I recently reached 800 nerds followers. I started this blog about 3 months ago, and I’m still confused as to why you people think I’m cool. Anyway, I’ve met some hella rad people and I follow some even more rad people so yeah. I guess I should stop rambling and just do this list right? Bolded are my wonderful friends, and italics are hella rad people.

My IRL friends who put up with me talking about fictional characters all day.

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I highly recommend all of these blogs because hella. I love you all so much, I’m sorry if I forgot someone, and thank you again for 800 followers. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

So my blog is one year old today and as an celebration-ish post i want to thank the lovely blogs i follow!

1-800-assassins acaddiction agentoftheorder aiglevision altair altaiiir altair-ibn-la-a-hottie alamut allsoundsasscreed animus-assassin auditoreos armourofaltair arnodorian arnodorianrevolutionary arnokatchadorian assassins-creedfy assashkiin assassnscreed blog-0f-assassins brotherhoot connorkawaii connoronhkwa connorforever connor-life-scratcher ctrlaltairdel darth-pooba dawnstarassassin demidorian delsinsrowes deshmuhndlives dovahkiinhime edwarrdtheking edwards-kenway esteljune ezios-fine-ass ezio-senpai fenrism fuckyeah-arnodorian foreveranassassindesmond fyeahassassinscreed goldenmask 
hidden-blades-and-tomahawks hohohugsforkenway hythmknwy i-am-but-a-blade-in-the-crowd il-bel-mentore kateri-kenway kaniehtiio kenwayys kenwayboots lady-lamplight le-soleal madeinmasyaf mariiathorpe miss-dorian nikashepard nyiro ohmyezio paeeri
sassassinates sass-ass-in-my-ass strategichomelanddivision templarsandhohohoes the-elven-wildcard thesixillusions
venetianassasssin we-are-the-brotherhood we-are-assassins wolfkininitiative 

Also, a big thank you to all my followers

My 2014 End-Of-The-Year Follow Forever! 

thank you to everyone who’s made my year be a great one, i love you all! i tried to include as many people as i could but many people have changed urls (including me i know) but i just want to let you know that even if you arent on here i love you anyway. you’re fantastic and thank you for following me!

happy new years!! 


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