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So. I ran into Martin Freeman on the tube today.

I was on my way to Heathrow, after the best week of my life, and there he was, sat right across from me. We went to get off at the same station, and when we alighted, I asked to shake his hand. Which he did.

I told him I admired his work, that he was brilliant and I wished him the best day. And he was very warm and friendly, and wished me the same, and then we parted.

And that, my friends, is how you finish a first trip to London.


Hey it’s Ace Visibility Day, and I’m coming out as Aromantic.

Alright, it’s been on my About Me for a couple weeks but I never notified anyone of the update.

Also I never take selfies, so my face is also coming out today.

Shoutout to my girlfriend, who was super understanding when I came out to her, even while I was still trying to understand myself. I love you. <3