arnolfini wedding portrait

A Retrospective       4

Valentino and Vogue

Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles actually outed Sophie back at the very beginning of this mess, had people been paying attention.

Anybody who works with clothing design develops an eye for how clothes fit on a body, for body sizes, and for how clothing drapes. They would have seen  through fakery in an instant.

Benedict was very popular with Anna Wintour at this time.

Benedict at the Met Gala 2014

When Anna Wintour took Sophie to the Paris Couture Fashion Week, they sat front and center together. Sophie was wearing a very sheer, almost see through Valentino dress that had presumably been given to her to wear by Anna. This was a dress that would not make it easy to conceal anything, and Sophie didn’t even try to wear a bump underneath it.

Anna Wintour did everything but put a blinking neon sign over her head.

While the high waist here lends to the possibility of a pregnancy

You can see her waist here, plus the twisting. This is not a 22 week baby bump.

When Hamish did the write up of the Vogue article on Sophie, he threw in two clues. He referenced Daphne du Maurier, whose novel Rebecca had a title character who faked a pregnancy. He also compared Sophie’s gown to the Arnolfini wedding portrait.

The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait was painted by Jan van Eyck in 1434.

As you can see the dresses look nothing like each other.

What’s interesting here is the symbolism. The bride was painted holding that large amount of fabric from her dress over her belly as a symbolism for fertility. Not because she was actually pregnant, she was just trying to look as if she were.

The other interesting point is the positions of the hands in the portrait. This is a morganatic marriage. The bride and her offspring have no rights to the groom’s titles, lands, or property.

What we have in this bump compare is an undisputed flat belly in the middle of two sizable ones. Looking at the drape of the Valentino dress, it falls in a line like a ruler straight down from her breasts. The two bumps on either end of this compare extend out quite past her breasts.

Her baby bump disappeared.