So today was one of those rare occasions where I felt incredibly attractive and actually looked decent when I went out for the day, and on top of that I got my two rings I ordered a month ago. They (almost) match the rings in that one dream I had a while back (which I’m still making illustrations for) and now my look is complete.

this is a general offer here, but if you’re aromantic or asexual or on the spectrums or someone struggling to understand either/or, you’re welcome to drop me an ask about it ~ if you want to discuss it privately though (off anon), please preface your message by stating you want to keep it private

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Hey, hey, there's an anime/manga called Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and it's super easy to read Nozaki-kun himself as aro-ace, and it's cute, silly and fun, 12 episodes, and I kinda just want others to support my aro ace headcannon. #lovethatarrowace

um ok I just saw a post about how ace/aro people don’t belong in the queer community bc they haven’t been targeted for being queer or whatever, and ok I get that kind of but it’s like, right so unless you’ve explicitly faced violence or active hatred in your own life specifically for being queer then you’re not allowed in the queer community?? that’s kinda messed up? are you saying that a kid who’s gay but growing up in a heteronormative environment, who’s hiding their identity bc of fear, can’t be accepted into your community bc they haven’t ever been on the recieveing end of active prejudice? and what about all the young people who “weren’t there” during times of collective queer struggle? that person seemed to be implying that ace/aros don’t understand what it’s like to be queer or whatever bc they hadn’t faced adversity akin to the struggles of the gay or no or trans community and its like ??? I mean don’t get me wrong I totally get that we haven’t been on the receiving end of the same kinds of things, ace/aros have never been targeted legally or whatever but legal and enforced systems aren’t the only adversity faced by queer people in general anyways?? that’s like saying “oh u can get straight married so ur fine!!”?? at least majority groups within the queer community get support therein, we don’t even get that, evidently. we have to explain ourselves to our partners, our family, our friends, strangers, and you too, apparently.
honestly, I wish we could have our own thing but I don’t feel very welcome in the general lgbtqai+ community (aside from like people I actually know)

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Does the A in LGBTQA stand for Ally? My sister, who is bisexual, said it stands for ace\aro but I think that since asexual and aromntics don't get oppressed very much they don't belong in the acronym, while allies are more important because we help out a lot.

Hey! So, you aren’t a very good ally!! If you think YOU being in our spaces is more important than US being in our spaces you are sadly mistaken. Also, you allies aren’t as important as you hold yourselves to be. For example: If an ace person (coughmecough) says “you are a bad ally!” You are going to come crying into my inbox. Please educate yourself and go into the dark little corner where I have sent all you ace/arophobic people. Bye bye. ~Ariana

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I was wondering if you could recommend any books/movies/anime/etc that has explicitly canon ace and/or aro characters? Headcanoning is nice but its different from showing and relating to a character's experiences

(Sorry for this super late reply, by the way.)

It depends on if you’re talking about a character being explicitly referred to as asexual or aromantic or just that they’ve in canon mentioned never feeling sexually attracted to another person or etc.

Okay, before I proceed further, please note that I haven’t watched/read etc. all of this media so I can’t make assurances about them.  Also, I don’t have all the information, so I suggest googling this stuff as well.  Moving on:

Explicitly ace/aro characters in mainstream is super rare- especially the latter.  There’s Sirens, an ongoing medical comedy I’ve heard is very good, which has a recurring asexual character.  I think there are also asexual characters in the TV shows Huge and Shortland Street.  In terms of books, I’d check the blog asexual-literature, which has lots of books with canon ace/aro characters.

There are lots more explicitly ace/aro characters in non-mainstream media, such as webcomics.  Dumbing of Age, for instance.  Check this thread here, as well as the webcomic Shades of A.

If any of my followers have more, please feel free to reply!

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Why can't we bi ppl call ourselves gay? I'm bi and call myself gay like..:

It just kind of confuses me and so like when someone says theyre gay like. Are they actually gay or are they just saying that. Are they gay or are they bi or pan or aro ace (because I have seen aromantic asexuals calling themselves gay)

 Idk beyond that its sort of taking away the label from gay people. Like I see bisexuals calling themselves gay and then calling gay people “queer monosexuals”.

I just remembered that headcanon about asexual/aromantic children of Aphrodite having “platonic powers” (which I really adore and love) and I just thought “what if Drew is ace/aro but she doesn’t have those powers and shes internally upset about it” and I really need to write a fic about it now bc Drew appreciation

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no offense but you are taking your own headcanons way too seriously. I'm not a supporter of it because it has 0 structure but that's stupid to say it's problematic because of mainly your own headcanons tbh

i base my headcanons off canon happenings

zexion can’t stand laziness. he WILL force or be passive aggressive towards people to make them do stuff if he thinks they’re being lazy (see: roxas’ tutorial mission with zexion (358/2 days)

zexion is an asshole (see: every appearance zexion makes)

demyx mentions he’s glad that those who died at castle oblivion are dead (with a carefree smile on his face) (see: 358/2 days (can’t remember the exact scene, but it involves demyx saying he’s glad the ‘loudmouths’ are gone, and xigbar proceeds to explain what happened to roxas and xion)

im not explaining my aro ace zexion headcanon i shouldnt need to

besides.. Who cares if i like abiding by my headcanons?? I said that those were based around my opinions anyway???????