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Pan, Guardian of Mountain Springs

Anthologia Palatina 9.142 (author and date unknown)

We revere Pan-
   Pan, who climbs the precipices-
   Pan, who bears two horns-
   Pan, leader of the Nymphs-
   Pan, who cares for this house carved from rock;
We pray that he be gracious to all of us
   Who have come to this spring of ever-flowing water
   And driven our thirst away.

Κρημνοβάταν, δίκερων, Νυμφῶν ἡγήτορα Πᾶνα
ἁζόμεθ’, ὃς πετρίνου τοῦδε κέκηδε δόμου,
ἵλαον ἔμμεναι ἄμμιν, ὅσοι λίβα τήνδε μολόντες
  ἀενάου πόματος δίψαν ἀπωσάμεθα.

Idyll (Pan Amidst Columns), Arnold Böcklin, ca. 1875