“Here’s to my favorite football-head Arnold Shortman. To the left is an outfit that I put together to closely resemble the original outfit he wore throughout the Hey Arnold! series. To the right is an outfit inspired by the original. To be quite honest, this was the most difficult outfit I’ve made so far. Arnold is a dreamer who yearns to travel, so I really wanted this outfit to be cozy, yet still grasp Arnold’s beatnik charm.”

(via Arnold Shortman)

theorys are fake

To all of those people who actually believe in the theorys that basically ruin a show a for you.

Like the rugrats theory. or the hey arnold theory. Nothing is true about them.

Compare the stories. All of the stories invole imagination and craziness.

Notice something? Of course. its a cartoon. its fake. yeah. but i really dont think the creators would think of something like that.

theorys like that are fake. dont believe them unless the creator of the T.V. says so


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