arohi sharma

Happy 6th Anniversary KMH!!

6 years ago, January 19th 2009, on this day played the very first episode of my most favourite (and other people’s) show… Kitani Mohabbat Hai!! That show was so damn popular that it was brought back for another amazing season!! KMH is personally one of most favourite shows of all time!! And Arjun x Arohi are the cutest onscreen (and offscreen) jodi’s ever!! Again, my favourite!! Seriously KMH had a huge fan following back then and still now! Nobody can forget KMH and they never will. All the Arjun x Arohi scenes, doesn’t matter if they were happy scenes, funny scenes or sad scenes. We loved them all!! The whole cast was so good that it made the show even better!! 

Hopefully we can see a reply back on TV again one day (that would be the best day ever!!) and play back all those great memories we have for the show!! But I would do anything to see them back together!! Love KMH forever and always!! Ekta Kapoor was a genius to make this show and them listen to fans to bring back another season!!

Happy 6th Anniversary KMH!! <3