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perhaps the biggest salt i have: everyone i knew who was talking about aroace john dropped it the second a hetero relationship came about with john in it

fucking repulsive tbh that shit won’t sly with me if i knew someone who did that i would fight them, no tolerance tbh

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im still very salty about johnroxy & johnrezi having even the Possibility to become canon and i want to see more people trash talk them instead of just accepting them like its law

well dear anon, you have come to the right place! i fucking loathe those ships like, oh man they boil my blood theyre ridiculous! johnroxy is just boy meets girl, they’ve known each other for a day, theres no development at all and its just a cliche boring ship. johnrezi disgusts me (which is funny theyre both my fav characters) but terezi does not need to be the poster child for all things blackrom. like john could even keep up with her anyway lets be honest. plus over all john is 100% aroace you can’t convince me otherwise. the thought of these ships being canon makes me ill tbh.

i hope black kids have a good day today

i hope kids of latin descent and asian descent have a good day today

i hope native american kids have a good day today

i hope gay kids have a good day today

i hope lesbian kids have a good day today

i hope pansexual kids have a good day today

i hope aromantic and asexual kids have a good day today

i hope transgender kids have a good day today

i hope intersex kids have a good day today

i hope mentally disabled kids have a good day today

i hope physically disabled kids have a good day today

i just.

i hope all of you have a really good day today, okay?

♠ NO ROMO ♠ : a cheesy, upbeat, top 40s playlist for all those out there who are lucky-not-in-love. happy aromantic awareness week, everyone.

1. we’re going to be friends–the white stripes 2. i’ll be there for you–the rembrandts 3. no angels–bastille 4. oh no!–marina and the diamonds 5. creeps me out–ima robot 6. hello–martin solveig and dragonette 7.starstrukk–3OH!3 8. overrated–mika 9. this is gospel–panic! at the disco 10. love song–sara bareilles 11. you’re my best friend–queen 12. nothing left to say–imagine dragons 13. count on me–bruno mars 14. don’t waste your love on me–this is ivy league

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This is an Aromantic Safe Space

If you need to talk, want to ask questions about aromanticism, or just need to vent, this blog is willing to listen.  This applies to any orientation on the aromantic spectrum.

on the q slur

ppl who can reclaim the q slur

- non cis people

- same gender attracted people (ie: bisexuals, gays, pansexuals)

- asexuals who experience same gender romantic attraction

- aromantics who experience same gender sexual attraction

ppl who cannot reclaim the q slur

- cis aroace ppl

- cis hetero ace/aro ppl

the q slur has been historically used against same gender loving and trans ppl.

also not everyone likes the use of the q slur, respect them on that and dont call the lgbt community the queer community

Non-romantic relationships aren't immune to violence

As Aromantic Awareness Week comes to an end, I’d like to take a moment to say that all the celebration of non-romantic relationships and intimacy is wonderful. ( Educational queerplatonic primer anyone? )

And aslo: queerplatonic and other non-romantic, non-normative relationship can be unhealthy, abusive and / or violent. ( Just like all other kinds of relationships. ) 

Shout-out to people in queerplatonic or otherwise non-romantic significant relationships that are unhealthy / abusive / violent. ( I know what it’s like to struggle with that and wonder if I’m the only one. ) 

Because of things like amatonormativity, violence in QP and other non-normative relationships can play out differently than ( romantic and / or sexual ) partner violence usually does. And differently from abuse / violence between “friends”.  It really hard to explain and risky to acknowledge if it gives people and excuse to *not* value non-romantic relationships.

If anyone wants to share their experiences, I’d like the conversation to start happening in a safe format (i.e, either as a zine if people are interested or just in backchannel conversations ).

Rotten Zucchinis Issue 2: Call for Submissions

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