Clayton Tunnel

The entrance to a train tunnel in West Essex, England. It was built n 1841 after the tunnel itself was constructed, and today there are still only theories as to the reasons for this extravagant construction. Some believe it was to ease passengers back then, still relatively new to train travel, that they weren’t descending into hell. The most widely accepted belief is that it was simply to appease the original landowner into allowing the tunnel to be built in the first place.

Photos by Russell Arnott

Vampire King, you lay upon the blood-soaked death of your ruined land.
Castles plundered, dominions in ruin, servants destroyed; all to end the hellfire with which you sought to cover the world.
A bloody conquest—having consumed hundreds of thousands, countless villages razed to the ground, and over twenty-thousand impaled & prostrated by you and you alone—to strike horror into the hearts of mortal men!
What say you, monster! Demon! Devil conceived by the bleakest womb!
What say you now!?
—  Chris Sabat (as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing)