Okay I still think Juleka 100% belongs with Rose, but I was not pulling Aleka out of thin air, I promise you

If Rose ends up with Prince Ali we literally have another ship right there waiting, LOOK

I’m not joking

Block List 7

How did we get our list? This list was primarily complied of aphobic behavior directly witnessed by us.
Are we going to remember every single instance of aphobic behavior assigned to a jumble of letters and numbers? No, we just trust ourselves to know that they landed on it through their determination.
We don’t make notes of every single aphobe because that’s not conducive to our goal - a low spoon way of protecting your safe space. (Think, you can’t just copy paste when there’s all these little notes in the way).

NEW: We split the list into two facets. Harassers and Casual Aphobia.

Harassers actively make spaces unsafe for a-spec people.
Causal Aphobia is something that is aphobic even though that may not have been the goal. This keeps people safe from stumbling onto hate and getting a left hook.
Blocking aphobia/aphobes means they cannot send you anon hate, cannot respond to any of your posts, you can’t see them in searches/tags, or have you accidentally reblog an aphobe by mistake.
 Please excuse any duplicates and deleted blogs, we literally don’t care enough about aphobes to commit them to memory lmao

Look for the entirety of our block list series by search our tag #Block
Please note: People under causal aphobe does not necessarily mean that they are not the harasser type, it only means we’ve only seen them in a passive role.





aro moodboards// aroflux + coffee shop 

“Stop and smell the roses every once in a while.”

you know what i’m tired of? aro/ace discourse. you know why? because we are all looking for a place of belonging, and just because someone could be classified under ‘het’ but is ace/aro doesn’t mean they shouldnt be included. we are supposed to be a place of belonging and community that accepts people who society rejects based upon gender and sexuality. this includes lack of sexuality.

ace/aro people are in need of a community who will protect them as there are people in the medical field who think there is something wrong with them medically or psychologically because they don’t experience sexual and/or romantic attraction. this is so close to how queer people were considered to suffer from a mental illness.

we don’t exclude bi, pan, or any other identity that could incorporate het attraction, shouldn’t we do the same with ace/aro? and honestly, isn’t it quite tiring to keep fighting against people who feel similar emotions we do about how society treats us?

h0llywoodnt  asked:

Hello we (read: I) need more about: - Corin being gay for the wives and low-key freaking abt Aro learning about it. - JANE AND ALEC BEING TREATED LIKE ACTUAL CHILDREN BY THE COVEN AND GUARD IN A GOOD WAY.

Oh gosh, I’m pretty sure Corin is eaten up with anxiety about her crush being discovered. (Aro and Marcus noticed it within a month, because of course they did. They’re not too worried, though. The list of people who develop crushes on Sulpicia and/or Athenodora is long; these two straddle the line between pretty and scary, and that’s an alluring combination for the undead.) Still, every time Aro takes Corin’s hand, she’s internally screaming. And she keeps apologizing to Caius, which confuses him to no end. 

I entertain myself for hours imaging Corin trying to have a conversation with either Sulpicia or Athenodora. She’s graceless to begin with, and the tiniest display of interest or care from them scrambles her brain. When one of them asks, “How is your day going, Corin?”, her response is something like, “I don’t know! I have no opinion about the linear passage of time!” She immediately regrets being so weird, but they seem to find it endearing?? Which doesn’t stop her from practicing things she’s going to say to them in front of a mirror and then messing up anyway. 

To change gears entirely, I feel like the coven and Guard could have a really positive impact on Jane and Alec if they put in the effort?? I talk a lot about Jane’s physical insecurity, for instance. Sulpicia and Heidi would be really qualified to address that because a) they’re ludicrously lovely and not without angst about it and b) their approach to beauty is almost mathematical. They could fix her hair and find her clothing that fits right and, by paying attention to her, make her feel like she has value.

Meanwhile, Alec has always wanted to belong somewhere, in my opinion. If Felix, Demetri, and Renata spent a little time with him, he’d be so happy. They’re funny and cool and sweet respectively, and he’d legitimately love friends like that. 

And I can’t believe that Caius wouldn’t worry about the twins’ safety and emotional health. He’s all jittery and paranoid from the stuff he’s seen; surely he’d fret about putting children in similar situations and ask them a million times whether they were okay, and if they weren’t okay to just tell him and he could fix it. Similarly, Aro should be totally fascinated with Jane and Alec’s brains and completely devoted to educating them and prone to telling them stories about all the interesting things he’d seen. And Athenodora would provide running commentary. Aro is an unreliable narrator and she wants these demon kids that she’s apparently raising now to know accurate facts. 

I just want my dumb evil vampires to be a dumb, evil vampire family, okay? *goes off to sob in a corner*


tons of discoursers say that they formerly identified as asexual or aromantic due to their internalized homophobia.

some of these people claim that having the known option of asexual is harmful to young gay teens who may think they’re ace/aro due to internalized homophobia, similar to their own experience.

internalized homophobia is not the experience of every ace/aro person. if you’re one of the people who identified with it wrongly, then i’m sorry to hear that.

but here’s my question: if you genuinely believe that most ace/aro people identify that way due to internalized homophobia, why don’t, instead of attacking the a-spec community, why don’t you help them through this “internalized homophobia” you think they have so that they can be the Proper Gays™ you “think they are” or want them to be.

  • Mom: These people are like this because they CHOOSE TO BE LIKE THIS
  • Me: We, the "differents", don't choose these kind of things
  • Mom: "WE???"
  • Me: We. Some like a different gender, the same gender, both, none... I (romantically) like none. Do you think I choose to be like this? You think I choose to hear from my father that I'm not normal? To hear the kind of things I've heard from you??
  • Mom: I...
  • Me: No, I didn't choose it, but believe me. I'm so proud of who I am today, and I wouldn't be any other way.
Ace discourse

Hey so I noticed there’s a ton of Ace Discourse™ going around again so I thought I’d give a little positivity to my beautiful straight cis aro/aces! You are all beautiful and belong in the community! Aparently some people enjoy gatekeeping in the lgbt+ community even though people are already being oppressed and it doesn’t really?? Make sense?? They are just being crabby, you are very valid! So don’t worry!! If you feel bad just come talk to me, I got u. I’ll be your parent and make you feel validated. It’s gonna be ok. So, your questioning whether you belong?

Are you heteromantic asexual?
Yep! your lgbt+!

Are you aromantic heterosexual?
Yes! You belong in the community!

Are you aromantic asexual and cis?
Yeah! You belong here!

You all are great and lgbt+! Have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

I feel like The Volturi Coven would quietly freak out whenever guards go on missions cause not only do they run the risk of them dying, but I feel like they are more likely to meet a mate outside of Volturi and away from Chelsea's influence. Especially if it's the 'love at first sight' like Alice and Jasper

That seems realistic, doesn’t it? It even appears that Eleazar and Carmen fell in love exactly like this– she didn’t come to Volterra on her own, presumably– so there’s precedent for a guard meeting someone and developing feelings during a mission. This becomes doubly possible when you consider the fact that Chelsea can’t touch mate bonds.

[And this is why I ship Heidi/Felix/Demetri and pretend it’s canonically possible. All the things Aro worries about– disloyalty, poor job performance, leaving– won’t happen as a result of their romance.]