annettebellec replied to your photo“I’m back with another rushed hack…  Connor and Pierre Bellec…”

Bellec tried to save Brotherhood in the way he understood it. He tried to protect his brothers in arm, a lot of assassins. Do you personally never make mistakes when you’re upset? Arno just thunk about himself and his girl. But haters gonna hate of course

Alright lets break this down, I’m always good for some lore discussion!

“Bellec tried to save Brotherhood in the way he understood it.”

Understandable. The French Brotherhood at the time was sided more alongside the Crown, as Mirabou was arguing for a Constitutional Monarchy and being a go-between from the King to the Assembly. Yet also torn at the fact that the people wished for revolution, and the Assassins had always sided with the people.

Arno: “The people are fighting for what is owed them. Liberté, égalité…

Trenet: “If we danced about on a simple scale in need of balancing, you’d be right. But the truth is more complicated.

In fact even in Modern Day, Assassin historians always bicker about if Bellec was right or wrong. However this leads us to the next part of your argument….

 “He tried to protect his brothers in arm, a lot of assassins. “

And in the process he claim s that he rather see the Brotherhood and all of Paris burn to the ground than let Arno work with Elise. Perfectly stated here:

  • Bellec: I should have left you to rot in the Bastille. Tell me, did you ever really believe in the Creed, or were you a Templar-loving traitor from the start?
  • Arno: It doesn’t have to be this way, Bellec
  • Bellec: You’re the one who’s making it so! If you’d just see sense, we could take the Brotherhood to a height we’ve not seen in two hundred years!
  • Arno: Yes, killing everyone who disagrees with you is a brilliant way to start your rise from the ashes!

And best for last:

  • Bellec: Do it. If you’ve got an ounce of conviction and you’re not just a love-addled milksop, you’ll kill me now. Because I won’t stop. I will kill her. To save the Brotherhood, I’d see Paris burn.
  • Arno: I know.

He became his own antithesis

“Arno just thunk about himself and his girl.”

No, what he wanted was trying to unite both orders and stop Elise from doing what essentially was a suicide mission. He kept advocating peace many times while trying to track down the radical Templar Grand Master, Germain. 

“ But haters gonna hate of course ”

Now I have no idea if this was directed to me or Connor, but I shall answer both.

  • To Connor: Connor had greatly advocated for a peaceful unity between both Orders with his father, believing that in working together, they both can improve the quality of human life and society as as a whole. One of the first Assassins who put the people first above needless war and end their aeon long feud peacefully (i.e. the same thing that Bellec thinks is stupid) and that Connor only resorted to force after the Templars (more specifically his father) tried to exploit it. Bellec had bastardized CONNOR’s WORK to justify his brutal actions. There is much reason that leads me to believe that Connor would beat his ass up to justify in burning innocents if it meant to save the Brotherhood, it goes against everything he worked for, as he had stated in his final speech “…all I have worked for, perverted, discarded,  forgotten…”
  • To Me; Bellec was actually an interesting character, who had compelling thoughts and ideas, which added to the stakes even more to Arno’s quest to stop the radical Templars. It also adds to the story that the Assassins themselves will even see how to solve these problems in their own way, adding complexity and thought to the lore as a whole.

Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts!
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What Your Favorite Assassin Says About You
  • Altair:Good taste. You can appreciate the new stuff, but there's a special place in your heart for the classics. Probably a little bitter over Maria's death, but you're lowkey about it. You probably have a soft spot for puzzles, but you still hate half the ones in the AC games anyway.
  • Ezio:You just came here to have fun. You loved the Glory Days™ of the franchise and miss them, and you cry every single time someone mentions the names "Federico," "Petruccio," or "Yusuf." You love minor characters but they all die and you're sad.
  • Connor:Highkey bitter as fuck. Literally one of the saltiest people in the fandom. If given the chance, you would fight all of Ubisoft, on your own, with just your fists. You probably feed stray animals and can't walk into a dog pound without crying.
  • Edward:Would probably fight anyone, but there's no passion behind it. Certified Dank Memer. You never have any idea what you're doing, at all, ever, but somehow you make it work. You don't give a fuck about the modern storyline at this point.
  • Arno:Cinnamon roll. You like witty humor but you're also sad as hell. Probably a closet masochist, because you've for some reason stuck with this franchise for so long. You probably don't care about the modern storyline all that much, either.
  • Evie:Either Altair or Connor was your favorite before Syndicate. Probably an older sibling, or otherwise has to deal with children. You have nothing but love for good female characters, and you're probably pretty gay. You would thank Evie Frye for curb stomping you.
  • Jacob:Probably liked Ezio or Edward before Syndicate. You love being right and rubbing it in people's faces. Cried at the end of Syndicate, but you'll deny it to the grave. You make smart-ass remarks but run the moment someone tries to fight you. You'd inbox someone the entire Bee Movie script.

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Start of Assassins' quests
  • Altaïr:I must find and kill these people in order to regain my honor
  • Ezio:I must serve justice for my father and brothers and friends
  • Connor:I must join the Assassins to protect my people and fight for their freedom
  • Edward:I must find the greatest prize there is so my wife and I can live prosperously
  • Arno:I must join the Assassins to redeem myself for the mistakes I made in my youth
  • The Frye Twins:So the Templars are being real dicks over in London let's go do something about it