All a-spec are valid and part of the LGBT community

 [Four images all in purple text.
-First image says “Asexuals are valid and part of the LGBT community” on the asexual flag. 
-Second image says “Aromantics are valid and part of the LGBT community” on the aromantic flag.
-Third image says “Gray-aromantics are valid and part of the LGBT community” on the gray-aromantic flag. 
-Last image says “Gray-asexuals are valid and part of the LGBT community” on the gray-asexual flag.]

So I visited my old high school today for a meeting of the Queer-Straight Alliance club b/c they had members of a local Ace group come in and give a workshop (for the club and in the gender studies class) and it was very cool!

We discussed some ace/aro history and just what asexuality/aromanticism is, some terminology, ace/aro representation in the media, and a lot of other cool stuff!

Basically, it’s really neat to see my old school bring in ace/aro education and to see the students really enthused/interested in learning about it!

Speaking of being introverted and a-spec….

Does anyone else feel like being a-spec caused them to be even more introverted?

Like, I was always a little bit introverted, but as I grew up, and the divide between what my classmates felt and what I felt increased, I feel like I got more introverted as I had less in common with them, but I understood myself.

Anyone else have that feel?

so apparently now there are 2 made-up strawmen @c3 discours3 characters. chad the aro frat boy was the first, and now he is joined by unamned bi cis dude who is into women and nb people (and is apparently fetishizing nb people or smth? or only likes vag? but all nb people arent afab? and why would he even call himself bi if he was really like this huh)

anyway, i like this new guy

he shall be called Jason

he discovered his bisexuality in college when his partner came out as neutrois. He realized that he still loves faer. He started calling himself bi out of respect for faer :)

also chad the ar0 all0 frat boy has a qp, shes a trans girl named alice, shes aro and ace :)

they just moved in together and are raising money together to pay for her transition :)

they have a cat :3

jason and his datemate and faer other partner come over often and they hang out and drink wine and complain about straight people together and talk about their senior papers.

I should have been tipped off about being ace/aro when I went on a mission with a bunch of other Mormon girls (who I assumed shared my experience) and they were talking about their first kisses and they got to me. I said I’d never wanted to kiss anyone and their response was shocked stares followed by one of them whispering “are you some kind of angel”

And then the time a couple we were teaching was living together and my companion said they couldn’t get baptized and I was like “we can’t just assume they’re sleeping together and deny them baptism, we haven’t even asked them” and my companion barked a laugh and said “people don’t move in together to sleep in separate beds, sister. How innocent.”

Tl;dr for the first 24 years of my life I didn’t realize asexuality was a thing, I just thought I was excessively Mormon

I’m here for bi girls who only like girls and some/all non binary genders
I’m here for bi guys who only like guys and some/all non binary genders
I’m here for bi nb people who only like one binary gender and some/all non binary genders

I’m also here for bi girls who only like boys and some/all non binary genders
I’m here for bi guys who only like girls and some/all non binary genders
I’m here for all bi people who only like some/all non binary genders, and don’t like ether binary gender

I’m here for my fellow bi people and I love you all so much you’re all valid and deserve to be in the community

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It’s also really important to remember not to consider the lgbtq+ space as a highly sexual one. It’s a spectrum like anything, and people can have a high or low sex drive, and the community has been trying to fight this stereotype for so long - that being lgbtq+ means you are promiscuous and/or highly sexual.

YES i meant to mention this too this is really important to remember