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Hillwood Halloween Day 2: Vampires (well, kind of)

Lila: “I’m sorry! I was just joking, honest.”

Rhonda: “Yes well, what are we going to do about these trespassers anyway? No one’s supposed to know this place isn’t abandoned.”

Phoebe: “A conundrum to be sure.”

Nadine: “Mmhmm.”

Helga: “I don’t care what you all do with the rest of ‘em but blondie over there is mine. We got history.”

Rhonda: “Oooh really, now? What kind of history?”

Helga: *flashback to a little smiling boy and an umbrella* “None of your beeswax, Princess.”

Boys decided that their Halloween college dare would be to investigate the abandoned mansion deep in the forest that’s a part of an urban legend about killer female vampires. Curly is on the other side of the mansion trying to sneak his way in with some crazy plot b/c like hell he’s just gonna pick the lock and walk through the front door like a normal trespasser. 

Added the close ups of the girls ‘cause I like how they came out. Nadine’s hair is totally based on Janelle Monáe’s ‘cause I wanted to do something nice with it like the other girls. Rhonda’s is the same as usual because I feel she loves her hair as is and is very proud of it.

I’d love to line and color this but it’s just so many people and colors and I just can’t. if anyone else wants to tho let me know

Anyway, I kept thinking about it and ended up with an extended au idea for this. More under the read more (it’s long ‘cause i couldn’t stop).

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Hillwood Halloween Day 1: Skeleton

C-c-c-crossover!!! idk about y'all but when I think of skeletons and Halloween this guy^ is who comes to mind. I love Nightmare Before Christmas.

 Helga didn’t even mean to take a jab at his head shape but it comes out without any thought lol Arnold’s used to it by now and actually finds it pretty amusing but he’s not gonna tell her that.

 Anyway, let’s say there’s a dare amongst the kids about going farther into a nearby forest than usual and Arnold and Helga are in their own two person group and somehow wind up coming across the holiday doors. Helga insists they check out Halloween because t'is the season AND the best holiday in her opinion. They meet Jack and shenanigans probably ensue (no ok they most definitely would b/c it’s them). Also this is set after TJM.



THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN CONTINUES! The Yautja, The PREDATOR one of the most dangerous Alien species out there 

and pray you never have an altercation with one. BUT are these UGLY MUHFUGGAS as bad as you think? and are they unbeatable. Today we look!