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My favorite HP headcanon is asexual Charlie Weasley. All the men in his family talking about girls and ginny talking about boys with hermione and Charlie is just like "guys... DRAGONS"

“This one’s name is Arrow, this one is Ace, this one is Spade, this one is Comrade, and this one is -”

“Aro, Ace, Spade, and Comrade? Trying to tell us something, Charlie?”

“- and this one is FIREBOMB. All caps, no kidding. Don’t get too close to her - you’ll lose your hair.” Charlie positively glowed with pride looking at the weyr of dragonlings like a proud father.


“So who are you interested in, Charlie, mate? We haven’t heard you talking about anyone you’ve dated or are dating.”


“I like dragons, too, mate, but I’ve also got a wife.”


“I think that might be illegal, yannow.”

Charlie grabbed his friend’s shoulder and looked him straight in the eyes. “Draaaagoooons.”


“Charlie, when are you going to settle down and marry,  hm?”

“Mum, I don’t have time for that. I have dragons to watch over.”

“I’m sure there’s some witch or wizard out there who will understand your ridiculous choice of job.”

“You can just say wix, mum. And I don’t need someone who will understand. I have dragons.”

~Hufflepuff Mod

I headcanon Hermione as lithromantic graysexual. So I wrote a small piece about her lithromanticism

After Ron and Hermione kiss, they decide to start dating. ‘It’s fine, what happened with Victor was a one time thing, it won’t happen again’, she tells herself everytime she goes to meet him for drinks.

After the first few days she starts to feel it, or well, she stops feeling it. Hermione panics. She has spent so much time thinking about dating Ron, and now that she’s finally doing it, it dissappears so fast?

She’s scared of telling Ron much more than she was when she told Victor, much more than when she told her parents. Everytime she tries to tell Ron her throat snaps shut and she forces herself to act normal.

When Hermione realizes she can’t keep on like this, she does a very ungryffindor thing. She flees. She starts avoiding Ron, making up excuses that don’t even make sense.

She’s crying silently while reading when she feels Ron’s hand on her shoulder.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, 'Mione. I really really can’t read your mind.” She’s ready. She can do this. She opens her mouth to tell him but what comes out is “I’m fine, really”.

“You’re crying. Of course somethings up. I confess you were right when you said I had the emotional range of a teaspoon, but I’m not that dense.”

Hermione smiles, and finally she realizes she’s not talking to 'Ron, her boyfriend’. Well she is, but most importantly she’s talking to 'Ron, her best friend’.

“I’m lithromantic. I- It means that whenever my feelings are reciprocated, in my case it’s whenever I enter a relationship, my feelings dissappear. I do love you. I do. But… I can’t have a relationship like the one you want. It suffocates me.” She’s red. And looking at the table with her eyes closed, listening to her breathing. To his breathing, to the ticking of the clock.

After what feels like an eternity Ron speaks. “What kind of relationship do you want?”

She opens her eyes slowly and looks at Ron. He looks determined, slightly scared, and most of all, he looks brave.

“I want a QPR. That is, a queer or quasi-platonic relationship. I want to be with you but without the hand holding, or the word boyfriend and girlfriend. I want to spend time with you like we did before but also… I want to tell you all my secrets, I want to cuddle sometimes, talk to each other about things we discovered or learnt over some butterbeer or hot chocolate.”

After what felt like showing her insides, she felt breathless, scared, but also hopeful. Her heart was banging against her chest but she felt hope growing in her chest.

Hermione was pleasantly surprised, and also proud, that Ron took his time to think over what she had just said. She went back to her book, rereading the same three words over and over.

After a while she heard Ron clear his throat. “I’ve never thought about what exactly I wanted from this relationship, but I do know I like being by your side. I want to do all the things you just said. If I want to do something you didn’t state there I’ll ask you first. But… What should I call you?”

Hermione smiled at him warmly. “'Mione is fine”.


for @aroacehogwarts ‘  Aro/Ace Harry Potter Fanfiction and Fanart Competition!


“YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT, HARRY POTTER!”  Draco Malfoy screamed into the orange, ombre evening air above before laughter overtook him; the sound fitting in perfectly with the screams of joy overhead, the cool, summertime atmosphere, and upbeat music surrounding them. Crinkles formed around Harry’s bright green eyes as he watched on, enjoying the way his boyfriend looked so carefree and relaxed at this moment: dressed comfortably in a muggle jean jacket, a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, and low-topped shoes; his white-blond hair flying back, and a hue of red gathering among his pale cheeks as another round of laughter broke through him.

It wasn’t long before one broke through Harry as well, and the two were doubled over and clutching their stomachs out in the middle of the public, muggle fair; their wild and hysterical laughter ringing out and attracting attention. There were scolding looks, but for the most part, there were positive reactions; little kids giggling at them behind their parent’s leg, some of the ride attendants, and even groups of adults themselves managed to break out a smile or two at the sight of young love.

Draco, once catching most of his breath, crawled over to Harry’s laid figure, pulling him close. “But you’re my idiot,” He told Harry before kissing him, one hand traveling back to run itself through Harry’s dark and messy hair. Harry responded back immediately, one hand wrapping around Draco’s waist and tugging him atop of himself; drawing the kiss in deeper. It was sweet, soft, and sensual: Harry’s favorite of them all. Yes, it was simple and short, but it was theirs.

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seeking the crazy [Viktor/Charlie]

Written for @aroacehogwarts​ “Aro/Ace Harry Potter Fanfiction and Fanart Competition”

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Viktor stumbles when the Portkey drops him off in warm sand. It takes a few deep breaths for the initial wave of nausea to pass, and then he straightens, closing his eyes and enjoying the salty breeze coming from the sea. It’s strange how much this place always feels like coming home, this secluded, picturesque cliffside in Cornwall – much more than his own house, that’s for sure. For a moment, he allows himself the memory of the walls that always feel a little too bare, the bed that always feels temporary and not quite right, and he knows he’s made the right decision in coming here.

It’s not just the scenery, though: ever since he announced his official retirement, all the wizarding magazines in Europe have been betting on his return, hounding his every step, constructing more and more ridiculous theories about his life, and there’s just something about finding a couple of Extendable Ears in his front garden every month that would grate on any sane person’s nerves.

So when Fleur’s letter arrived, it did not take much thinking to decide. You could come early, she wrote, even though you probably won’t have much peace. Apparently, the whole Weasley family has been in an uproar about the upcoming wedding for weeks now, and Bill has set his mind on acquiring some rare magical politics book for Hermione from a peddler in Cayenne; and I refuse, Viktor, I REFUSE to put my child through transatlantic travel if she has a perfectly responsible godfather who could watch her while recovering from his sordid affairs with Romanian vampire models.

How she keeps finding the articles about him in all the obscure South-European wizarding tabloids, Viktor does not know; what he does know is that she will tease him mercilessly while also offering sympathy about the horrible, horrible ways of the wizarding press.

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Even though they never stick to their resolutions, Molly has made it a Weasley tradition that the whole family must pick a resolution and share it with the others. One year, when the kids are grown and groaning about having to pick a resolution that they always ignore, Molly gets fed up and decides they’ll do this “Secret Santa” style. They’ll draw names out of a hat and pick anonymous resolutions for each other because she’s just not giving up on a resolution. One year she might actually meet her goal. She encourages the family to take this seriously by bribing them with a special Christmas meal i February if they take their resolutions seriously for just one month.

Molly’s assigned resolution is to stop critiquing her children for their appearance or identity, which she immediately protests but Arthur gently reminds her that this was her idea and perhaps one of her kids is trying to get her to realize something.
Arthur’s is to laugh more.
Bill’s is to visit home more.
Charlie’s is to write them letters first instead of always having to be written to first.
Percy’s is to try something new that doesn’t have to do with schoolwork.
Fred’s is to apologize when he upsets someone.
George’s is to take a risk just for himself.
Ron’s is to be more accepting of his strengths and good qualities.
Ginny’s is to at least be honest with herself about her feelings.

Just the resolutions they assign to each other stir up some complaining and questions. Molly insists she doesn’t critique, just be a mother. Percy complains he’s already got enough on his plate. Fred is sure Percy is just trying to get Fred to stop teasing him, which is not going to happen. George has no idea what his resolution even means, and Ginny insists she doesn’t get hers either. Ron just sulks. Arthur, Bill, and Charlie are the only ones to start out with a good attitude about their resolutions.

But one of Molly’s decadent Christmas meals so soon again has them all at least willing to try. When Molly sees that, she agrees to try as well.

It’s a very trying month. A lot of stuff spills out between the family. With Molly pursing her lips, Ginny finally feels free admitting that she’s a girl and she can be a girl and a tomboy and that’s okay. And she’s bi (”welcome to the club, sis” Bill tells her). George is coming out as aromantic (which earns him a high five from aroace Charlie). Even Percy is admitting that he’s asexual (he rolls his eyes at the high five, though). Molly’s first instinct is to deny all this, but a look from Arthur has her pursing her lips and going silent, actually resulting in her doing some soul searching.

Percy’s new thing happens to be dating, which he’s more comfortable doing after saying out loud that he’s asexual and feeling like he can tell others, too. Charlie never knows what to say, so he takes advice from Tonks on what he should say. His resolution ends up helping Arthur to fulfill his own assigned resolution to laugh more. George helps Fred understand what his resolution means, and Fred helps George realize what his resolution means. When Hermione calls out one of their pranks, Fred actually apologizes to her and the third year tester, who had really just wanted to hang out with the twins. George decides to go for it with Angelina, who tells him she’s flattered and honestly feels the same but doesn’t want anything to ruin their Quidditch dynamic. It’s disappointing but also somewhat freeing for George, who usually doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t involve Fred.

As resistant as Molly is towards accepting that her resolution, it’s Ron who really has the hardest time with his own resolution. No clarifying moment comes to Ron to get him to stop comparing himself to his brothers (or Harry). It’s a lot of support from his siblings, whom he’s embarrassed to talk to about this, and Hermione and Harry that ensures he sees any progress at all, as small as it is.

It’s one of the best Christmas dinners they have, especially since they’ll get two that year. It surprises them who assigned their resolutions, though. Molly was sure hers was Bill, but it turns out to be a grinning Ginny, who’s smiling and laughing and talking more freely now that Molly is finally calling her Ginny. Arthur thought his might be one of the twin’s - probably George, but it turns out to be Molly, who kisses him and tells him she loves his laugh and he deserves happiness. Bill thought his was probably Molly’s, but it’s Fred, who does enjoy his visits but also enjoy’s their mother’s attention being a little diverted away from him and George’s own shenanigans. Charlie thought his might be Bill’s so there was less pressure for him to regularly write but was completely surprised to learn it came from Percy, who feels comforted by letters from his older brothers, feels like he can also make his own place in the world after Hogwarts. Percy was sure his resolution was from Fred, who just wanted him to make a fool of himself or take himself less seriously, but Bill winks and tells him not to forget there’s more to life than just classes. (”School is still important!” Molly can’t help but cut in.) Fred had wondered if his wasn’t from Bill trying to get him to mature just a tad or something, but a red-faced Ron admits it was him and that sometimes he takes it too far. Fred bites his lip and apologizes for ruining spiders forever for Ron, who actually genuinely laughs. Ron suspected Ginny might have given him his, but Arthur gives him a warm, fatherly smile, and tells him he hates seeing him so conflicted and down about his own abilities and potential. Which leaves Ginny realizing her resolution was from George, though she had suspected Charlie, who had been the first in their family to come out and the first who had realized Ginny might have her own secret to tell. George gently slaps her on the back and reminds her that that some of the rest of them were intuitive and knew their siblings pretty well, thank you very much. Ginny gets up to hug him and thank him. She’s so much happier now.

All in all, it turns out to be a pretty good start to the new year.

Evidence for Charlie Weasley

JK Rowling didn’t arbitrarily pair him off like every other living Weasley kid. She even went further by stating he wasn’t with anyone.

Also, the books never discuss him having been in any sort of relationships, and there wasn’t pressure like on Bill for Charlie to settle down (then again, Charlie didn’t quite have the same book presence that Bill had).

This is just gonna be short and sweet. So…canon evidence that’s probably been stated before. But I felt like not doing much (especially at the later hour, when I have things I need to work on plus another aaw post to make).

Edit: Make the points to Hufflepuff

The first time Neville talked talked about the concept of asexuality and aromanticism was when he was 17 years old.

He was in the Greenhouse with Luna and Ginny, just taking care of some plants for Professor Sprout. Luna and Ginny didn’t have special interest in plants, but they knew it relaxed him and decreased his level of anxiety, so they came with him to help him work.

“Have you ever thought about relationships?” he ventured. When he saw their surprised expressions, he felt a blush appear on his cheeks, and rapidly corrected himself. “I know it’s not really the time for these conversations, but you know… I guess I can’t help feeling…. different.”

He went back to cutting a leaf from the dittany, trying to focus back on his work.

After what felt to him a lifetime, Luna’s soft and ethereal voice started him away from his reverie. “I don’t think its a bad moment to talk about these things. It’s when death and loneliness come closer that we tend to think about companionship,” Neville’s eyes widened at Luna’s statement, finding a strange comfort and sadness in her words. “However, I think I prefer this kind of non romantic relationship that we have, to that between Lavender and Parvati. It makes more sense to me.”

This relationship we have? What they had wasn’t a relationship was it? Could it be? It was true it felt much stronger than any kind of friendship he had until now. The love he felt for Ginny and Luna made his heart swell, and yet… He didnt want to hold their hands in the hallway, kiss them or… more. He just wanted to be with them… hug them, talk to them. And maybe Luna had understood that better than he had until now.

“For me… This feels different than other relationships I’ve had before,” Ginny started talking. There was a faint blush staining her freckled cheeks, but there was the charactersistic fierceness in her eyes to which he was used to. “With Dean I was only interested in the sexual part of it, but there wasnt any romance there from either one of us. I’ve never been interested in that, and Dean has always been in love with Seamus anyway. With you it feels… natural, uncomplicated. Though I would be lying if I hadnt thought about doing… more with you.”

Neville blushed furiously at her statement. Was she talking about… sex? He hadnt thought about doing it ever. Did people actually think those things?

“I dont think i can… want s-sex. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted any of that. Though I have thought about romance. I used to have a massive crush on Harry. But I never thought about anything… more. Is that weird?” Maybe he was stranger than he had thought. Was he broken? Damaged in some way? Was it his anxiety? His low self-esteem?

Before his thoughts could start spiraling, he felt Ginny’s hand on his shoulder, as if she had somehow seen how his thoughts were consuming him. She probably had. “If that’s weird, then I am too. I feel the same but about romance,” she shrugged her shoulders as if that was it, and didnt make a difference. Her nonchalance somehow made him feel that it probably didn’t.

“I never wanted either. I would say we found exactly what we needed in each other. I don’t want anything more, anything less, anything different” Luna said, resting her head on Ginny’s shoulder.

They all smiled at each other, knowing that what Luna had said was exactly what they were feeling. What they had was exactly right.

A Date by the Lake

Hey guys! I wrote this for the @aroacehogwarts fanworks competition, and to earn Headcannonpoints for Hufflepuff (H) on that blog! I just wanted to write something cute and fluffy involving my favorite aroace dragon boy and my MC from Hogwarts Mystery. I hope you enjoy!

“This day is perfect,” Charlie thought as he tilted his face towards the beaming sun. It was slightly chilly; the wind softly carried rustling leaves across the castle grounds. The Black Lake rippled before him, the giant octopus waving its tentacles around for more cereal. A melodic giggle sounded from beside him before another bit of cereal was thrown towards the begging creature. Charlie turned towards his companion, his heart swelling with the love he felt for her.

              Brigid Morrigan, amateur Curse Breaker and the infamous Jacob Morrigan’s younger sister, smiled back at him. Charlie knew by that smile that she loved him as much as he did her, though it wasn’t the kind of love their peers expected.

              “What’s that look for?” She asked. Charlie stuck out his tongue in response, eliciting another giggle and a playful shove to his shoulder.

              The past seven years had been filled with growth and self-discovery for both of them, eventually leading to the relationship they had now. Brigid, having some Muggle family and therefore easy access to information about the LGBT+ community, had marched into Hogwarts at the beginning of fourth year having found labels that finally pertained to how she felt. After a late-night heart-to-heart while investigating the Forbidden Forest, Brigid introduced those terms to Charlie, who latched onto them as well. Upon learning about aromantic asexuality, Charlie’s life made a whole lot more sense.

              As soon as Charlie returned from the Forest, he went immediately to Bill’s private dorm (perks of being a Prefect). He jumped onto his brother’s bed, nearly scaring him to death in his excitement and nonstop chatter.

              “Bloody hell, slow the fuck down mate,” Bill hissed. Charlie excitedly told him about the ace and aro spectrums, confiding in his brother that he himself was aroace. The longer Charlie talked, the more thoughtful Bill became.

              “And there’s also demisexuality, where you don’t feel sexual attraction until after you form a bond with someone—”

              “Wait, isn’t that just normal?” Bill interrupted.

              “Apparently not. I mean, I’ve heard several people fawning over Gilderoy Lockhart portraits, and they definitely don’t know him personally.” Charlie rolled his eyes.

              “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Bill remarked. He was quiet for the rest of Charlie’s babbling, eventually allowing his brother to fall asleep in his bed. He came out to Charlie about a year later, after some serious soul-searching.

              Coincidentally, Brigid asked Charlie to be her QPP at about the same time. That was one of the best days of Charlie’s life, right up there with his acceptance to the internship program in Romania. Which reminded him of why he’d asked Brigid to accompany him to the Lake in the first place.

              “Brigid,” he started, his tone earning her undivided attention, “I got accepted to the Reserve in Romania.” Brigid squealed excitedly.

              “Merlin, Charlie, I’m so happy for you!” she explained as she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back just as tight.

              “What will this mean for us,” he murmured into her hair. At Brigid’s questioning sound, he continued, “Would we need to break up?” Brigid laughed, causing Charlie to jump at the suddenness. He pulled back, but her eyes weren’t cruel like his anxiety wanted him to believe.

              “If you don’t want to maintain a long-distance relationship, I totally understand, but I’ll be damned if I let a couple hundred kilometres come in the way. And besides,” she continued sheepishly, “I was thinking that once I finished my internship at St. Mungo’s that I can get myself transferred to the infirmary at your Reserve, so we’d only be separated for about a year or so. If that’s okay with you.” Brigid looked at him under her lashes, biting her lip in that adorable way of hers.

              Charlie was absolutely stunned, his mouth opening and closing like a fish while he tried to find his words. How could he have possibly found the most accepting, compassionate person in the world who would never even consider asking him to give up his dream job for something safer? How could he possibly express how much he loved this girl in front of him for accepting him as he is, for not trying to change him? Giving up, Charlie just pulled her in to a gentle peck on the lips and another tight hug. Brigid giggled, one hand making its way up to her QPP’s hair to play with it.

              “I’ll take that as an okay, then!”

so this is an idea that just struck me and won’t leave. me. ALONE.

  • ace Sirius and demisexual Remus discovering that they’re ace-spectrum together
  • commiserating over how little they understand their peers when they start talking about sex and dating
  • Sirius thinks he wouldn’t mind the romance part of it tho
  • that’s a lie, he knows he wants romance and he knows exactly who with
  • spoiler alert guess who
  • but Remus doesn’t seem to want any part of this whole Relationship Business™ so Sirius just
  • never mentions it
  • ever
  • all he wants is cuddles but all he gets is struggles
  • meanwhile REMUS
  • after years of getting to know Sirius and developing the emotional connection between them
  • realizes he is attracted to his friend
  • and doesn’t do anything about it
  • because obvs Sirius doesn’t want that and Remus would never ask that of him and he feels like shit that he’s having these thoughts at all
  • esp when Sirius reveals that he is interested in dating and
  • Remus feels even worse
  • because he could never be worthy of Sirius
  • not when Sirius has been through so much with his family and being disowned and he deserves… everything
  • he deserves someone who will make him happy
  • and Remus is just Remus
  • in his most optimistic moments he thinks maybe he’ll graduate and become a social pariah who can barely support himself
  • but at least he could survive on barely
  • his future prospects are not great #understatement
  • at some point Sirius drunkenly confesses his feelings
  • maybe it’s when they graduate and the whole world cracks wide open with possibility in front of them and it’s terrifying and awful and amazing all at once
  • and it’s time for a little bit of that Gryffindor courage, he thinks
  • so he kisses Remus
  • and there’s that moment
  • that moment where Remus is too shocked to kiss back and Sirius pulls away because shit he fucked it all up
  • and Remus is like no get back here we are not done explain to me what just happened please
  • “I love you.”
  • awkwardly, not meeting his eyes: “I love you too, Padfoot.”
  • “No really, Remus. I have feelings for you. Have for a long time.”
  • then there’s a give and take—a dance—because Remus still doesn’t believe him because he’s just not worth it Sirius
  • “Listen, I’m going to have to ask that you stop that, right now, because I won’t have anyone talking about the man I love like that. I will fight you and you know me, Moony, I fight dirty. Are we clear?”
  • blushing but rolling his eyes all the while: “Crystal. Now get back here and let me kiss you properly.”
  • and that’s not the end there are still things to be sorted out
  • Sirius worries about The Sex Question™
  • where he’s afraid Remus wants more than he can give
  • but all Remus wants is him
  • there is nothing about Sirius that Remus could ever want more of, would ever even dream of changing
  • well except 
  • Remus wishes Sirius wouldn’t forget to clean his hair off their counters it just gets everywhere
  • how does it get everywhere Sirius were you combing your hair in the kitchen again why
  • they keep joking that he sheds worse as Sirius than as Padfoot
  • it just takes a flick of your wand for Merlin’s sake
  • and maybe they don’t live happily ever after
  • but they are happy
To Learn and Come Out

Louis stood in a muggle library, and he quickly looked around the shelves. He had slipped in behind a family and he then hid in amongst the shelves.

He probably should have used Aunt Hermione’s library, but -

I can’t tell them, they wouldn’t understand.

What they wouldn’t understand, the Ravenclaw was torn over. He knew something was different, but not what. He did not - he -

Someone appeared in the aisle, and Louis turned on his too-new shoes and lifted a book that cracked in his hands. He kept his back stiff.

They quickly walked by. He wondered if the phases of the moon affected the Veela charm because of the wolfish blood. He would need to study it, back at home and Hogwarts…

First, Louis thoughts. He placed the book back. I need answers.


Louis wandered in the library for an hour before he came to the muggle devices called computers. They looked different than the ones his grandfather had collected.

He frowned as he saw people use them for a bit, and then he watched someone with a bag leave. The computer had gone dark, but…

They’re supposed to be a quicker search than books, Louis thought. He might find answers there. Louis sat at the desk. The muggles had pressed all sorts of buttons to -

Louis clicked the long bar and the brightness came back.

“Having trouble?” Louis stiffened at the voice by his ear.

“How, uh, how would I look for information?” Louis asked with a thick throat. He kept his hands pressed against the desk.

“Can you not find the browser?”

Louis shook his head. The librarian - Louis was sure this might be a librarian, who goes to the weird kid who doesn’t understand what everyone else understood with ease if it wasn’t their job - grabbed the object beside the bench with the bar he had clicked on it. Louis saw something move on the bright image. The librarian clicked a smaller image a few times.

“Then you look up whatever you want, the keyboard should be functioning.”

Louis nodded and the librarian left. He placed his hands on the…keyboard. He glanced down at the letters on it.

What does it mean not to desire romance or sex?

Louis typed slowly. He glanced up, but nothing appeared. He frowned at the other buttons - some had numbers and odd symbols, but some had words.

Control, Shift, Caps Lock, Enter, and more. He tried them one at a time, and then when he touched enter the screen changed.

Louis moved the thing by the keyboard, and clicked one of the links.

Five minutes can turn an upside-down world back somewhere close to upright.


Louis sat at the table. It was Christmas Eve. His cousins had all dispersed, and his grandmother was waving her wand to clean up the kitchen.

Louis stood, apologized for being in the way, and then walked from the table. His uncle Charlie and mother were talking by the fireplace - he couldn’t find his father and everyone else was more clustered as they spoke about the kids, politics, and business (though Louis thought he heard something about a flaming toilet seat).

“Louis!” his mother called. Louis turned back to her. Her smile brightened her visage and his Uncle Charlie gave a more tired grin. The dragon reserve had gotten harder on his uncle in the past couple of years.

“Yes, maman?” Louis asked. He stepped towards her, but hesitated to join them. A weight sat on his back.

Part of him had been eased that day in the muggle library, but he had not shared his findings with anyone yet. He didn’t know how.

“Come join us,” his uncle said. He pulled another chair up. Louis carefully sat down. He kept himself close together - he saw his mother hold back a sigh.

He knew his parents were tired of the reservedness, but one secret of his needed to be kept in the check. The other…

“What have you been up to?” Uncle Charlie asked. “Up at Hogwarts, sixth year is a big one.”

“Studying,” Louis said. “Both for classes and…knowledge. I…” Louis paused and looked down. He wanted to share - he wanted to tell someone!

“Louis?” his mother questioned. “You can tell us.” Her french accent was still heavy enough that Louis thought she might switch into french.

“I just went to a muggle village, did some research, a weekend before beak,” Louis mumbled. Both adults paused. Uncle Charlie likely because it was unorthodox, but his mother was stunned because Louis was not forthcoming. About anything.

“Are you in Muggle Studies?” his uncle asked. Louis shook his head.

“It’s not an elective,” he said. “They give it in Second Year, like First Year flying. Just basic things, like how to dress and use their money.”

“Then why were you there?”

“I was…looking for knowledge that I couldn’t find.” Louis felt his mother’s hand on his arm. Her hand shimmered, and Louis knew what she was doing. He was getting stressed, and the Veela in her was trying to assure the Veela in him.

“Like what?” Uncle Charlie asked. “Specific fashions?”

“…I wanted to know why I wasn’t interested in dating or sex.”

Louis’s face turned red and he looked down. His mother’s hand tightened and Uncle Charlie gasped.

“What -  what did you find? Were there answers?” his mother asked. Louis frowned, and his eyes grew watery.

“Oui,” he said. “There were answers. I’m…queer. Aromantic and asexual.”

“…There are words?” Uncle Charlie asked.

“Can someone be one without the other?” his mother asked quietly in french. Louis brought his head up, and both adults were staring at him. He felt even more embarrassed to be crying, because they wanted answers out of him.


Aro/Ace merch in the Wizarding world

If you walk down Diagonal Alley, just passed Madam Malkin’s Robes you’ll find a small coffee shop with the name “Of cakes and arrows”.

If you go inside you’ll see a coffee shop with two sections full of chairs, tables and the incredible smell of good coffee. In the middle of the coffee shop there is a register table where a women, if you ask you’ll find out she’s the owner, works. She has hair that changes colour from purple, to green, and sometimes both, a welcoming smile, and a dirty apron.

If you enter the coffee shop she will direct you to the left side of the coffee shop, but if you go to her and ask her about the shops name, or directly enquire about asexuality and/or aromanticism she will guide you to the right side of the coffee shop. There you can find a place full of people in the aromantic and asexual spectrum having a chat, getting to know each other, or simply relaxing, knowing that youre in the company of fellow aces and aros while having some cake and good coffee.

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Asexual Slytherins? Love your blog btw!

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Ace Slytherins convince Ambrosius and his wife to stock ace pride sweets at Honeydukes. (Many of which are simply the pride colors, but some of which change a person’s tongue or hair to the pride colors. One of which also conjures a temporary dragon tattoo that flits around to different parts of the body.)

Ace Slytherins are the least phased by acephobic comments. 

Some ace Slytherins are out and proud and won’t let you forget it.

Some ace Slytherins only talk about their sexuality with their friends because those are the only people who deserve to know such an important thing about them.

Ace Slytherins constantly discuss the morality of amortentia in potions class even when they won’t be studying love potions for several months.

Ace Slytherins spearhead event planning for Ace Awareness Week at Hogwarts.

Ace Slytherins like to eat breakfast together. They spread out with other friends for lunch and dinner, but breakfast time is ace time.

Ace Slytherins look regal af in pride clothing combos of purple and emerald.

- Ravenclaw Mod

Gabrielle Delacour was only eight years old when she first met Harry Potter, a nice enough boy, during the Triwizard Tournament. Her friends back home were jealous, but back then it was more about her brush with celebrity than any romantic notions. He had saved her after all, and Gabrielle had to deal with months of “Oh I wish that had been me,” and she had to just smile politely instead of saying what she really wanted to say. Oh of course she was grateful to Harry, and always would be, but she would not want to relive the moment. Gabrielle had been told beforehand that it was all perfectly safe, but sometimes she still woke up feeling like she was sinking into the murky waters of the Black Lake.

As her schoolmates grew older, everyone around her seemed to be more and more interested in crushes and kisses. During sleepovers, the other girls would gossip and giggle about which wix they liked, which wix they wanted to do things with that always made Gabrielle blush, though she wasn’t sure why. All she knew for sure was that she didn’t seem to feel the same way as her classmates. When asked who she had a crush on, Gabrielle answered truthfully: Nobody. “You don’t ‘ave to be shy about it Gaby,” Her classmates giggled, “We know you ‘ave a crush on ‘Arry Potter.” Did she? Gabrielle didn’t think so, but her classmates were insistent, so she became less sure of herself.

Soon enough was her sister’s wedding, where she would see Harry Potter again. Gabrielle was nervous as her family prepared to travel – was this what her classmates were talking about? It wasn’t quite the butterflies in her stomach that was described to her, but maybe it was something similar. Maybe this was the crush she was told she had. She batted her eyelashes at Harry, copying her friends’ attempts at flirting, but immediately felt mortified and silly, and spent the rest of the wedding hiding behind her parents rather than talking to her sister’s new family. Flirting just didn’t feel right to her, she wasn’t sure if she would ever try again. “Don’t worry dear,” Her mother smiled at her, “You’ll get the ‘ang of it as you get older.”

But as the years went by she still never got the hang of it, always more awkward than her classmates. Despite this, her Veela heritage meant she was never short of dates as a teenager and young adult, wix would ask her left and right and Gabrielle nearly always accepted, hoping to find that spark her friends talked about. She never wanted a second date, and never allowed more than a quick goodbye kiss. The obvious disappointment on her dates’ faces always rubbed her the wrong way and she wondered again why she felt so differently about all this romance stuff.

Finally, nearly a decade after her sister’s wedding, Gabrielle decided she would spend the holidays with her sister’s family rather than deal with her parent’s imploring when she would settle down and marry and have kids, the apparent trifecta of adulthood. She had tried many times to explain to her mother that she didn’t want the first two and was still unsure about the third, but her mother seemed to have selective hearing on the subject. So there she was, curled up on the couch in her sister’s living room, having a drink with Bill and Charlie while Fleur put the babies to bed, that the dreaded question came up.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” Bill asked, more as a conversation starter than out of genuine interest.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes, “Not really, not interested in all that.” She took a sip of her drink, dreading part two of the questions.

“Oh ok, so you’re a bit like Charlie then? Aroace?”

Gabrielle stared blankly at Bill, then at Charlie. “Arrow… ace?”

Charlie laughed a bit, “Means Aromantic-Asexual. Aromantic means I don’t feel romantic attraction, like crushes I guess, and asexual means I don’t feel sexual attraction.”

“That’s a thing?!” Gabrielle set her drink down so quickly some sloshed over the edge and onto the table. “How did you know? How are you sure?”

And that was the beginning of a long conversation that lasted well into the night. Bill came out as bisexual and sometime during the conversation Fleur returned and contributed that she was ace and panromantic. The group had a long discussion about sexuality, and bemoaning the lack of sex education in wizarding schools, and how they came to realize their respective sexualities and how their parents reacted. Fluer admitted that she never spoke of it much because of all the pressure at home to get a husband and produce kids, and apologized that she never talked to Gabrielle about it. Gaby almost didn’t care at that point, so relieved was she to find something that seemed to fit. She still wasn’t sure if aroace was the right term for her, but with some great reading suggestions from Charlie, she knew she was on the right path. She watched the sunset that morning with a feeling of peace, and even though she had a hundred more questions now, she was glad she had found the answer to one that had been bugging her for years.

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