Why Kevin Price Is Not Straight™

ok so i think about this on like a daily basis??? so here are the completely valid reasons that Kevin Price Is Not A Heterosexual

-“nono i’m not having gay thoughts” “alright! it worked!”

-in the workshop you could basically feel the sexual tension between kev and connor during smhd?? there is no Heterosexual Explanation

-idk if it’s canon but there are people talking about the subtext of kevin being gay on the bom tour etc and things like him pretending to make out with connor/getting a boner during smhd give me life tbh

-mcpriceley is basically canon at this point so,,,

-so you know how kev’s hell dream is basically supposed to be a manifestation of everything he feels guilty about?? like there’s coffee, maple donuts, giant arbold heads,, and then there’s connor in a sexy red outfit and giant boa dancing around flirtatiously??? ((and then giving hitler a blowjob uhh)) does kevin feel guilty about having gay thoughts for connor?? yes

-during tomorrow is a latter day kevin and connor keep glancing, smiling, and waving at each other in a very non heterosexual way

-connor grabs only kevin’s hand when leading him and arnold to the room,,

-when kevin is singing about orlando, the stage’s lighting turns pink((another post covered the topic discussing how the color pink in bom represents homosexuality,, hence the pink vests/con’s suitcase etc etc))

-it may just be me looking too much into it but you know after they finish tap dancing for the first time and all the other elders walk off but kevin stands there still standing in a pose but he looks down and is suddenly kinda aware/shocked for some reason?? was it because he didn’t remember putting it on or was it an “oh shit im gay” moment?? ((probably the first one but shhh))

-when connor says “being gay is bad but lying is worse” he turns to kevin on the first one and arnold on the second uhh coincidence i think n o t

-this goes along with one of my earlier points but during the tap scene in turn it off, the lights go very very pink and that seems,, very familiar,,,, cough orlaaandooooo

-you know when kevin goes to sit down next to arnold while the other elders are still tap dancing and arnold puts a pillow in his lap?? yea h…..

-the elder that says “you’re like the smartest best most deserving elder the center’s ever seen” leans in really close to kevin’s face, and my boy kev just looks so unfazed by it???

-just.. the entire workshop tbh…’s not even subtext anymore

-during the entirety of joseph smith american moses kevin and connor are talking to each other and making these faces at each other,,, while standing rly close,,, this is Not Straight

in summary kevin price is a gay icon,, this has been a PSA

EDIT: i forgot the classic: when elder price sings “i’m sure you don’t think i’m a flake, because you’ve clearly made a mistake” and the other elders come in with “turn it off”,, what is that supposed to mean?? kevin is asking god why he made him gay uhh yea you can all fight me on this
I just saw BOM on bway and elder price is gay

HEY it’s me I’m here to let u guys know how insanely amazing the current cast of tbom is on broadway(I mean all the casts are amazing but like)! I’m just gonna make a list of amazing shit(most of its gonna b mcpriceley evidence my dudes)

-The way Nic and Stephen play Price and McKinley is SO GOOD!! They give the characters an insane amount of chemistry
- McKinley is a hands on dude like whenever he can he’ll put a hand on Kevin’s shoulder when talking/singing to him
- He also holds Kevin’s hand when showing him and Arnold to their rooms and it’s really cute he’s really happy
- they casually shoot glances at each other
- DURING THE HELL DREAM!! McKinley gets held up by dancers and faces Kevin(it kinda looks like he’s on a cross for reference) and they lock eyes for a few seconds before Kevin reaches a hand out to touch him but he gets whisked away by dancers right as Kevin’s hand touches his chest
- The way this cast did it was obviously alluding to Kevin being gay
- My parents were with me and as general audience members they caught on really fast
- My dad even said when we were at dinner afterwards “Yeah duh he’s gay they almost kissed and almost hooked up in the dream” and my mom was like “I wish it was implied heavier, I wish it were more obvious that Price and McKinley got together in the end.”
- And of course there’s Nic’s, Stephen’s, and the official bom instagram implying that they’re canon

- also Brian Sears’ played Arnold SO WELL he really made the role his own
- he dabbed at one point and I almost screamed
- Nabulungi’s actress was a stand in for that night but she did AMAZING and she made me cry
- everything was so good and I could talk about it forever
- Also being there you can REALLY see the characters facial expressions and honestly that MAKES the show

Overall it was amazing and I’m so lucky I got the chance to go AND meet the actors(who were all super cool and nice)


Craig Bartlett shares some behind-the-scenes info about the show with Great Big Story.

More wonderful things to happen in BOM Australia

- *before Joseph Smith American Moses* Arnold: nONONO THATS NOT NECESSARY/ McKinley: *pushing Arnold off to the side while trying to remain smiling* WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS E X A C T L Y WHAT THE Y NEED TO SEE!!!!1!1!1!!1!!
- *During JSAM* All the elders go from extremely happy to extremely distraught, McKinley was visibly crying, elder Cross was trying to cover his face poor thing, Young (I think??) was standing closest to the front of the stage so the Ugandans interacted w him the most and he was backed so far up to the wall I love him
- I had goosebumps during Hasa Diga Eebowai (reprise) Nabu sounded so heartbroken I cry
- Elder Price does Not know how to hold a baby, I know it was fake but like someone teach him please
- During Man Up, Arnold messed up the lyrics and said “Time to slay - The hero and slay the monster!!” And it honestly made it better why not BE the hero when you can SLAY the hero AND the monster?????
- oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOlando o r l a n d o, I loveD you OOrlanDOOOOO
- “wellofcourseyouwokeupyouhadtWELVECUPSOFCOFFEE” <- He said it so quickly i love it
- *in the last part of turn it off* Connor: dontdancedontdancedontdancedont– FLICK POW PUUUUSH IT DOOOOOWN AND- ohno
- after the entire song when Connor goes to show price and Arnold their rooms, he flicked up Kevin’s tie and held his hand for the entire way love itt
- “but wHAT ABOUT NICKI MANAJ??????”
- everyone smiled so widely throughout two by two (except Kevin ofc, which also made for GREAT contrast) I was lowkey freaked out it was surreal
- “Ah am JesUs” *harp sounds*

Season 3 Episode 4a - Arnold’s Room

I liked this episode. Sid feels bad about his room, especially in comparison to Lorenzo’s “Silver Spoons” room, and some of that is definitely due to his much lower socioeconomic status. Sid’s not the cleanest kid around, through, and I think if he did a bit of decluttering and hung up a sheet over the messed up blinds, it’d be perfectly acceptable, and Lorenzo would come over and the two would switch roles – Lorenzo messing around in the background with Sid hacking on the computer. And wow, a laptop in the late 90s! Lorenzo’s got cash.

If you haven’t noticed, this is also animated. It’s been years since I did any animation, and I think I’ll be animating the occasional 187 Football Heads fanart, because why not?

Hey Arnold!: Helga Pataki [INFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Helga is a world of undisclosed emotions. She has a massive crush on Arnold, yet she has told almost nobody about said crush. While she hurls insults at people quite often, she rarely actually is upfront about her true feelings for said people. Even though she can be mean and harsh to others, she has very strict personal values that she holds dear, to the point where she’ll stick up for people she seemingly doesn’t like whenever one of those values is crossed, such as when her father called Arnold an orphan, another girl was manipulating Arnold for personal gain or when Rhonda pretended to love Curley. Many of these values pertain to herself in some way, so she tends to only get angered if someone else is mistreated if she can relate to it. She gets so upset when Curley is mistreated because she fears that Arnold is secretly leading her on. Helga doesn’t like to fake her emotion for the benefit of others and dislikes people who act seemingly fake, such as Lila.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) If one thing is for certain, it’s that Helga has one creative mind. At 9 years old, she’s a brilliant poet and is gifted at describing her friends and family using elaborate metaphors. She also is quite witty and many of the demeaning nicknames she uses on people are out-of-the-box and unique. She’s built an entire statue of Arnold in her room and in the episode where the aptitude tests were mixed up, she freaks out when her mothers burns all of her books containing her creative side. She’s so abstract minded that she’s able to critique the work of famous artists, such as Edward Hopper’s fascination with women. She’s also quite good at getting herself out of adversity by disguising her identity, hiding in unique places or otherwise using creative tricks to fool people.

Introverted Sensing (Si):: Helga tends to remember certain things pretty well. The abuse she’s suffered at home has colored her perception of her family and because she was mistreated by her parents and older sister when she was younger, she sees them as being unworthy of respect. Her crush on Arnold was jumpstarted all because he was kind to her when she was in pre-school, again highlighting her tendency to judge others based on how they treated her in the distant past. She has some fairly consistent interests, such as playing sports with her friends and wrestling.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Needless to say, Helga does NOT mince her words when she is not in a good mood. She is very blunt, tactless and cynical when she’s upset, but she also is a fairly effective leader and can organize people how she sees fit. However, she normally prefers not to take a leadership role, being relatively lazy and unmotivated much of the time. 

NOTE: Helga is an extremely damaged INFP who tends to repress her dominant functions and use her lower functions as if she is an ESTJ. However, it’s clear that she’s not at all an ESTJ due to her relatively unmotivated, disorganized demeanor and her disdain for following social customs simply for the sake of it. While ESTJ females can be tomboyish, they’re much more likely to follow gender customs much more closely. 

A few things after watching the workshop

• they used the fucking “dum dum”’s from that episode of South Park. I screamed
• “I know the Book of Mormon intimately” “you can say that again”
• when Arnold picks up Naba bridal style
• the entire scene with Kevin and Arnold at the coffee shop
• the elder who’s tie fell off in “Two by Two”
• when Connor taps away after showing Arnold and Kevin their room
• “How do his shoes do that?”

(Feel free to add more I’m sure I’m forgetting some great points)

General, Sir

Request; I’m super nervous about this but I do have a request. A Benjamin x reader where she meets Washington for the first time? Maybe Washington doesn’t know Ben was married? I dunno just a thought. I’m not creative. Love your writing!!

Prompt; George mistakes the young madame to be a single lady, only to find out otherwise…

Pairing(s); Benjamin Talmadge x reader

Warning(s); some nsfwww , jealousy ? otherss :)

A/N; this was gonna be short but then I realized lets throw some nsfw shit in there and make it longer >:) so thats what I did AHAHHA,,, it aaaaalso might not be good because I had to rewrite it omf

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