, pinning your arms above your head as he slid his tongue across your bottom lip, gaining entrance to your mouth. You felt his rough tongue skim over your mouth, he tasted like a police officer would, the aroma of coffee and donuts still lingering in his mouth, contrasting with the tea and cookie combination of yours. Instantly you where inactivated in his body, you where his for the night, wither you liked it or not. Your tongues battled together in a fight for dominance. As you both attempted to taste as much of each other as possible. You whimpered at the fact you couldn’t explore his body, being restrained from his hands. “Shh baby, in time.” He said as he dropped your hands, “Jump” He said, wrapping your legs around his waist, his hands squeezing your ass. Your arms where wrapped around his neck as both of you continued the harsh make out session. He carried you upstairs, “what room?” he asked breathlessly. “last on the right” you puffed. He lay you down on the bed, as he climbed on top of you. Pulling at the hem of your shirt before ripping it off to reveal your blue lace bra. His hand reaching round to the back, unclipping it and throwing it to the opposite side of the room as he moved this kiss from your lips, trailing them down to your jaw line, sucking ever so slightly, as he got lower his sucking and nipping became hasher. From your neck to your shoulder all the way down to your breasts. He massaged your left breast will his tongue harassed your right nipple. Your moans came out in long, slow blows, engulfed in pure pleasure by just his lips on your skin. He moved down to your shorts, sliding them down your smooth legs, leaving you in just your blue lace panties. Reaching round to his waist he pulled out a pair of shining silver hand cuffs, trailing the cold metal up your thighs and all the way up to the tips of your fingers, earning a shiver from you. He took your wrists one by one and cuffed them to your head board. Restraining you from touching him, making you want it all the more. He left you  laying there, with your legs open as he began to strip. First taking off his boots and tight trousers, revealing his boxers and tented bulge, begging to be touched. “Uhhh” You huffed as he slowly unbuttoned each of single button of his shirt. “Patience baby girl” he said as his shirt fell to the ground revealing his muscular, toned body and an in captivating ‘V’ line that led to his throbbing member. He crawled back over you, sitting in front of your legs. He carefully pulled the lace of the panties down your legs, as he began kissing up your thighs. He sucked harshly on the skin of your thigh, “Ah Jungkooook” You said as he edged closer to your heat. He slapped your thigh and stopped what he was doing. “That’s Daddy to you.” He said sternly. You gulped, nodding slightly. He continued in his tracks. He nipped and sucked at the skin only millimetres away from your heat. “Daddyyy…” You moaned out, needing him everywhere. He placed one hand on your thigh as the tip of his finger slid over your entrance, you groaned attempting to move forward but his grip held you still. Then he slowly slid his finger into your entrance, you moaned out leaning forward in attempt feel more of him. Once you had loosened up a little he added another finger, curling them to reach your g-spot. “Ahhh Daddy!!!” You screamed as you quivered under his fingers. “Not done yet baby” he said as he added another finger, stretching you out further. “Uh Daddy please!!” You yelled as he plunged his fingers into you curling round you, you could hold back your release anymore as you came all over him fingers. “Watch me.” He said as he took his three fingers into mouth, devouring your taste. It was a massive turn on, even more so when his head disappeared in between your legs. His hair tickling your thighs as his tongue slid over your slits, his tongue ventured deep into your pussy. Lapping up all of your juices before sucking and biting harshly on your clit, causing a mini release from being so wet for him. He slid back up to you, turning you on your side and kneeling on the bed. “Suck it, princess” Your eyes widened at his throbbing cock, but you did as he said you took the very tip of him into your mouth, swirling your tongue to taste his pre cum. “Don’t tease Daddy” He said pushing his hand into your hair and pushing himself into you. you began to suck as he began to grind into your mouth, face fucking you. You hollowed your cheeks around him, causing his head to fall back and a long groan to come from his throat. You flattened your tongue along his member and moaned into him, the vibrations became too much for him and he release into your mouth. You looked up at him questioningly “swallow.” He said, you done as he wished and let the warm, white liquid slide down your throat. “Good girl” he said, kissing your forehead. He walked back down to your legs, sliding them open again, “Do we need protection?” He asked, before making any moves. “No, i’m on birth control” You said. He nodded and smirked before slowly sliding into you, instantly your eyes closed and moans began erupting from your voice box. “Open your eyes, I want you to see what I’m doing to you” He said sternly. Your eyes opened as he pushed into you again. He stopped allowing you time to adjust, you simply nodded when he could move. He went slow at first, hitting all the right places, slowly and gently. “Please Daddy, Faster” You said moaning, he done as you said, bringing your left leg over his shoulder, he thrusted in and out of you faster and faster, hitting your g-spot with each powerful thrust “AHH DADDY!!! I-I’M GONNA…” You screamed loudly “Cum for me princess” As if following his orders, you released around his erect member, your release sent him over the edge too as you both rode out your orgasms together. He leaned down to his pocket, grabbing the keys to the handcuffs, uncaring you and throwing both the key and cuffs down to the floor. “Woah” you spoke, totally breathless. “So… why did you come here?” You asked him, still confused. “You caught my eye today, I honestly couldn’t get you out of my head. So I searched you in our register and found your address. I hadn’t planned to sleep with you tonight, just talk to you.” He said looking down at you as he snaked a hand around your waist. “Are you planning to commit or am I just a one nighter?” You asked worriedly, “Why don’t we go on a date, Friday night?” He asked looking down at you. You smiled and nodded. “Can you stay the night?” you asked him, shyly. “Of course I can.” He said kissing your fore head as you snuggled up under the blankets together.

How Close You Are [Wrench/Reader] Part 2/3

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How Close You Are:    Part 1    Part 2     Part 3

Not much Wrench in this part. Next Part though… (*devious smirk)

It was only a few days later that you managed to pull yourself together. Picking your sluggish self up and off your bed and out of your disheveled room. You’d barely been able to eat, much less be bothered to shower, and all that other stuff that normal functioning people did. Over the past few days your home computer beeped continuously, letting you know that someone had hacked into it. But you didn’t bother checking. You knew who it was, and you stayed hidden away from any and all cameras (not like you had much, Wrench had smashed nearly all your electronics in your bag), burrowing into your bed.

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Coffee Shop

Pairings: Sam x reader

Gender: not specified

Warnings: idk fluff???

You finally moved back home after going to Columbia University and graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in writing. You had finally gone to school for what you wanted to spend the rest of your life doing. Writing.

Of course you loved reading. Writing could never compare to the world’s that sucked you in every time you read, but you adored writing nonetheless.

It had just been a week since you had moved back and you dearly missed that old coffee and tea shop that you used to go to before work. You remember the man that worked there always got your name wrong no matter how many times you’ve told him in the past how to spell it. You just let it slide because 1. He was so cute and 2. He was so sweet.

You decided to head to the little coffee shop to satisfy your curiosity of whether the man still worked there or not.

When you finally arrived, you walked into the entrance with the door hitting a bell letting the workers know a customer had just arrived.  The familiar aroma of coffee beans and tea leaves filled your nose and you smiled, remembering the past and the nostalgia that the smell brought.

You looked around, scanning the little shop and noticing the slight differences the owner had made since you had been gone. There were a few people working there. One worker had their back towards the front door and was cutting lemons, one was making coffee and humming a lovely tune, and another one that was counting the money in the register.

You walked up to the register and began reading the menu, not sure of what to get.

“Would you like the usual?”

The man that was cutting lemons stopped and turned around from behind the register counter and smiled at you. You smiled back as soon as you realized that this was the same man who had always made your coffee.

You nodded your head at the man and he turned his back towards you, giving your eyes a show of his muscled back in his tight white shirt.

No later than five minutes later, he called out.

“Almond vanilla coffee with two squirts of hazelnut!”

You knew it was yours. You always ordered the two flavored squirts of hazelnut with almond milk and vanilla creamer.

You walked back up to the counter and the man, whose name you never learned, gave you your drink.

You took a sip of the hot drink and it was exactly how you loved it.

Sure, you used to be a regular, but you literally haven’t been to this coffee shop in four years. How did he still remember my order, you wondered.

“Thank you.” You gave the man the exact change and exchanged smiles before turning away. You happened to check your cup for your name, and a laugh slipped through your lips.

He once again spelled your name incorrectly, but he completely butchered the spelling. You couldn’t help but turn around and make eye contact with him and laugh again.

He had a confused smile on his face, not sure if he should laugh along with you or ask you what’s going on.

You walked back up to the counter and showed him the way he spelled your name, his confused facial expression never leaving his face but only becoming more confused. You decided to just tell him the truth.

“You wrote my name down wrong the first time I came here and I didn’t correct you, but you’re really sweet and I didn’t know how to tell you you’ve been calling me by the wrong name for seven years.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”

His face turned red with embarrassment and he quickly took your cup away and brought out the Sharpie marker he had used to write your name.

“Tell me how to spell it correctly, please.”

You told him how to spell it correctly and once done, he held the cup out in front of him as if to contemplate on how to pronounce your name.

“How do you say your name?” He asked so innocently and adorably.

“It’s Y/N.”

He repeated your name in a whisper, your name sounding so pure coming from his mouth. Your name almost sounded like a song that you didn’t want to end.

“Nice to meet you Y/N. My name is Sam.”

You repeated his actions and whispered his name to test out how his name felt running through your mouth.

“Nice to meet you as well, Sam. And don’t worry about the name. I just thought I would finally correct you after all of these years.”

He handed you back your cup of coffee and you took another sip, feeling the hot liquid sooth your throat from the cold morning.

Once again, you both smiled before you decided to walk away and go home to do some writing.


The voice stopped you in your tracks and you turned around to see Sam coming from behind the counter and up to you.

“Are you free this evening? I wanted to know if, maybe, you would like to go out and have dinner with me? That’s if you don’t have a boyfriend or a husband.”

Sam stuck his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders as he asked you the question. His nervousness was beyond adorable and you couldn’t help but say yes. Your answer would have been yes, regardless.

“I would love to, Sam.”

Your words brought a huge smile to his face, his dimples becoming prominent as you noticed them for the first time. His multi-colored eyes twinkled in the light that was shining down from the ceiling lights and you couldn’t help but reach up and caress his face.

“I’ll come by later this evening and I’ll see you then.”

You dropped your hand from his face, the smooth and velvety feel of his cheek burning through your skin as you realized you might not ever forget what his skin felt like.

something just like this

summary: Oikawa Tooru finds himself again through managing his late grandfather’s cafe. He’s thinks he’s prepared for it all, but Iwaizumi Hajime is an extra that he never expected.

pairings: iwaoi w/ matsuhana and (hinted) kyouhaba

warnings: violence in future parts, mentions of past injuries too

note: my @iwaoiexchange​ gift for @locattss​ where the prompt was cafe or bakery AU, so I went for a cafe inheritance AU. hope you don’t mind it’s WIP for now, additional parts and AO3 link will be added later

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | ETC | AO3

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Spilled Coffee

You sat in physics class, listening intently as the teacher spoke. You felt disappointed when your teacher’s lesson got cut short by the bell. You looked over to the boy who sits just one seat away from you, Peter. You watched as he quickly got up and gathered his things, obviously in a hurry to go, which always surprised you that he would want to leave as soon as possible seeing as the two of you were the smartest in the class. Well, the whole school, really.
He hurriedly grabbed his papers from your teacher and left the classroom. You gathered your things and grabbed my test papers from the teacher and exited the room.
Instead of going home, you headed to your favorite little coffee shop. It’s a very nice little place, not very popular but they have great drinks and snacks and it’s nice that it’s not crowded like Starbucks. You always go here when you have a lot to study for.
You smiled as you walked inside the small shop, hearing the little bell chime upon your entry, and breathed in the beautiful aroma of coffee, tea, and pastries.
“Hey, Y/N!” Everyone from behind the counter greeted happily. You could say that you come here often.
“Hey, guys!” You chirped.
“The usual?” The girl at the register asked, a big smile plastered across her face.
“You know it, Stacey.” You replied, returning the smile.
“She’ll have the usual.” Stacey informed her coworkers with a light laugh.
“Is that a new haircut, Frank? Looks nice.” You complimented.
“Yeah, it is! Thanks! You look nice today, too.” He responded, winking at you.
You rolled your eyes and shook your head, still smiling.
You went and took a seat at a tall circular table by the window. You pulled your textbooks, notes, and laptop out your bag and set them on the table.
“Lots of homework, huh?” The girl who brought you your drink and pastry asked.
“Yeah. It’s no big deal though. I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for all these AP classes. Thanks, Rachel.” You said smiling as you took your order.
“Well, I know I sure couldn’t do all of that. I’m proud of you, kiddo. We all are.” She told you, patting your shoulder. Then you heard Stacey, Frank, and Ben all agreeing with Rachel, and saying they were proud of you and that you would do good.
This is one of the biggest reasons you like coming here. They’re always kind and encouraging.
You started on your work, and before you knew it, you were done.
You sighed contently, and stretched your arms and back before putting your things away.
“Well that was quick.” Ben commented.
“Yeah, it was.” You agreed, actually a little surprised you were able to finish so fast.
“One more drink for the road?” Ben offered, smiling.
“Definitely.” You accepted happily.
You stood, and walked to the counter, waiting for your drink. Once you got it you bid your goodbyes and leave the shop.
After walking for a little while, you realize you left your phone on the table.
“Shoot!” You exclaim, turning around and walking back.
You enter the shop, not looking anywhere else but at the table. Your phone was still there, thank God.
You went to walk over to the table just as the guy standing at the counter turned around, and went to exit quickly, not noticing you. Before you could move out of his way, he ran right into you, spilling both yours and his drink all over you.
You gasped, shocked by the impact and being soaked by liquid so suddenly.
“Oh! I am so s-sorry! I-I didn’t even- I- oh my God.” He stuttered out apologetically.
“I…it’s fine. It was an accident. It could’ve happened to anyone.” You assured him polietly.
“Yeah, I-I know. But I just feel s-so bad. I can’t believe I…” He sighed, stopping himself from rambling.
“I’ll-I’ll buy you a-another drink! Whatever y-you want.” He said, finally looking at me instead of the ground.
“Hey, you’re Peter, right? We have a bunch of classes together.”
“Y-yeah. You’re Y-Y/N, right?” He asked, surprised he even managed to say that much to you. Truth is, Peter has admired you from afar for a long time, and being here, face to face with you, had him so nervous he could barely breathe. Especially since he had just spilt his coffee all over you. What a way to make a first impression.
“Um, you don’t have to buy me a drink. I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” Said, smiling shyly.
To be completely honest, you had been admiring Peter from afar for a long time too.
“No, no! I want to.” He insisted.
“Okay.” You giggled and looked away.
You went over to the table with your phone on it and took a seat.
Peter came back shortly with a drink for you and a drink for himself. He took a seat across from you at the table, a little awkwardly.
“So, you’re into physics?” He asked.
“Yeah! I think it’s really cool.” You answered excitedly.
“Yeah! I really like it too. I think it’s awesome.” He agreed with a huge smile.
You two went on and on talking about any and everything, learning more about each other, and just chit chatting, really.
You two went from sitting there chit chatting that one evening to meeting up there and studying, to meeting up every weekend, to meeting up whenever you’re free, to going on your first date there, to several date nights there. And none of that would have ever happened if Peter had spilled his coffee all over you.

I hope I did alright with this and that it’s what you were wanting! It was my first request. Sorry if it’s long. Feel free to send feedback! Requests are welcome. Have a great day/night, lovelies!

The aroma of fresh made tea and roasted coffee in the diner accompanied the welcome hum of voices, conversations about school, work, family, gossiping and general chit-chat. Bug was busy - on his terms. Tea towel slung over his shoulder, pencil behind his ear and a novel in his hand. That was his usual stance, leaning over the counter which in turn had developed a strain in his back over the years of working there and having only bought it over a few months back hadn’t grown any easier. The bell at the door rang, indicating a new customer, he held his finger up asking them to hold on, “Sorry, just finishin’ this page. What can I get you?”

Wrong Number (Jr.)

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Plot: Hey you called me at 3am and we talked about some pretty deep stuff do you remember that? AU

Length: 1,470 words

Genre: Fluff

*A/N: This is Volda’s scenario prize for winning my scenario contest :-) Hope you like it, girlie!

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“You haven’t aged a day.”

IMAGINE: Being a slowly aging mutant from Bucky’s and Steve’s childhood and meeting them in the present.

Brooklyn, 1942

You sniffed, wiping your eyes on your sleeve. Steve slipped his hand in yours, and squeezed it softly. Bucky gave you a sad smile and you felt like your heart was breaking into a million pieces. One of your best friends was leaving, leaving to go off to war, and you didn’t know if he was going to come back-alive.

“It’s not goodbye, (Y/N),” Bucky said softly, and hugged you tightly. He nodded at Steve, squeezing his shoulder.You pressed a cheek against his forehead, and he walked away slowly. Steve held onto you with all the strength in his frail body, watching your best friend for several years walk away.


Rain pattered onto your umbrella as you walked down the street. You inhaled deeply as the aroma of coffee, tea, and sweets filled your nose. The door dinged open and you smiled at the owner.

“Ah, Ms. (L/N)!” Mr. Bert greeted warmly, dusting his hands off on his apron. “I’ll get started on your order!” he disappeared into the back of the cafe before you could say thank you.

You sat down at your regular table, and your eyes had wandered around the familiar place. Nothing much had changed since the early 40’s, except for the owners. The tea had remained warm and herby, the biscuits soft and gooey, and the memories you made there remained pleasant. A small sigh escaped your lips, and there was an aching feeling in your stomach. Bucky and Steve, you thought, and the aching feeling grew.

You were interrupted by the clinking of a cup on the table. Your eyes shot up to see the kind smile of Mr. Bert. “Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Bert,” you said gratefully, and the older man squeezed your shoulder gently.

“Anything for you, (Y/N),” and he bowed comically at you, while you let out a giggle. He left you to drink your tea as he moved to the back again. You sipped your tea, and the door creaked open. You didn’t really pay it any attention, until you heard the customers’ voices.

“Just like I remember it, what about you, Buck?” a familiar voice asked. You stiffened in your chair and your mind started to whirl. Sure, you had heard Captain America was back in business, but you had supposed it had been a replacement. Not, not Steve>/i>. And by the sound of it, Bucky too.

You turned around slowly in your chair, and you let out a little gasp. It caught the attention of the two men, and their eyes flitted towards you. They let out a gasp of their own, and Steve’s eyes widened. “(Y/N)?” Bucky got out, the man’s voice more hard than you remembered.

That was the only invitation you needed. Leaping out of your chair, you hugged them tightly. Their arms encircled you just as tightly as yours had. A few hot tears trickled down your face, and you pulled away. “Steve,” you got out. “You’re a lot bigger than I remembered.” you let out a giggle, and Bucky laughed.

“Guess I am a bit bigger.” Steve’s voice was the same and you marveled at his hulking build. He pressed a kiss on your forehead, wrapping an arm around your waist. Your eyes drifted over to Bucky, who just starred at you, his mouth wide open.

“You haven’t aged a day,” Bucky got out, his voice hoarse. There was a gleam in your eyes, and you could feel the lump in your throat get bigger.

You kissed his cheek gently, a few more tears running down your cheeks. The aching feeling that had been in your stomach since the 40’s melted, as you drew the men closer to you. You were finally home.

We Unexpectedly Got Married 2/?

Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kibum’s asked to return for another season of WGM and Jonghyun is asked to appear in the show for his first time. But what neither is expecting is that they’ll be paired together!


Jonghyun isn’t expecting a call from the producers of We Got Married and he sure as hell isn’t expecting for them to want him to appear on the show. “Wait, wait…so you want me on this season?” he asks sitting up on his bed and stroking Roo’s head. “Yes, we want you.” The man spoke into the phone with a smile. “You’ll be perfect for this season!” Jonghyun’s eyes widen and he has to clamp a hand over his mouth to keep from squealing. I’m going to tell Kibum and he’s going to flip. “We plan to start filming next week.”

“So you’ve already chosen my…” Jonghyun hesitates before saying the word. “Spouse?”

“Yes, we have.” His heart was doing backflips now. Who is she? Is she someone I’m close to? Is she from a popular girl group or maybe she’s an actress. Thinking these thoughts a goofy grin spreads across his lips. “Wow…” he exhales shoving a hand through his silver hair. “Thank you.” The producer hums softly into the phone. “We thank you for agreeing to it.” Jonghyun chuckles, thanking the producer one last time before hanging up. “Roo-ah!” he coos. “Appa’s going to be getting married soon.” He says kissing the top of the dogs head, a giggle or two escaping him. He felt like he was meeting Kibum all over again—the flutters and nerves—he thought that they had gone away, but anything that made him happy, the flutters would reappear. He jumps off of his bed and does a quick (embarrassing) dance in his room. He’d have to call and tell the other members, but first he’d have to tell his sister because she knew how much he wanted this. So without much thought he dials her number and the second she answers he asks about her day and then he goes off telling her about what just happened. “Are you serious?!” She exclaims, Jonghyun was standing up, nodding smugly. “Yeah, they called a few moments ago.”

“Oh my god, congratulations!”

“Haha, thank you.” He smiles to himself, heaving a happy sigh. “Sooo~ who’s the lucky girl?” Jonghyun shrugs, his hands slapping against his hips. “I have no idea, you know how this show works.” Sodam laughs lightly. “I couldn’t help but ask.” They continue to talk; Jonghyun steps out onto his front lawn and stretches his hands above his head. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue—clear and breathtaking—a symbol maybe? Jonghyun loved those types of things. An everyday symbol of joy, a light, a fluffy cloud or glowing moon. Everything meant something. He ends the call with Sodam saying that he’d meet with her later. He stares at his phone clutching it in his hands. He wanted to tell Kibum—the words were going to spill out of him and splatter onto the concrete below his feet. “They want me to appear on the show.” He’d tell Kibum and they’d celebrate over wine and whatever Kibum fixed up that night. He came over to Kibums house without much notice or any notice at all. “Just be expecting me.” He’d say and Kibum always would. Jonghyun shifts his weight to his left foot and squints into the sunlight. Sometimes it feels as though we’re married…Jonghyun never voiced such thoughts. He kept them to himself as though those words were the most precious and most dangerous gift he could ever give to Kibum.

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Morning People [Outlaw Queen Prompt; M-rated]

Based on a comment from emily31594: “Here’s a head canon I have: Robin hates waking in the morning but Regina is a morning person and she figured out she can get him to wake up for early morning sex.”

For you, my dear! (I threw in another one of your head canons, too, for good measure. You’ll see what I mean.)

Note: very very NSFW. I say as I type this at work. Hah.

There are those types of people who find themselves up before the sun is, with a cup of tea in one hand and scrolling through the morning news with the other, herself included; but Regina discovers early on in their relationship that Robin is most certainly not one of them.

It’s a harmless adjustment at first. If she doesn’t make it into her office until half past nine every day because Robin has taken to tightening his arm around her waist as soon as her alarm goes off, well, no matter; it’s difficult to say no to the heat of his body, or to the answering warmth that pools deep within her own as he nestles closer into the curve of her back, and she’s her own boss, anyway. Besides, her workspace is literally down the hall from the bedroom, and it’s not like her conference callers will notice if she’s still in her silk pajamas with her hair uncombed, or if her boyfriend ambles in just after noon, drunk off sleep, to nuzzle her neck from behind. (Until she kicks him out before his hands travel far too low to be appropriate when there’s work to be done, and he’s the reason why she’s already three hours behind on it in the first place.)

But the leisurely days of summer come to a close as the school year draws near, and while budget reports and town council minutes can await review until well after Robin decides to wake up or later, preparing the boys’ lunches and taking them to school most definitely cannot. So a week before the big day (Henry does this song and dance every year, but it will be Roland’s first time in a structured classroom setting and she wants the experience to be nothing short of absolutely perfect for him), Regina devises a plan.

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With all this eating I do, a girl’s gotta hit the trails every once in a while. After a quick google search, I found the closest easy/intermediate trail (that ISN’T runyon) and headed out to Fryman Canyon’s Betty B. Dearing Trail. I live in WeHo, so all it took was the gorgeous drive up through Laurel Canyon (which is one of my favorite drives in LA) and voila, there was the trailhead.

This is a 3 mile loop that covers all types of different terrain, and right now is exploding with these gorgeous yellow wildflowers. I was walking quickly for most of it and it took me about an hour fifteen - super easy. It’s a bit of an uphill incline for the first mile, but it’s easy enough that it’s popular amongst dog-walkers and joggers. I highly recommend!! 

(And then head over to Aroma on Tujunga for lunch or coffee. My favorite place :)