When arobro first shared Kazim, I thought how he would clash with my Whyrl. A swordy dude who takes on monsters and dragons? A monster/dragon who crossdresses as damsels in distress to lure out valiant knights to destroy? Sounds like a good mix!

.. WE WEREN’T CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME TO SUGGEST SUCH A CONFRONTATION.. but then I accidentally brought it up while chatting, so here it is.

I always did think Whyrl made one really ugly princess, though.

I’ve been in an art funk so I tried out arobro’s meme.  I have a folder of memes I have collected over the years and this is the first one I have actually put an effort into completing.  I got a bit lazy with the last 3 so I might go back, and color all of them too but here it is for now with Luna.

What’s sad is I can recognize some of these poses are ones I have drawn many times before <_<