I recently reached 800 nerds followers. I started this blog about 3 months ago, and I’m still confused as to why you people think I’m cool. Anyway, I’ve met some hella rad people and I follow some even more rad people so yeah. I guess I should stop rambling and just do this list right? Bolded are my wonderful friends, and italics are hella rad people.

My IRL friends who put up with me talking about fictional characters all day.

timetraveling-superspy, raven-puffle, meandmygayass


1-800-assassins, a1tairac15, abstergo-entertainment, acpreferences, adewhale, ahoykiddway, altaiiir, altair-ibn-la-a-hottie, alltheassassins, aquiladafirenze, aquilaofarkham, arno-dorkian, arno-duu-fromage, arno–dorian, arno–kenway, arnodorian, arnoian, arnokatchadorian, ass–ass–ins, assassins—creed, assassins-creedfy, assassin1513, assassinscreedplease, assassinskingdom, auditoreos, badass-assin, baguette-my-arno, baguetteassassin, blog-0f-assassins, brotherhoot, capt-kenway, caterinaasforzas, chaoticpirate, connor1401, connor-ken-bae, cristina-calfucci, crouchingdragon-hiddenblade, ctrlaltairdel, deadsmondmiles, desmondsbae, doctor-bildgesnipe, dromaius


eilizabeth, element1414, emberex, ezioauditorefromflorence, ezios-fine-ass, ezioxauditore, eziyooooo, firenzeflowers, foreveranassassindesmond, frecklyconnor, get-in-the-animus, get-your-ass-outta-my-creed, gottalovethekenways, grandmaster-kenway, hello-desmond-go-awayy, helloassassinscreedfans, hidden-blades-and-tomahawks, hugsforkenway, il-bel-mentore, illiadan, ihatecliffhangers, iwantitthekenway, kaminooni, kanyehtiio, kaptnkenway, kateri-kenway, kenwae, kenway-dorian, kenwayer27, le-kenway, leap-of-faith15, maliks-left-arm, malile, mambo-assassin, mariiathorpe, masyaf-keys, masyafassassin, miyku, moltobenene

niiyora, nova-dorian, officialraymondkenney, picmurasaki, piratekenway, ratonhnhaketun, rhona–dinsmore, romatomato529, sass-ass-in-my-ass, shaunhastingsdiary, shaunhastinqs, stepasidelowlypeasants, thatonecommunist, the-dishonoured-ones, the-league-of-hot-assassins, the-jackdaw-and-the-eagle, themohawkassassin, thesixillusions, thevigilantea, towblerone, we-are-assassins, we-are-the-brotherhood, whythebitchismysonatemplar, woodes–rogers, yusufdaistanbooty

I highly recommend all of these blogs because hella. I love you all so much, I’m sorry if I forgot someone, and thank you again for 800 followers. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.