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Kyman 👉 Kyle and Cartman 👉 from “south park”
Creek 👉 Craig and Tweek 👉 from “south park”
Cedfia 👉 Cedric and Sofia 👉 from “sofia the first”
Schrucy 👉 Schroeder and Lucy 👉 “the peanuts”
Helnold 👉 Helga and Arnold 👉 from “Hey Arnold!”

Having some serious Dimension Jump withdrawal.

I had such a wonderful first experience, I just wish it was more than every two years. I can’t wait for the next one. Although, considering how happy but utterly dead on their feet all of the DJ Staff looked, I can totally appreciate why there is such a huge break between each one!

I was so impressed with all of the guests that attended, they were so generous with their time and completely up for the fun of the weekend. Special mention must go to the main cast though, particularly Chris Barrie, for the sheer dedication to signing everyone’s autographs, posing for numerous pictures and stopping to chat to all of the fans that were there that weekend. I know that the autographs ran over by a VERY considerable way (I was hearing rumours of 9pm from one person!) on the Saturday but most cast members stayed until the bitter end and all were so lovely about it.

Mark Dexter and Stephen Critchlow were particular surprising joys for me. Both were hilarious and very friendly. Mark and Chris’ Q&A was fantastic, they both work very well together and are a great little double act. Robert was so adorable (I’m not sure what it is but I always feel very maternal about Robert Llewelyn, despite the staggering 36 year age difference).

Hattie was again extremely generous with her time and very sweet. She was another person that was signing autographs for an age and never once complained.

Lucie Pohl and Suanne Braun were again, wonderful. Their Q&A consisted mainly of advice and anecdotes about acting and stand up comedy and needless to say, it was brilliantly funny and very inspiring.

And then there’s Danny.

Mad. As. A. Box. Of. Frogs.

But so nice. His Q&A was the most mental, random 45 minutes of my entire life. At one point we were talking about motorbikes and ‘pink helmets 😏’ for about 20 minutes and to this day, I’m still not entirely sure why. One thing we did learn quite conclusively is that you can give him any actor or actress and he will either have worked with them directly or know someone that has. In his own words, he is ‘the King of Six Degrees Of Separation’.

And his signed CD version of Tongue Tied, with the vinyl cover art by the genius that is Colin Howard, caused the most ferocious bidding war I’ve ever seen in the Sunday morning auction. The bidding was between two very competitive people in the room who WOULD NOT GIVE UP. It went on for the best part of 15 minutes and it sold eventually for a colossal £275! Unbelievable!

Oh..and I met a childhood hero of mine, Dave Benson Phillips!!

The weekend was wonderful, a great experience and one that I’m very eager to repeat, if possible.

All that is left to say is THANK YOU to all of the cast and crew of Red Dwarf for being so great when it comes to fan conventions, especially Dimension Jump. And a huge THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH to all of the DJXIX staff and crew who work so hard, so tirelessly for the best part of two years to make each DJ what it is. Every one of you that I spoke to was so welcoming, helpful and professional. And the fact that you do all of this for us - for the love of the show and it’s fans is just phenomenal and awe inspiring.


Celebrities as old school cartoon characters

Bruce Willis- Numbuh 1 ( Code Name: Kids Next Door)

Ed Sheeran- Chucky (The Rugrats) 

Iman Shumpert- Gerald (Hey Arnold)

Taylor Lautner- Sheen (Jimmy Neutron) 

Miley Cyrus- Nazz (Ed Edd n Eddy)

Emma Stone- Zoey (The Proud Family)

Betty White- Muriel (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

Kylie Jenner A.K.A The evil one- Gwen (Total drama Island)

Lucy Liu- Phoebe (Hey Arnold)