arnold as a baby

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September 2016 U.S. releases directed by women

September 2
White Girl dir. Elizabeth Wood (LIMITED)

September 9 
Cameraperson dir. Kirsten Johnson (LIMITED)

September 16
Bridget Jones’s Baby dir. Sharon Maguire (WIDE)

September 23
The Dressmaker dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse (LIMITED)
My Blind Brother dir. Sophie Goodheart (LIMITED + VOD)
The Queen of Katwe dir. Mira Nair (LIMITED)

September 30
American Honey dir. Andrea Arnold (LIMITED)

Mother Kills Infant Daughter Using Microwave.

On August 30, 2005, a woman named China Arnold returned to her apartment in Montgomery County, Ohio, furiously angry and aching for revenge. Her boyfriend, Terrell Talley, had expressed doubt over the paternity of the couples twenty-eight-day old daughter, Paris, and accused Arnold of cheating. To prove a point, Arnold seized the sleeping baby and committed an unthinkable atrocity; she cooked her baby in the microwave.

The next day Arnold took the unresponsive, limp infant to the emergency room, and horrified doctors when she presented the little body covered in third degree burns. A crash team fought to revive Paris, but it was far too late; the baby had died from heat exposure (well over 200 degrees) over a period of two minutes. It would have been an excruciating death, and Arnold was immediately suspected of murder.

A police officer gained access to the apartment and attempted to find the heat source that killed Paris. In the bathroom he found a tub filled with a “cloudy sediment, like flaky skin”, and a burnt towel stained with a dark liquid. The officer confessed he walked past the microwave “about twenty five times” but did not think for a second it was the instrument used to kill the baby.

Arnold was charged with one count of aggravated murder after a friend testified Arnold had told her Paris “fit right into” the microwave. The defense attempted to frame her young son for the murder, claiming the boy had put Paris in the microwave as part of a game. In May 2011, Arnold was finally found guilty of murdering Paris Talley and sentenced to life inprisonment without parole.


The voices behind Hey Arnold are cute af!

Toran Caudell - Arnold (the eyes lol)

Jamil Walker Smith - Gerald 

If y'all can think of anymore drop em below

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